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Deadwood Blights

Race:  Necromantic Horror
Coach:  Thorbjørn

Deadwood Blights team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
June 10th, 2013 - old news
Thrice the Champion
After taking the title for the third time in a row - Deadwood Blights finished an otherwise mediocre season in style. This season will not be remembered for its exuberant offense nor it´s massive presence in the league. No it will be remembered for the taking of the gold for the third time in a row. Something that has happened just once before - in the early start of the league where Bad Moon Provorcs took it in season 3-5. Back in the days where wizards were allowed to walk the field, Stars were bought to the teams and seven teams were in the league.
The question now remains whether the Blights will come back again this year - or whether they´ll take a break while they´re still on top of the world..
- Thorbjørn
Apr. 17th, 2013 - old news
The 1 in a 100 TD
Yesterday Borc Lockers managed to steal a win in an amazing one-turn TD.
The Deadwood coach afterwards said the following "This is a 1 in a 100 TD. We decided to go with a screen against a Goblin throw while at the same time giving some coverage against a conventional 1-turn TD. The two Golems were forming up at LoS with Ramtut III to ensure the latter would be impossible. But I called them back. The risk of injury seemed greater than the TD.
In the end I should perhaps have done otherwise?
But no matter what this was a good game and it´s all Blood Bowl is about. Seizing those small opportunities. The last couple of years we have been the ones with the upper hand, in this one we´re struggling after the loss of two key players. Our leader Denor and Kunt Deathrage as the most notable one - though his replacement Zhagra Bonesplinter has done well.
Which is more than can be said of Castar Fury who has now played eight games without any impact what so ever."

After talking to the headcoach the lab boys looked at the math and as it went the TD was actually at a meagre 1 %. So a 1 in a 100 TD it most certainly was.
- Thorbjørn
Mar. 1st, 2013 - old news
A new Season
Finally time to shed some blood again.
As of now we have taken gold twice in our three seasons. Will we add another - hard to say?
Army Of Lovers have fled into the lower brackets to see if they can rebuild after this humiliating defeat Army Of Lovers - Deadwood Blights (Season XXIX, round 3).
Meanwhile neither Dark side of the Moon and Blood Bowl Bunnies have ever proven to be any kind of a threat.
However we have a score to settle with Dead Diggers who have once again returned this season - and in particular Peter Paulsen.

For the rest of you - run away, hide or lock yourselves up - ´cause we´re once again on the prowl and we sense blood and gold - stand in our way and you ask for it!
- Thorbjørn
Tournaments played:
Season XXVII, Season XXVIII, Season XXIX, Season XXX, Season XXXl
Trophies won:
Championship: Season XXVIII, Season XXIX, Season XXX


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