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Old News List

Mar. 29th, 2017
Season 38
Season 38 started yesterday 2 month later than usual.

We wish the participating teams a bloody season.
- Jens
Sep. 21st, 2016
Svend on the top
Yesterday Svend Sved became the most experienced player in our league history. Legendary Jesus is now only second.

This event occurred just one week after Morvian Hellstrike was killed. Therefore it seems Svend Sved can keep his place on the top for a long time.

At the same time, he is now back as the league top hitter.
- Jens
Sep. 9th, 2015
Season 35 is up and running
D.W.A.R.F.S. declares that they take the title once again, not sure the drunken dwarfs gets it without blood.
- Jens
June 2nd, 2015
End of Season 34
Congrats to the new champions, D.W.A.R.F.S.

And inflicting 5 kills, Peter Paulsen is the Season 34 top killer. And he there by equals Svend Sved and Egil Uldsson in having inflicted 21 kills. Who will take the lead?
- Jens
Nov. 23rd, 2014
End of Season 33
Witchburg Steelers are the new Aros champions.

- Jens
Sep. 30th, 2014
Season 33 under way
The league is running again and season 33 is well under way. Tonight round four will be played.

So come out and watch some blood... and some Blood Bowl :D
- Kynde
Feb. 23rd, 2014
New top hitter
Egil Uldsson is now the leagues new top hitter. With 121 casuelties inflicted, he is just in front of Svend Sved with 120 casualties.

With 13 casualties inflicted in 4 games this season, the only thing that seems to stop him is a boot, probably an elf-boot!
- Jens
Nov. 24th, 2013
Dark Elf's
After a historical final, one where 2 teams of the same race for the first time ever faced each other, Dark Elf's are now the second most winning race in Aros BB league. Orc's are still indisputable the most winning race with 8 championships, 3 second and 3 third places. Dark Elf's have won the championship 3 times, 4 second and 3 third places. Human are now third with 3-4-2 and Necromantic 3-1-1.

At the moment it looks like Witchburg Steelers are returning in season 32. The management of Dark side of the Moon just need to sign the new agreement, saying that the coach now is in charge of hiring chearleaders and bloodweiserbabes, before it will be announced that the team will return to defend their title.
The management of Death Extravagante is trying to get their coach back from Deadwood Blights, for the purpose of getting comeback in season 32. Meaning Dark Elf’s have a fair chance of ending first, second and third in season 32.

No doubt it will be exiting to follow.
- Jens
Sep. 28th, 2013
Another Legend
Season XXXI is up and running, and Dieter Gold is already the leagues Legend no. 11. He is experienced enough after Double Dodgers - Reincarnated Librarians (Season XXXl, Round 3)
- Jens
June 20th, 2013
Thrice the champion
For the first time in 25 seasons - or more than 12 years a team has managed to win the league thrice - and not only that - three times in a row.
Back then it was the legendary Bad Moon Provorcs who dominated the league.
In present day it´s Deadwood Blights who have dispatched all competition when it really mattered and are sitting heavily on the trophy.
So much, that rumours have it, a jealous coach snuck in, and broke the trophy at the last celebration.
- Thorbjørn
June 8th, 2013
New cowards in the league
For the first time in what seems like an eternity the fair play prize did not go to Blood Bowl Bunnies ... yes it's true!
This time the prize goes to Cowards of Culloden.
- Casper
May 20th, 2013
Danish Open played this weekend in Aarhus
The national championship of Denmark was played this weekend: Danish Open 2013.

And the Danish Champion of the year became Aros own double Champion - Topper - the coach of Deadwood Blights.

Aros also took home position 2, 3, 5 and 7 out of the 24 coaches who participated.

1 - 10 points - Topper - Chaos Dwarf (Top TD)
2 - 9 points - Rolf - Dwarf
3 - 9 points - Trolle - Undead
4 - 8 points - Niebling - Undead (defending champ)
5 - 8 points - Kynde - Skaven
6 - 8 points - Truls (Miss Sweden) - Chaos Pact
7 - 8 points - Troels (Knægten) - Necros
8 - 8 points - Brian (Tank) - Orc (Top cas inflict)
9 - 7 points - Rockstar - Elf
10 - 6 points - Brio - Orc
And then 3 more with 6 points
- Kynde
May 16th, 2013
Top 10
The list of key players who died on the pitch this season, is long and still growing.

Top 10 (so far):
Billie Luder
James Lowell
Krasac the Twitchy
Noels Trielsen
Kunt Deathrage
Hasper Cansen
Brick Bazooka
Ringgo Bloodhoof
- Jens
Apr. 26th, 2013
Even a Legend can die!
For the first time in 30 seasons a legend has been killed! As mentioned below the league has just produced ten legends until now.
But until yesterday all ten were still alive! That is until Billie Luder had the misfortune to be killed not only once, but twice!

Two of the other nine has retired (the league’s first legend Synne Buch, and the 2nd Jesus who tops the experience list). Of the remaining seven, four are playing this season, three of them has progressed into the play-off – so maybe Billie can have company…
- Kynde
Apr. 21st, 2013
Milestone double century
Queen Bruise becomes the first player in league history to pass for 200 completions.
- Esben
Apr. 11th, 2013
The list grows
Peter Paulsen of the Dead Diggers has become the 10th legend in league history.
- Esben
Feb. 25th, 2013
Season XXX
The triple X season begins tomorrow, and the double champs Deadwood Blights are back once more to try and make it a triple!
- Kynde
Sep. 5th, 2012
Longest no win streak ends
After 34 consecutive matches without a win, Addicted Lunatics Clan finally maneged to win a match again when they beat former champions Army Of Lovers
- Casper
June 13th, 2012
New champions of Aros
The new champs of season 28 are: Deadwood Blights

There have been several undeads amongst the champions in the past, but it is the first time a Necromantic team wins the gold.

They took out the Orcs from Borc Lockers in the final, which basically was decided by the fact that the Necros wizard worked and the Orcs wizard failed. (That is what the Orcs coach would claim ;))

In third place was a double champion of the past Blood Bowl Bunnies who finally have made it back into the top 3.

As expected the bunny team also took the fair play price, whereas last seasons champions Double Dodgers became most lethal.

Congratulations to all of them
- Kynde
Apr. 21st, 2012
Quaterfinals on the way
Having finished the group play the season is heading for the play-off.

This Tuesday the quaterfinals will be played. Who will win?

Could it be the runner up from last season Scum of the Earth? They must be favourites.
Still they were just beaten 2-0 by Dark side of the Moon!
The previous seasons champs Dead Diggers has lost both mummies this season, and has thus lost lots of experience there...
Blood Bowl Bunnies - double champs - but that was long ago, and heading in to the play-off with two journeymen is not good.
The Orcs from Borc Lockers looks good with all the stat improvements they have. But this also means that they lack some of the basic skills to stop elfs etc.
Witchburg Steelers and Dirty Little Dinos seems too inexperienced to have a chance, but of course they will be able to induce alot.
The third team from the lower bracket Deadwood Blights is, however, a serious contender, if still somewhat of an outsider.

Anything can happen, and only one thing is certain: We will have a new champ this season, as last seasons champ Double Dodgers failed to qualify for the play-off. On the other hand it looks like they will become mosth leathal team this season!
- Kynde
Mar. 26th, 2012
The elusive victory
Having bagged yet another defeat, the players from Addicted Lunatics Clan now claim the league's longest no-win streak. It has now been 33 matches since their last victory.
- Esben
Feb. 7th, 2012
Halfling power
His team may have lost the first match, but Niclas Fishwielder inflicted 2 cas in his debut (one was a kill). Is he the new Tummy Paunch?

Edit: Apparantly not - he died a few matches later.
- Casper
Feb. 7th, 2012
Season XIIX
The echoes of last season is still ringing in the air, and yet the new season has now already started. Can Double Dodgers go all the way again?
- Casper
Dec. 1st, 2011
Concluding matches
It is now clear which 4 teams are ready for the semi-finals: However we will have to wait until 7th of January, when semis and finals are played.
- Casper
Oct. 28th, 2011
New individual records
Egil Uldsson passes the magical century mark. For the first time in league history a player has now inflicted 100+ casualties in his career.

Queen Bruise has posted 153 completions and is now tied for league all-time top thrower.
- Esben
Oct. 19th, 2011
Legend number 8
Queen Bruise has just become the league's 8th legend ever.
- Esben
Oct. 9th, 2011
Another legend
Billie Luder becomes the league's 7th legendary player ever. Death Extravagante and Blood Bowl Bunnies are the only teams to have fielded 2 legends.
- Esben
Sep. 5th, 2011
Season 27
... is about to begin. Notice that Blood Bowl Bunnies is again participating, making it the 16th consecutive season for the team that has won two titles and seven fair play prizes!
- Casper
July 4th, 2011
Match report from the final
Finally it is here. The match report for the final of season 26!

It took some time before Dead Diggers had finished celebrating. But then they finally took the time to put some pressure on the reporter, who had promissed to write the report...

So here is is, enjoy:
Reincarnated Librarians - Dead Diggers (Season XXVI, Final)
- Kynde
June 12th, 2011
DM in BB 2011 in Århus
The Danish Championship of BB has just been held in Århus.

Nicolai from Copenhagen took home the thropy.

The full result can be seen here.

Congratulations to Nicolai!

And big thanks to Casper and Mobo who organized the event!

And also to the sponsor: Faraos Cigarer.
- Kynde
May 24th, 2011
Updated excel roster
Go to the download section and get the excel roster updated to the competition rules - finally.
- Casper
May 16th, 2011
The suprise final!
With the two teams that have won a double champonship in different semi finals, it looked like a sure bet that the final would be elves vs. elves.

But no! The two undead teams managed a double suprise and suddenly the final was between Dead Diggers and Reincarnated Librarians.

Although Reincarnated Librarians will now of course be rookie team of th year, it would still be fair to say, that the safe bet was on Dead Diggers who had already been in 2 semi finals in their previous five season. But on the other hand this was their first final!

And as it turned out, the two teams fought each other hard, and every time one team seemed to have the upper hand, something went wrong/or right, so after regular time it was tied 1-1, and no TD was scored in the over time!

Thus it all came down to a completely even penalty shootout. But at this point the experience of the coach from Dead Diggers got the better of his opponent... Because he knew how not to roll a one under such circumstances ;-) and thus took the championship!

Congratulations to Dead Diggers!

But also congratz to Reincarnated Librarians with their rookie 2nd place
and to Death Extravagante - who still managed a decend defend of their double championship - with a 3rd place!
- Kynde
May 15th, 2011
An Elf now tops the all-time top hitter list
Morvian Hellstrike is now the league's all-time top casualty inflicter with 93 casualties.
- Esben
May 14th, 2011
Addicted Lunatics Clan make league history
Before the news of the concluding matches of season 26 trickle in, it is worth mentioning that Addicted Lunatics Clan have made league history being the only team ever to finish an entire season without scoring one single touchdown.
- Esben
May 12th, 2011
All the concluding matches - this saturday!
For the first time (?) will the four concluding matches be played on the same day.

This saturday the 14th of May both semi-finals will be played, and after they have been determined...

The final and the 3rd place match will comence emidiately.

It will be really tough for the players on the pitch, but easier for the coaches ;-)

Be there or be []
- Kynde
Apr. 5th, 2011
An extremely close upper-bracket finish
Whereas the lower bracket has already been played to the end, sending forth Reincarnated Librarians, Dark side of the Moon and Dirty Little Dinos to the play-off (with the first as winner of group C), there is much more excitement for who will progress from the two upper brackets.

Today only one of the five last round 7 cross-overs where played, and with 4 matches left only two things are certain: Blood Bowl Bunnies wins Group B and Double Dodgers ends last in group A.
All the other 8 teams have a chance of moving on. But only 4 of them will!

Top four from group A can all win and end in the 4th place that will leave them out. They are though sure of getting the best 3rd place that will move on. So it is three out of the four.

In group B only two teams will move on, but there are still four that are fighting for the 2nd spot, and all four can end there, as well as end in last spot. And it is not even completely unlikely for the bottom team to make it! So here it is only one out of four.

The possibility of getting in to the play-off has rarely been so even, that there are still 8 teams who do not yet know whether they will move on or not, with just four matches left.

It will be very exciting for these 8 and the rest of us, to see who will come out on top!
- Kynde
Feb. 15th, 2011
Season 26 is underway!
Today the next season begins only a few days after the final of last season was played.

The number of teams stayed constant at 17, although there are 6 completely new teams in the low bracket!

In the first round the champs, Death Extravagante, will face the only other team who in recent times have also tried to defend their title: Blood Bowl Bunnies (See below).
- Kynde
Feb. 15th, 2011
Finally the final was played
The old champ became the new champ.

Congratz to Death Extravagante for defending their title, the first time this happened since season 16.

Silverado Snakeskins took 2nd and
Greyhavien Renegades 3rd.

They finished just in time for the new season. :)
- Kynde
Dec. 3rd, 2010
The conclusion of season XXV is drawing near. We are trying to find a day for the decisive and final matches:
Death Extravagante - Silverado Snakeskins (Season XXV, Final)
Dead Diggers - Greyhavien Renegades (Season XXV, 3rd place)
A rematch of last season's final.
- Casper
Nov. 24th, 2010
3 kills
In the match Blue Fox - Olvig Vikings (Season XXV, round 5) Ulf Runeson managed to inflict 3 kills on his own.
Only one other player in the league has achived to kill 3 opponents in a single match: the legendary Brickskull (N)everdodge.
Is Ulf the Vikings' new upcomming cas-machine?
- Casper
Oct. 5th, 2010
Season 25
The new season is up and running :-)
- Casper
Apr. 29th, 2010
PO of season 24
We are now ready for the deciding matches of this season. Play-off will commence next tuesday.
- Casper
Dec. 22nd, 2009
New Rulebook from GW
Many of the changes from LRB5+ seem to be adopted - except the new teams. Also, there are new stars.
Get it here:
- Casper
Dec. 22nd, 2009
Results of season XXIII
Army Of Lovers
One random MVP is given to:
Trunte Ballcrusher, Black Orc Blocker

2nd place
Dragons of the Jungle

3rd place
Death Extravagante

Most lethal team
Zhatan's Disciples
One random MVP is given to:
Grotan Kartos, Chaos Dwarf Blocker

Fair play prize
one random MVP is given to:
Robert 'Bobby' Boucher, Human Blitzer

Top scorer
troels nielsen, Human Catcher
The prize of 10 kgp goes to Double Dodgers

Top killer
Svend Sved, Orc Blitzer
The prize of 10 kgp goes to Army Of Lovers
- Casper
Dec. 1st, 2009
Only 8 teams are still in the running towards becoming champions of season XXIII.
Quater-finals are being played soon ...
- Casper
Nov. 10th, 2009
The european BB champions for 2009 has just finished. The winner is Italy. Congrats! :-)
Denmark also attended but performed poorly.
- Casper
Nov. 5th, 2009
Team developement
After the match Double Dodgers - Addicted Lunatics Clan (Season XXIII, round 8) Double Dodgers got 7 improvements rolls!
- Casper
Oct. 29th, 2009
Skink thrower
What does this player think he is? Wayward Son
He made 8 completetions in his last match!
- Casper
Sep. 12th, 2009
New top killer
With 3 kills in one match, Svend Sved is now tied for most lethal player ever.
- Esben
Sep. 3rd, 2009
New entry to HoF
Jesus has earned a spot in our Hall of Fame.
- Casper
Aug. 26th, 2009
LRB6 roster
In the download section you can now find and download an updated version of the excel roster.
Not only is it upodated to LRB6, there is now a new skills system, so that players' values are automatically calculated according to upgrades.
- Casper
Aug. 20th, 2009
We are going to play by the rules of LRB6 - or LRB5 + experimental as they are also known.
Since they are pratically the official rule set, we find that we will follow those rules - and changes are not massiv, but the few changes are good. The only reason they are not officel is that GW wouldn't allow, as they do not produce minis for the new races (sigh).
- Casper
June 22nd, 2009
Results of Season XXII
Zhatan's Disciples
One random MVP, which is given to:
#8, Grongni, Chaos Dwarf Blocker

2nd place
Greyhavien Renegades

3rd place
Scum of the Earth

Most lethal team
Scum of the Earth
One random MVP, which is given to:
#12, Rush Limbaugh, Nurgle Rotter

Fair play prize
One random MVP, which is given to:
#7, Chad Ward, Human Catcher

Top scorer
Jesus, Gutter Runner
The prize of 10 kgp goes to
Divine Rats

Top killer
De Puta Madre!!, Wardancer
Boogeyman, Beast of Nurgle
The prize of 10 kgp goes to
Greyhavien Renegades
Scum of the Earth
- Casper
June 17th, 2009
New champions
The final has just been played with Zhatan's Disciples as winners over Greyhavien Renegades.
- Casper
June 1st, 2009
Danish Blood Bowl championship!
This weekend the danish BB championship was held at skjoldhøj bar in Århus, and several Aros coaches performed well!
Winner: Ulrik with his lizzardmen!
Runner up: Rolf with woodelves
Third place: Truls with Vampires

A big congratulations to Ulrik for taking the trophy to the surprice of everyone!
- Rolf L.
May 13th, 2009
Play-off is rolling
The 1/8-finals are now being played. We have already seen two extraordinary deaths. See Mogens Kamre and Müller-Meier.
- Casper
Apr. 8th, 2009
Death of a Star
Kress von Kressenstein with 134 SPP just lost his life!
- Casper
Feb. 18th, 2009
We are rolling
Season XXII is now underway. The first matches have been played. Follow the group standings here.
- Casper
Feb. 13th, 2009
PC game trailers
Watch some mouthwatering bits from the upcomming BloodBowl videogame:
- Casper
Jan. 29th, 2009
Season XII is open
Next season will start 17th of February.
- Casper
Dec. 22nd, 2008
New Griff
Check out the newest model for Griff Oberwald: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalo...
Nice paint job by the way...
- Casper
Nov. 28th, 2008
Season XXI final results
Champions: Divine Rats
Gets one random MVP, which is given to:
Brage A, Skaven Lineman

2nd place: Cold Blood Magic
3rd place: Greyhavien Renegades

Most lethal team: Olvig Vikings
Gets one random MVP, which is given to:
Theodor Santini, Snow Troll

Fair play prize: Blood Bowl Bunnies (again!!!)
Gets one random MVP, which is given to:
Bodil Khat, Elf Linewoman

Top scorer: Jesus, Gutter Runner
Top killer : Egil Uldsson, Norse Berserker
- Casper
Nov. 14th, 2008
Only 4 teams remain in the conclusion of season XXI - two of which are from lower bracket.The reigning champions are out.
- Casper
Nov. 5th, 2008
Play Offs are running
The first 1/8-finals have already been played!
- Casper
Oct. 16th, 2008
New league top scorer
In a season where many teams are now sufficiently seasoned after the resetting before season XVII where the rule changes to version 5.0 took effect, a number of old legendary all-time records are now becoming surpassed. Yesterday Jesus equaled Hans's 15 seasons old record of 49 touchdowns. A figure on which he is likely to improve in the coming round.
- Esben
Oct. 10th, 2008
New league top hitter
Egil Uldsson has surpassed legendary Brickskull (N)everdodge in number of casualties - and we expect many more to come from the vicious fighting techniques of this feared Norse.
- Casper
Oct. 5th, 2008
189 SPP and counting...
Jesus has set a new league record of earned SPP: 189 - a number expected to increase further (before the soon to come horrible death of the player :-))
Former record holder is Synne Buch with 188 SPP.
- Casper
Sep. 5th, 2008
New cas record
The match Olvig Vikings - Addicted Lunatics Clan (Season XXI, cross-over 1) experienced 18 inflicted casualties. That is equal to the existing record.
14 of those cas were made by Olvig Vikings, and never before has a team inflicted that many cas in a single match - and without overtime.
- Casper
Sep. 3rd, 2008
Decay in effect
D. Cheney became the first player to suffer two permanent injuries from the same block. A decrease of MA and a niggling was his lot in the match Red Krakens - Scum of the Earth (Season XXI, cross-over 1)
- Casper
Sep. 2nd, 2008
Season XXI is running
To night we starter our 21st season.
The match resulst are already flowing in...
- Casper
June 26th, 2008
BB video game
Now there is a teaser trailer for the upcoming electronic BloodBowl game. Watch it at: http://www.bloodbowl-game.com/teaser/
- Casper
May 29th, 2008
Season XX is over
New champions: Bones & Bandages
Runners up: Divine Rats
3rd place: Olvig Vikings

Most lethal team: Maca'Chobaich

Fair play team: Blood Bowl Bunnies
This is the team's 4th fair play prize!
- Casper
May 13th, 2008
Semi-fnals on Thursday
Our semi-finals wil not be played tonight but instead Thursday 15th of May.
- Casper
May 12th, 2008
Danish Championship
The Danish national BB championship 2008 has just been held. Winner (again) is Brian with his Orcs.
Rolf from our league managed to take 3rd place.
- Casper
May 2nd, 2008
99 SPP and dead
We have said goodbye to yet another great player: Carmen Körler
- Casper
Apr. 16th, 2008
New source for miniatures
- Jonas
Feb. 27th, 2008
And another
Thorn Of Vengeance is now added to the list of famous deaths
- Casper
Feb. 20th, 2008
Greats deaths
Season XX is in full swing. Already we have several kills on prominent players like:
Rune Skyggeson
Celemir showoff II
- Casper
Jan. 25th, 2008
Next season
Season XX will begin 12th of February!
- Casper
Jan. 16th, 2008
New HoF entry
Ariana Deathkiss has been awarded into the Hall of Fame!
- Casper
Nov. 28th, 2007
Oh, they are so very fair...
Blood Bowl Bunnies has now won the Fair Play Prize 3 times!
- Casper
Nov. 25th, 2007
New champions
Elf Huggers won the final!
- Casper
Nov. 17th, 2007
We are now ready for semi-finals of season XIX. The fours fighting for the podium steps are:
Odder Undertakers
Divine Rats
Elf Huggers
Bones & Bandages
- Casper
Nov. 4th, 2007
Latest profiles
Under Miscellaneous you can now find a link to a list of the latest updated player profiles.
- Casper
Oct. 30th, 2007
The death of a coming star
The promising witchelf Ariana Deathkiss is now dead. She was probably the most feared player in the league at this time. She had already showed her potential many times, and the future seemed to hold many more glorious and violent achievements. But that is now over - we mourn her...
- Casper
Oct. 22nd, 2007
NAF world cup
The world Blood Bowl championship has just been held in Nottingham, England. We were there too, and ended way above our expectations, taking second place!!!!!
- Casper
Sep. 12th, 2007
History in the making
Last night Dwahos 49'ers scored their first point ever. This achievment took them 18 games to accomplish. A week ago they broke their own record, so that longest loss streaks is now 17 consequtive matches. But with last night's tie, that record is probably not ro be broken for quite a while.
They still lack their first victory though...

Update Sept 19th: Dwahos 49'ers has now won a match!
- Casper
Sep. 5th, 2007
Season 19 is running
... and the first match results are already at display.
- Casper
Sep. 1st, 2007
Hidden info for a few days
Some coaches take joy in preparing their team in cognito. From now and untill the season starts on tuesday, lots of info will be hidden, so that coaches can prepare their teams in secrecy, and show up to the first match with unexpected line-up.
- Casper
Aug. 13th, 2007
Season XIX
Season 19 is now open. We play the first round 4th of Sept.
- Casper
Aug. 8th, 2007
Impact! has released a new treeman
- Jonas
May 20th, 2007
End of season XVIII
New champions are Greyhavien Renegades
Next season will begin in aug/sept this year.
- Casper
May 2nd, 2007
Showdown of hatred !
Semi-finals has come to an end, the smoke has cleared and left the two ancient elven rivals face to face.
Ever since the darkelf ancestors left the woods to go underground, there has been hatred between these two races, and Blood Bowl games between teams of the two has been intense, as will be the ArosBB final of this season !

Greyhavien Renegades vs Death Extravagante
- Rolf L.
Apr. 30th, 2007
Last 4
After yet another thrilling overtime, the very close and exciting quarterfinals have come to an end with the last game ending 5-4 in favor of the rats. The 4 teams blessed by nuffle are:
Death Extravagante
Elf Huggers
Greyhavien Renegades
Semi-finals will commence next tuesday aka tomorrow. Any serious sportsfans around the globe should BE THERE !
- Rolf L.
Apr. 19th, 2007
Last 8
Play-offs are now well underway, and only 8 teams are still in the race for the championship:
Black Widows
Greyhavien Renegades
Elf Huggers
Death Extravagante
Dragons of the Jungle
Violently Demised
Champions of Pain
Quarter-finals will commence next tuesday.
- Casper
Feb. 19th, 2007
News from goblin forge
Some new minis are now available at goblin forge
- Casper
Feb. 9th, 2007
New tournament tracker
In the tounament tracker (found in the Download section) it is now possible to enter extra points for each team.
- Casper
Feb. 7th, 2007
Season 18 is running
The first of Season XXVIII have now been played, and the battle for the chanpionship has begun.
- Casper
Jan. 10th, 2007
Excel Roster v5.2.0
There is a new version of the excel team roster ready for download. By checking/unchecking a simple checkbox you can now choose if FF i free or not (from the LRB5's optional rules).
- Casper
Jan. 8th, 2007
Season 18 is open
Season XVIII is now open for entry. The first matches will be played tuesday 6th of Feb.
- Casper
Nov. 29th, 2006
End of season 17
The new champions are Black Widows
Runners up: Greyhavien Renegades
3rd place: Divine Rats

Hellbringers were most leathal team, while the fair play prize is shared by 3 teams:
Silvertower Guardians
The Lazy Reds
Double Dodgers

Season top scorer is El Rapido
2 players were awarded the top killer prize:
Alex van Åtop and
Gargh the Infested - yes, a snotling!!!
- Casper
Nov. 21st, 2006
Tonight the semi-fianls will be played:
Black Widows - Divine Rats (Season XVII, semi-final)
Greyhavien Renegades - Elf Huggers (Season XVII, semi-final)
- Casper
Nov. 7th, 2006
The play-off
The preliminary rounds are over, and tonight we start the 1/8-finals.
Only one team is undefeated from the group play:
the well playing Chaos Dwarves from Black Widows.
And only one team did not score a single point:
the Goblins of Addicted Lunatics Clan
- Casper
Oct. 2nd, 2006
Carrying Cases
Impact now have carrying cases designed to transport a Blood Bowl team in stock.

So if you care about your neatly painted miniatures maybe this is for you.
- Jonas
Sep. 29th, 2006
Looking for Dark Elves?
Australian Shadowforge are about to release a Wicked Elf Gridiron Team. These miniatures are perfect alternatives to GW's Dark Elves. The team will consist of 17 unique miniatures plus support staff.

Previews here
- Jonas
Sep. 28th, 2006
Reference sheet
A new reference sheet with many tables from LRB5 is now available in the Download section (replacing the old one).

Btw, the excell roster is already version 5.1.1 as small corrections are made.
- Casper
Sep. 26th, 2006
Excel roster v5.0
The excel team roster found in the download section is now converted til the LRB 5.
If you find any errors, please let me know.
- Casper
Sep. 12th, 2006
Our rules are updated
Tonight the first round of season 17 will be played. So it is not a minute too early to update our rules section to LRB5 :-)
Hope I didn't miss anything...
- Casper
Sep. 1st, 2006
Danish national BB championship
This news is mainly for our Danish visitors. in the weekend 7.-8. of Oktober, the Danish National Championship will be held at Giant Fanatic Con in Copenhagen. This annual tounament will superwised by the newly founded Danish Blood Bowl Association (www.dbba.dk).
See more at http://www.bonnin.dk/gf2006/ (in Danish).
- Casper
Aug. 17th, 2006
New webserver
Due to massive unstability of the site (constant crashing of the webserver), the site has now been moved to another server.
Sorry for the downtime today.
- Casper
Aug. 3rd, 2006
LRB5 is official
The long awaited 5th version of the Living Rule Book can be downloaded from GWs BB-site.

In our next season we will be using these new rules, and everybody start from scratch with a rookie team.
- Casper
June 21st, 2006
New entries to HoF
After last season the commission has awarded the following players into the Hall of Fame:
Synne Buch
Brickskull (N)everdodge
Heiko Herrlich
Tummy Paunch
Yes a whole 4 more players! But there were lots of players leaving the league, as all existing teams will be reset/retired, because we in season17 are converting to the comming LRB5.
- Casper
May 20th, 2006
The conclusion of season 16
Blood Bowl Bunnies defended their title and won their second championship.
Zola^BB took second place
Bad Moon Backstabbers won 3rd place (and is thus the only team to have won all 5 kinds of trophies)

This has been a record breaking season, and the final round pushed the limit of some records even further.
- 205000 fans watched the final
- Blood Bowl Bunnies has won 22 matches in a row, which is both the longest winning and no-defeated streaks
- MoonKnight Shadows managed to inflict 13 casualties in a single match. They also took this season's Most Lethal prize, and has now won that prize three times (in only four seasons). They are the only team to have an average kill rate of 1,1 per match!
- Casper
May 16th, 2006
The season final is drawing near
This season's final will be played thursday night. It is a clash between the reigning champions of Blood Bowl Bunnies (though a bit bashed up) and the Orcs of Zola^BB. The match for 3rd place will be played at the same time.
- Casper
May 15th, 2006
180 SPP
Synne Buch has now reached 180 SPP! It is even more than legendary "Suset" would have had (177 SPP), if he wasn't a star player.
- Casper
May 3rd, 2006
Zombie re-raised
Mortis has now played on 3 different teams...
- Casper
Apr. 26th, 2006
New cas. record
Another league record was beaten this season, when Brickskull (N)everdodge surpassed legendary Max Factor in number of inflicted casualties.
- Casper
Mar. 27th, 2006
New league match record
The bunnies were involved in yet another league record when 13 TDs and 21 completions were recorded in the match:
Blood Bowl Bunnies - Chaos49 (season XVI, round 6)
Synne Buch now holds the record for most completions in a match: 13!
- Casper
Mar. 20th, 2006
New win record
The league record for most consecutive wins is now held by Blood Bowl Bunnies.
The old record holders Bad Moon Provorcs had 13 matches as their best win streak. Blood Bowl Bunnies has now won 14 in a row, and that number may still go up...
- Casper
Feb. 23rd, 2006
Season 16 is up and running
The first matches of season 16 have been played, and much more are to come. Welcome to the newly startet season XVI of Aros Blood Bowl League :-)
- Casper
Jan. 24th, 2006
New entries to HoF
After last season the league commission has awarded two more players into the Hall of Fame:
Bi S.A. and Fas Firmfoot
- Casper
Jan. 19th, 2006
Next season is planned
Season 16 will start 21th of February :-)
- Casper
Dec. 12th, 2005
New tournament tracker
The Excel Tournament Tracker found in the download section has been updated. It now suports up to 18 teams, and you can chose how many points are awarded for a won, a tied and a lost match.
- Casper
Dec. 8th, 2005
Season 15 summary
The elven race is back on top - the winner of this season is Blood Bowl Bunnies
2nd place: Slians Family (Halflings!?!?!)
3rd place: Black Widows (started as TR100 this season)
MoonKnight Shadows took their second "most lethal team" title, while Chaos49 won the fair play prize.

It was also a season of records.
We have a new league top killer with Hanzz, and a new league top thrower with Synne Buch.
This season's top scorer The Hail Mary scored 2.4 TDs per match which is a new record.
In the final a total of 18 casualties were inflicted which is a new match record, and during the season we pushed the record for most TDs scored in a match up to 12 - and those games didn't even go into overtime!
- Casper
Dec. 1st, 2005
Final postponed
This season's final is delayed - hopefully we will all know the outcome of the season sometime next week...
- Casper
Nov. 16th, 2005
New top thrower
In today's ¼-final between Silverado Snakeskins and Blood Bowl Bunnies Synne Buch of the Bunnies broke the eight seasons old completion record of 83 completions set by hall-of-famer Forest Dump.
- Esben
Nov. 13th, 2005
The Play-offs
The play-offs are in full swing. The 1/8-finals have been played, and now only 8 teams remain in the struggle for the championship. The ¼-finals will begin on tuesday (two days from now).
- Casper
Oct. 26th, 2005
Cross-over matches
This season's programme includes a special round. After the 7th round has been played, all teams play against a team from another group. The two nr.1 from the upper bracket groups play eachother, the two nr.2 teams meet and so on. The same goes for the two lower bracket groups. These cross-over matches counts for points and score. After the cross-over round, the group standings are decided and the best placed teams go to the 1/8-finals.
- Casper
Oct. 18th, 2005
The death of a super star
The league's undisputely most wanted player has finaly gone to the eternal BB fields of beyond (and into our hall of fame?). The notorious Goblin Fas Firmfoot was killed this afternoon. He tripped over his own legs and broke his little neck.
- Casper
Oct. 18th, 2005
A few new additions
The "streaks" and the "memorable matches" (found in the Charts&Records section) both have a bit new material/statistics.
- Casper
Oct. 17th, 2005
New Touchdown Record!!!
The league has a new touchdown record. In the match Blood Bowl Bunnies - Headz'n'Tailzz (season XV, round 7) a staggering 12 touchdowns were made as Blood Bowl Bunnies beat Headz'n'Tailzz BBC 7-5.

Furthermore a completion was made in each turn of the match totalling a sensational 16 completions.
- Esben
Sep. 26th, 2005
New top killer
With the recent match against the reigning champs, the Storm Vermin Hanzz killed two gobos and is now on a total of 12 kills in his career! - and has thus surpassed the old kill record holder Günther. Take a look in the Charts & Records.

UPDATE Sept., 28th:
Hanzz was killed by a Mummy in the next match!
- Casper
Sep. 8th, 2005
Season 15 is running
The groups has been decided and the first matches have been played. The fifth season of ArosBB is up and running with a record of 32 participating teams.
- Casper
Aug. 27th, 2005
Additions to the Gallery
A few new pictures of miniatures have been added to our gallery.
- Casper
Aug. 4th, 2005
No more Phigs :-/
Sadly www.phigsminiatures.com is now closed. These minis meant for ElfBall made great alternatives for BloodBowl players, but now they have become extremely hard to come by.
- Casper
Aug. 3rd, 2005
Season 15 is open
The next season is now open for entry. The first round will be played on the 6th of September.
- Casper
July 3rd, 2005
Female Orcs
The moment we all have been waiting for... eh... an orc team with female players?. Check out the new female orc miniatures from shadowforge.
- Casper
May 21st, 2005
Old team bulletins
It is now possible to view all bulletins written about a team and not just the recent ones. Below the bulletins is a link to the list of old bulletins (similar to the link below these news).
- Casper
May 17th, 2005
Danish BB championship
The national Danish championship in Blood Bowl was held last weekend. Several coaches from this league attended, but it was the guys from a league in Copenhagen that ran with the prizes (there is a link to them in the links section). Congratulations you nice fellows :-)
- Casper
May 17th, 2005
Excel roster v4.1.2
The excel roster has minor updates: Thrud is now availble, and on the match sheet casualty score is calculated.
- Casper
May 8th, 2005
New Humans
Some new Human miniatures are comming up. See them here:
- Casper
May 5th, 2005
The podium of season 14
The final have now been played with a new record of 200000 fans watching a intense match being decided in over-time.

The winner of season 14 became:
Bad Moon Backstabbers
2nd place: Deadly Doom
3rd placxe Shadows of Sorcery
- Casper
Apr. 20th, 2005
Semi-finals coming up
Next tuesday we will play our semi-finals. One team from each group has made it this far. So two upper bracket teams and two lower bracket teams will play for podium places.
- Casper
Apr. 13th, 2005
Play offs
Season 14 is going into the decisive play offs. Many of the 1/8-finals have already been played. How will the 1/4 finals come out?
- Casper
Mar. 31st, 2005
The new living rule book is released. Get it here: http://www.specialist-games.com/bloodbow....
Note that "get the ref" is changed back again...
- Casper
Mar. 1st, 2005
v4.1.1 now
Some errors with the new excel team roster have now been rectified.
- Casper
Feb. 23rd, 2005
v4.1 of the excel roster
The excel team roster (found under download and misc.) is now availble with a new update: The official starplayers have been added with their new full priceses, so that they can be bought for one-off games.
- Casper
Jan. 29th, 2005
Racial diversity in season 14
We are proud to announce that we will have at least one team from each official BB race represented in season 14. Ogres, Halflings, Vampires, Gobos, Khemri, High Elves... and all the others :-)
- Casper
Jan. 25th, 2005
Handicaps and crush for the future
We have decided to try out the new official handicap table - now that it has been improved - and thus discard our own version. Get our new reference sheet here.
Furthermore we have seriously changed our crush rules regarding effects on players. There will be no forced retirement :-) see more here.
- Casper
Jan. 8th, 2005
Season 14 is coming
We will start next season on the 8th of February.
- Casper
Jan. 3rd, 2005
Site hosting
This site is about to be redelegated to another webhotel. In that process the site might temporarily be inaccesable or display errors.
- Casper
Dec. 9th, 2004
Result of season 13
We have some new winners:
Stone Curve won the title
Bad Moon Backstabbers became runners up
and Blight Lurkers took 3rd place
- Casper
Dec. 2nd, 2004
News for Dwarves
Check out the new Dwarf GW miniatures:
Chainsaw (for future rules?)
Dwarf bomber (bombs for dwarves?)
- Casper
Nov. 29th, 2004
The end of season 13 is drawing nearer.
The two semi-finals are set and include two tough teams from group A (including the reigning champs). They will each play one of the lower bracket teams from group C, who surprisingly have made it so far.
Se matches here.
- Casper
Nov. 29th, 2004
Excel Roster v.4.0
Version 4 of the excel roster is now ready - updated to rules review 2004 :-)
Find it under download.
- Casper
Nov. 17th, 2004
Rules Review 2004
Take a look here. The BBRC has released this year's rules revisions :-)
They will be adopted into Aros BB League when season 13 is over.
- Casper
Oct. 29th, 2004
New Wight miniature
Herasy has made a new wight for fantasy football - check it out here
- Casper
Oct. 23rd, 2004
Street Bowl rules
The new Fanatic Magazine from the Games Workshop specialist games range is now out with issue #4.

Listed under the content list of the magazine is an interesting article called Street Bowl. It is yet unknown what the contents of this article is, but might it provide the fans of the BB game with a fresh new way of playing the game? We surely hope so!
- Nalla
Sep. 26th, 2004
Record breaking match
Blood Bowl Bunnies - Greyhavien Renegades (season XIII, round 4) pushed the records of Aros BB League further than ever before: 11 TDs were scored and a total of 13 completions were achieved in only two halfs!
- Casper
Sep. 24th, 2004
Season of Wood Elfs?
The 13th season is well under way. At this moment all 3 groups are topped by a Wood Elf team... is the number 13 magic to them (as is the case for others)?
- Casper
Sep. 9th, 2004
Ogre minis
Though GW's Ogre team is not (yet?) officiel, it is possible to buy miniatures for it. If you would rather have Ogres other than the officiel GW minis take at look at Herasy's new Ogres.
- Casper
Aug. 20th, 2004
Season 13 coming soon
We are planning on starting the 13th season shortly: Sept. 7th !
- Casper
May 15th, 2004
Result of season 12
The finals were played yesterday and we can now present the result of the 12th season:
Winner: Silverado Snakeskins
2nd: Dominions of Chaos
3rd Deadly Doom
- Casper
Apr. 29th, 2004
Yes, it's true :-)
At last the 3rd version in the Living Rule Book is available. Click here
- Casper
Apr. 21st, 2004
New TD record
The match Silverado Snakeskins - Sindarin Lords (season XII, 1/8-final) gave us 9 TDs, which is a league record :-)
- Casper
Mar. 31st, 2004
Goblin for dinner
For the first time in the league's history, a Troll has succesfully satisfied his hunger by feasting on a Goblin. In the match Gruesome Grinders - Drakwald Poison Daggers (season XII, round 6) Hautfetzen was deliberately shoved down by Fleischhammer.
- Casper
Mar. 19th, 2004
Midway group matches
We are halfway through group matches and here are some notes:
- All three Wood Elf teams seem to manage quite well, only one of them have lost a match.
- A Chaos Dwarf team as most fair playing? (least cas inflicted) - and Dark Elf, Wood Elf and Halfling as most lethal teams???
- Halflings on a winning spree with a good chance of advancing to the play offs
See the current standings here
- Casper
Mar. 10th, 2004
Roster v3.2.2
Another error has been corrected - the nurgle beastman has now rightfully AV8 (and not 7).
Keep those corrections coming , please - its a good thing to optimize the excel file.
UPDATE: I accidentally deleted the skill code for player 14, it's now fixed - download again :-)
- Casper
Mar. 5th, 2004
New-old Star Player miniatures
The latest edition of White Dwarf, shows new miniatures for the classic start players Griff Oberwald and Varag Ghoulchewer. Unfortunately I have not yet been able to track down online images of these models.
- Nalla
Feb. 27th, 2004
New links
A few updates in the Links section.
- Casper
Feb. 25th, 2004
Season 12 up and running
No less than 31 teams participate in our 12th season! And only two races are not represented: Nurgle and Necromantic.
- Casper
Feb. 7th, 2004
excel roster v3.2
Important update: The price for Khemri mummies was unfortunately sat to only 100 kgp (as for normal undead teams) instead of the correct 110 kgp. This embarrassing error is now fixed :-)
- Casper
Jan. 30th, 2004
Ref. sheet update
The Aros BB reference sheet (which includes our house handicap table) is now updated to 2003 rules review, and minor typos have been corrected.
- Casper
Jan. 25th, 2004
Excel Team Roster v3.1
A new version of the automatic team roster is now availble from the Download area.
Appart from correcting the oversight of the Nurgle Beast being Really Stupid, there has been improvements on the match history sheet, and there is now a sheet with a guide to the use of the roster.
UPDATE 28/1: minor flaws now mended, download again :-)
- Casper
Jan. 21st, 2004
Ogre Cheerleader?
Check out the new miniature at GW - do they come any more repulsive than this
- Casper
Jan. 21st, 2004
Season 12
The next season is set to start on February 24.th. :-)
- Casper
Dec. 24th, 2003
New champions
After the extremely violent semifinals (27 cas in those two matches, 5 of them were kills), some more or less amputated teams line up for the final.
The winner became Halfdead Clawkillers who also was the less injury-burdened team.
Runners up: The Snails
Third place was taken by Death Extravagante
- Casper
Dec. 11th, 2003
3 teams are ready for the semi-finals:
Hashhutz Nutz
Death Extravagante
Halfdead Clawkillers

Who the fourth team will be is decided by the remaining ¼-final
Zola^BB - The Snails (season XI, ¼-final)

Semi-finals are planned to be played next tuesday

update: The Snails is the fourth team for the semi-finals
- Casper
Dec. 2nd, 2003
Team Roster excel file
My Team Roster found in the Download and Miscellaneous sections is now updated to rules review 2003. Enjoy :-)
- Casper
Nov. 25th, 2003
news from BBRC
The BB rules review 2003 has come to the conclusion. The new official changes to our favorite game are listet here
Our running season continue without the new changes - they will first be implemented for next season.
- Casper
Nov. 20th, 2003
Check out the new Vampire models on GW store.
Perhaps we could expect that team to become officiel very soon?
- Casper
Nov. 19th, 2003
play off from group A
It is now decided which teams from group A, that will go to the play off:
The Snails
Halfdead Clawkillers
Death Extravagante
We will have to wait a few more weeks to know who PO contestants from groups B and C.
- Casper
Oct. 19th, 2003
Gate hits rock bottom
This weekend saw the match Bloodfist Bowlers - Death Extravagante (season XI, round 4) draw an all time low of 8.000 fans attending the stands. This beats the previous record set only last week.
Unsurprisingly the Bloodfist Bowlers had part in both of these matches.
- Nalla
Oct. 16th, 2003
New League Record
Oh yes, round 3 of season11 gave us a new record. The rather questionable record of lowest number of fans attanding a match is now held by the match Bloodfist Bowlers - Silverado Snakeskins (season XI, round 3)
- only 18000 spectators showed up :-)
- Casper
Oct. 15th, 2003
The 1-turner is down
Ibrahim McSnegl did not manage to benefit from his execive sprinting training. Shortly after he became able of scoring a TD singlehanded in one turn after kick-off, his left this world in the clash of
The Snails - Death Extravagante (season XI, round 3).
It seems that one-turners tend to be rather short-lived :-)
- Casper
Oct. 11th, 2003
Reference sheet
The ArosBB compiled reference sheet (which includes the ABBL Handicap Table) found under Download is now updated, so it also contains the Serious Inj Table - it is still only a two page document :-)
- Casper
Oct. 5th, 2003
Tournament Tracker
I have put up a link under Download to an Excel Tournament Tracker. Use it if you like :-)
- Casper
Oct. 1st, 2003
We are at it again
Season 11 is up and running. Groups has been made, and first round has been played. Take a look at Running Season and keep coming back for updates :-)
There is one upper bracket group (group A) and two lower bracket groups (B & C). Top 3 from group A will go to the play offs, along with top 2 from both lower bracket groups. Furthermore the best 3rd place from the lower barcket groups will also go to the play offs.
- Casper
Sep. 24th, 2003
Bone Chewie
The imfamous Rat Ogre Bone Chewie has retired from the game (due to crush), and has emmidiatly threadened himself to a place in the Hall of Fame :-)
- Casper
Sep. 21st, 2003
New list feature
It is now possible to view the lists in Chart&Records showing only active players, so that players dead/retired or on a retired team does not show. See for instance the diffrence between
active top TD scorers
all times top scorers
- Casper
Sep. 10th, 2003
Season 11
The next season will begin on 30th of september.
We hope to see many coaches and lots of exciting matches :-)
Let's see if the sport is still as popular with the fans as last season, where a league record of 156000 spectators watched the final:
Dark Moon Dirglers - The Snails (season X, Final !!!).
- Casper
June 15th, 2003
Search the rules
I have implementet af search function in our rules section. The list of clarifications was growing longer all the time, and the possibility to search for a specific topic/phrase was needed. Try it out :-)
- Casper
June 10th, 2003
Danish BB championship
The Danish championship in miniture games, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k and Blood Bowl was held this weekend. After all teams had played 12 matches, it was clear who was to play semi-finals - among those were two active ArosBB coaches. The winner is Thorbjørn. Congratulations ! :-)
- Casper
May 8th, 2003
We are now implementing some sort of crush. Crush repressents the more or less random events that take place between seasons, and it will only affect teams that participated in previous season. Crush are implemented to keep teams from developing into "monster teams". We find it necessary to prevent "monster teams" when running a league of continuous seasons and where new teams enter and to some extent play the experienced teams.
The rules for crush are not yet written on this site, but it will include that a high TR team may lose a re-roll, high FF teams may experience fan factor decrease, and one of the players with most SPP on a tema may chose to retire.
- Casper
May 8th, 2003
Season 10 is over
We have reached the conclusion of season 10. Winner are Dark Moon Dirglers! See more info under running season.
- Casper
Apr. 24th, 2003
ABBL Handicap Table
In next season we will use a modified handicap table - in fact it is now two tables. A spred sheet with the modified handicap rules can be seen here (pdf).
It is also downloadable from the Download area.
- Casper
Apr. 24th, 2003
The Final
The clash for the championship of the 10th season of ArosBBL is between:
The Dirglers and The Snails.

Sikoinerz and Granite Grunchers will battle for 3rd place.
- Casper
Apr. 20th, 2003
The semi-finals will be played on wednesday.
The lucke teams are, Granite Grunchers, Sikoinerz, The Snails and Dark Moon Dirglers.
Pairings will be decided just before kick offs (however Sikoinerz and Granit Grunchers cannor play each others, since the both are from group A).
- Casper
Apr. 8th, 2003
Quarter finals
The 8 teams for the ¼-finals are now official:
Granite Grunchers
Silverado Snakeskins
Bloodfist Bowlers
Dark Moon Dirglers
Headtz 'n' Tailz
Drackwald Convicts
Tha Snails
The pairings of teams will be conducted shortly before the matches on next Tuesday
- Casper
Apr. 2nd, 2003
play offs are drawing near
Seven teams are now certain to play quarter finals. We still need a few more matches in group A to determine who the 8th team will be.

Quaterfinal pairings will first be determined a few minutes before the matches starts. Your opponent will be drawn ramdomly, however you cannot play the other team to go to the quaterfinals from your group.
- Casper
Mar. 18th, 2003
Who will go to the play offs?
For groups B, C and D, the last round is upon us. It will soon be known who will go through to the quater-finals from those groups. Take a look a group D - anything can happen...
- Casper
Mar. 14th, 2003
Long Bomb newsletter
Long Bomb is the name of the new official electronic BB news letter. You can subscribe to it on the official BB site.
- Casper
Mar. 12th, 2003
New BB miniatures
More and more interesting new BB miniatures are becoming available. Check out the following links:

New BB Ogres

New BB Chaos Nurgle Rotters

New BB Khemri Undeads
- Nalla
Mar. 10th, 2003
Online Team Roster
If your browser supports the MS xls file extension, you will be able to try out the highly automatic roster online. It is found under the Miscellaneous section.
The roster can also be found in the download area.
- Casper
Mar. 9th, 2003
Our online SPP and aging rolls
I guess it is well known - also to others than our coaches - that you manage your team online, through a log-in on this site. Part of that concerns rolling for new skills and aging, which is done by a dice roll generator I have coded. Milo, the comish of CHUBBL, who runs a site using (in general) the same code, has kindly done some testing, to ensure that the dice roll code works as ramdomly as possible. His test performs a large number of genrerated rolls, and displays the statistics. Try out the test here. Hope this eliminates any possible doubts towards this excellent system :D hehe
- Casper
Mar. 5th, 2003
early ageing
The first in the league to age at his first SPP-roll is Creek. His hair is now equivalent to a niggling injury.
- Casper
Mar. 4th, 2003
3rd place at The Blood Bowl 2003
One coach from our league, participated in the official BB 2003 tournament in England's GW center, and he managed to pull home a third place!!!
Congratulations Thorbjørn :-)
- Casper
Feb. 19th, 2003
Season 10 is running
The teams for season 10 have been devided into 4 groups. See then under Running Season.
Match results will follow shortly...
- Casper
Feb. 13th, 2003
Our Rules
The Rules section is slowly taking form...
Not all contents are filled in yet.
- Casper
Feb. 11th, 2003
the long awaited website of the NAF is up and running. Unfortunately it seems you have to pay 10 US$ in order to become registrered user :-/
- Casper
Jan. 9th, 2003
Season X
Season 10 is now open for entry. It will start 18th of February.
- Casper
Jan. 8th, 2003
skills & traits list
Under Miscellaneous I have put a link to a list of the skills and traits.
- Casper
Jan. 2nd, 2003
This site is spreading
The good old BB guru Milo runs a league called CHUBB. He loved this site, and we made an exceptional agreement, so his www.deck-zone.com/chubb looks and functions like this one. So take a look at it, and if you live in North Carolina, join that league!
- Casper
Dec. 28th, 2002
We now have a gallery open. You are more than welcome to browse through the pics of some of our miniatures. New miniatures will be added as we get the pics.
- Casper
Dec. 25th, 2002
new roster update
According to the rules review Kroxigor now has Mighty Blow. Update your excel team roster from the Download section.
- Casper
Dec. 18th, 2002
rules review 2002
At last! GW has released their 2002 rules review. Check out the changes here
- Casper
Dec. 16th, 2002
Guest Book
There is a new section in the menu: We present to you our Guest Book. If you have any comments for us, feel free to enter a message.
- Casper
Nov. 29th, 2002
Updated excel team roster
Found a error in the excel team roster, found in the Download section. Remember to get the new correct one, where Halflings rightfully can hire Ogres :-)
- Casper
Nov. 20th, 2002
Season 9 winners
The final has been played, and the new champions are: Necropolis Tombraiders
- congratulations :-)
- Casper
Nov. 9th, 2002
team lists
First content added under Miscellaneous: team lists of the available BB races.
- Casper
Nov. 6th, 2002
Though still missing resulsts from two group games, it is now determined who go through to the play offs: Headz'n'Tails, Necropolis Tombraiders, Loren Dodgers and Sikoinerz are to play semifinals next week. Who plays who will first be revealed shortly before the matches.
- Casper
Nov. 1st, 2002
The Blood Bowl
New big officiel BB event announced. see more at http://www.games-workshop.com/Warhammerw...
- Casper
Oct. 30th, 2002
match reports
Now you kan click on a given match and see which players who scored TDs, inflicted casualties and so on.
However this service only applies to season 9 matches so far…
- Casper
Oct. 18th, 2002
BB magazine 4
GW has released Blood Bowl Magazine issue 4 :-)
See here
- Casper
Oct. 17th, 2002
midway update
We are now a little past midway in the current season, and one might start guessing about the possible teams in the semifinals...
And its great to see, that the league isn't static at all, that it's not the same teams that dominate.
In group A Sikonerz (which had only scarce succes last season) together with the brand new rookies of Headz'n'Tailz seem at the moment as semifnal contenters. However those two teams will meet in a clash in next round.
In Group B last season's runners up Necropolis Tombraiders seems on the way to the semifinals again, but the other team from that group to go through is at the moment another rookie skaven team: The Snalis.
In the lower end of the tables is it notable, that the only team with zero points yet, is actually last season's winners!?!
- Casper
Oct. 9th, 2002
"Bone" bounty update
No wonder Rat Ogre Bone Chewie was the first (since the "new" rules) to get a bounty on his head - it even seems to encourage him to be more extremely violent, inflicting 5 casualties in his last match, which takes him to a total of 11 cas this season!
- Casper
Oct. 7th, 2002
For bounty hunters
Our Bounty List has come online - check Charts&Records.
Most of the old hunted players have retired with the old teams, so the bounty list is not so voluminous at the present time...
- Casper
Oct. 5th, 2002
Hall of Fame
A Hall of Fame has been addded under Charts&Records. Some player profiles still missing though :-/
Btw: a few new grafical changes has been made in the menu column :-)
- Casper
Sep. 18th, 2002
Season 9 running
Season 9 is up and running ! :-)
Check "Running Season" section to see the actual score boards of the two groups.
Later you will also be able to see played matches and season top scorers, top killers etc.. ;-)
- Casper
Sep. 16th, 2002
Top Charts
A few charts have been added in the Charts & Records section
- Casper
Sep. 2nd, 2002
Site update
The download and links sections now shows contents.
You can now see each team's team roster - without SPP and team rating, though.
And each team's match record list is available :-)
- Casper
Aug. 19th, 2002
Season 9
The next season will hopefully start medio September (this site wont be fully operational at that time though :-/).
- Casper
Aug. 19th, 2002
New design
I am working on this new version of www.arosBB.dk. The design is deliberately close to the old. Many new interactive functionalities are planned (especially for coaches).
Hope you all will enjoy the improvements. :-)
- Casper

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