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Violently Demised

Race:  Necromantic Horror
Coach:  Ulrik
My team consits of former murderers sentenced to capital punishment for their excessively violent crimes, having now been raised to serve me on the Blood Bowl pitch in their eternal undead life.
All they recall of their former life, is images of their own violent demise, being replayed to their empty never closing eyesockets for all eternity.
They have all been named after how they where executed, my Flesh Golems constructed of several having been executed in the same fashion.
Only my summoned creatures still bears their own pathetic names.

Violently Demised team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Apr. 27th, 2007 - old news
Bittersweet Exit
Despite only just meeting our season goal of atleast a 50% win ratio, the season as a whole exceeded our expectations. We had expected to reach the playoffs as we did, but not to advance as far into it as we did.
Despite the expected loss to Elf Huggers, in Elf Huggers - Violently Demised (Season XVIII, -final) In retrospect I cannot help feeling slightly disappointet, as the game could probably have been won, had it not been for my tactical blunder with the wizard. The wizard himself performed as could be expected, but when I finally decided to use him in the second half of overtime, he was asked to throw a fireball, as I in my greed, expected all three targets to go down, where as i could have taken the ball carrier out, and easily blitzed a path to the ball with two dice, only needing a push.. This blunder could have been avoided though, had he instead been used in the first half of regular time, before Elf Huggers' final turn, to prevent their touchdown. In all this has been a great learning season, though my tactical abilities still leave much to be improved. In all it was a fun season to participate in as always.
We now look forward to next season, where play off will be the goal, but the gameplan will evolve more around team development, which was neglected in too large an extent this season.
Hope to see you all in the off season cup, which I will do my best to attend in a much higher degree than I had the oppertunity to last time.
- Ulrik
Feb. 28th, 2007 - old news
The Dead still to rise
Yet another disappointing loss, And still I am yet to prove my coaching skills and come out the winner against an ecually strong team as my own in this league. Despite the future looking a bit brighter for the dead with a new skill for both wights, a lot still needs to be picked up coaching wise for the goal to have won more than lost this season to be reached.. Guess it's back to the drawing board and strategyguide for me, as soon as I have increased my minions visions of their violent demise to an unimaginary scale, as the slight increase in cas wasn't enough, and we still fall even further behind in the race of becomming most leathal, not having caused a single death.
- Ulrik
Feb. 21st, 2007 - old news
Disappointment still lingers
The first match Violently Demised - Eurobowl Champions (Season XVIII, cross-over 1) was nothing but disappointing, and despite having secured our first victory this season in the match Addicted Lunatics Clan - Violently Demised (Season XVIII, round 2) with a safe 2-0 win, disappointment still seems to be the predominant emotion after the game. With that many stunties on field, I was expecting nothing less than a massacre, so only inflicting three minor casualties is outright disturbing.
Even though stunties are too weak to be reanimated, being as useless in death as they where alive, my demands for my team was clear: at least one permanently dead stunty! The only way to overcome this appalingly low casualty count is to increase the vividnes of my undeads images of their own death, so they will use this as an inspiration to inflict worse on others, in the hope that their own pain will fade in comparison
- Ulrik
Tournaments played:
Season XVIII, Season XIX
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