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Noels Trielsen

Noels Trielsendead
Orc Thrower,
Borc Lockers team retired


Interceptions: 0
Completions: 18
Touchdowns: 9
Casualties: 4  (1 was a kill!)
MVP awards: 4
Star Player Points: 73
MA ST AG AV Skills
5 4 3 8 Sure Hands, Pass, +ST, Dodge, Block, Kick-off Return

Sustained Injuries:  DEATH!

Was killed in the match Borc Lockers - Witchburg Steelers (Season XXX, Round 4).
Noels Trielsen is a huge fan of the coach from Double Dodgers

And now just as strong! :D
And now dodging like a goblin!
After the first match of season 26. his 2nd, he made two completion and an inaccurate pass that was caught! From all this he learned block.

With a winning TD in the last seconds of the last cross over of season 26 he may have earned BL a place in the play-off he beacem MVP of the match. This turned him in to a star that knows how to kick-off return!

He was killed by Rashard Mendenhallos in a freak blitz in the last turn of Borc Lockers - Witchburg Steelers (Season XXX, Round 4). Had the blitz failed he would have scored his 10th TD and with the MVP he was awarded post hum he would have become a super star. But it was not to be. He was replaced immediately by Nars Lissen.

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