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The Lazy Reds

Race:  Human
Coach:  Ulrik
The team formerly known as The Marienburgh Stealers, has changed it's name, along with everything else in the franchise, following the poor result in the previous season, and the forced resetting of all teams due to the rules change.
Briefly a silly symbol was considered as a new team name, but eventually, the owner, and now coach, Ulrik Svendsen, decided to let his Lazy nature and the sight of a normal postmatch Blood Bowl field inspire the name for his new team.

The Lazy Reds team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Oct. 8th, 2006 - old news
"How the hell are you supposed to run a succesfull franchice if you are surrounded by players who drop every pass thrown to them, not that it really matters when everybody else are fumbleprone.. the only capable ball handler in the game Double Dodgers - Lazy Reds (Season XVII, round 4) was our journey man catching a kickoff, but failing misserebly at blocking, and hence costing us the draw, as he gave away a free TD..
We will be running catching drills with solid iron spiked balls all day every day until the next match, and if they won't catch the ball with their hands, I will make sure they catch it with their face" an angry head coach Ulrik Svendsen said, after a game, where both coaches performed at a tactical high level, with nearly no mistakes on either side of the ball.
- Ulrik
Sep. 29th, 2006 - old news
Turnover "D" rocks!
What a great win, as a result of fast and aggressive defensive play by the teams blitzers, and quick reactions by the two catchers, who both where able to capitalice on a turnover each, and with Jack Sparrow also scoring the first TD on the very first drive, The Lazy Reds have now made up for the 3-0 loss in their first match this season Zhatan's Re-Animated - Lazy Reds (Season XVII, cross-over 1), and now longer has a negativ TD score, which hopefully will only improve in the following matches.
Also we just avoided being "awarded" fair play team, with two casualties, one inflicted by Hannibal Lector and the other by our psychotic fans, who are now starting to grow in numbers..
- Ulrik
Sep. 21st, 2006 - old news
Death of Ugly Kid joe
He was just a kid, he was ugly and his name was joe..
Who gives a shit. good riddance useless underachiver.

Words spooken in anger and memory of the late Ugly Kid joe by head coach and owner Ulrik Svendsen after the tie in Elf Huggers - Lazy Reds (Season XVII, round 2), in which he felt the team gave away a 2 point lead, with the players only excuse being "they where injured" to which Ulrik replied "Wahh wahh you f**king cry babies"
- Ulrik
Sep. 21st, 2006 - old news
Retirement of Jack Torrance
We regret to have lost Jack Torrance to retirement, but he felt he had to retire inspite of his young age, after suffering a brooken neck in the match Elf Huggers - Lazy Reds (Season XVII, round 2), leading to a loss in agility, which has made him feel les capable of svinging axes at people and doors.
He will be greatly missed, and especially his usual team cry that could be heard eccoing through the dugout just before each game.
In memory of jack we will shout it one last time: HERE'S JOHNNY!!
- Ulrik
Tournaments played:
season XVI, Season XVII
Trophies won:
Fair Play Prize: season XVI, Season XVII


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