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Blight Lurkers

Race:  Skaven
Coach:  Thomas M
The Blight Lurkers entered the League at its restart in Season 8, and although they competed bravely (3 of 4 matches lost by only 1 td) they had yet to win.
The team gained some experience and were ready to go on, but due to severe casualties they withdrew!
But at certain times when the moon is Blight you might occasionly encounter the shadows of this skaven team lurking around the blood bowl field once more!
Team Description.

Blight Lurkers team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Sep. 1st, 2005 - old news
The Moon is Blight.. and howling can be heard from the lurking shadows in the world..
So the time has come to get ready for Season 15.. sadly that have ment the retirement of two well-trained players though to join the coachingstaff, strengthening the tactics, as we present the coaching staff.

"Razer" Nails, Defence Specialist,
"Shunt" The Piercer, Interception and ballhandling.
"HypnoDisc" Spinner, Head of Charge Running.
"S.M.I.D.S.Y" Fowler, Kickemwhentheyrdown Master.
"Mouse Trap" Traitor, Apoth, Injury Avoidance Expt.

Retirement due to old injuries.
Storm Vermin "Razer" Nails, and
Gutter Runner "Shunt" The Piercer.
Both are Veterans, two out of the many players joined during season 13, of which the others were
"Pussycat" Shreads
"Razer" Nails
"Shunt" The Piercer
"Diotior" Firetail
"SuicidalTendency" Blight
"Panic Attack" Lurker

The two left..
"SuicidalTendency" Blight and
"Panic Attack" Lurker
will remain on the team from that season.. although "SuicidalTendency" Blight have to watch out.. and show up for all games if he will keep his place..

More Players joined in Season 14 to strenghten the team..
"Stinger" Slash
"Dominator" Spike
"Rambot" First Blood
"Terror-Bull" The Ram
"Saw Point" The Cutlass

And more will come this season….
The First is the Storm Vermin replacing
"Razer" Nails, feast your eyes on the soon dreaded
"Medusa" Darkgaze.. who will make the pitch unsure for all of you who dare come her way.

The team is halfway to its full pontential.. and much more have been let known about the players and their past.. and their odd willing to face these seasons..

They have their grudges… to most teams.. but espically the most lethal teams for the lurkers.
Bad Moon Backstabbers
Halfdead Clawkillers
Stone Curve
These teams are the ones that will dread the time when they one dark night once more will stand face to face with and meet the Blight Lurkers.. except those they wont see.. sneaking up behind them.. there is much bloodshed and blooddebt to be repaid..
- Thomas M
Nov. 29th, 2004 - old news
The followers of the Blight Luna Moon lurks through to the Semifinals after an ekstremely narrow win against the Orcs of Zola^BB, which were only decided during penalty shootout after overtime.

Not much have been heard from this team during the season, due to their lurking and keeping of secrets.
During his Warppowder-trip we managed to get a few words from the headcoach´s ramblings.

The ork-things were no-no matchh for uzz, we beatzz ´em goodgood, we wil winwin thiss sseassonn....
(that is all we got... before he noticed we were not skaven and had one of our now sadly departed coworkers thrown to the rat ogres, and the rest of us beat up and carried out).
- Thomas M
Dec. 4th, 2003 - old news
Rumour has it that the time of the Full Blight Moon is getting nearer, and that within a year we will see The Blight returning to lurk around the blood bowl field, as the team captain "Tornado" ZoneRunner have set out for the others.
The time of their return should happen at the special moment of the beginning of Season XIII where the magical powers of the skaven will the strongest.
- Thomas M
Sep. 26th, 2003 - old news
Although they are not appearing in Season XI, the Blight Lurkers team is proud to present their “new” teammate "Indefatigable" John Dow.
It is just odd that he is actually dead.
This unfortunate ratling have just recently been acknowleged as a part of the team, since he were only dug up from the teams graveyard a few days ago.

With the preparations to Season XI (before the team were convinced to resign by The Renegades)
"Mouse Trap" Traitor had been complaining about the fact that none of his teammates seemed to notice him (if they can be called that since he always makes sure they get hurt instead of him), neither did anyone else, even his locker in the teams dugout had been emptied and his name removed from his cabinet from Season VIII.

After some investigation it seems that "Mouse Trap" Traitor had been pronounced dead (twice) after the game against Halfdead Clawkillers, and had been buried next to the Ratogre "Steg" ToeSmasher who also died in that match.

But when the Head Coach could see that “Mouse Trap” were still alive, who had then been buried after that game so many seasons ago, the papers were checked and it seems that it were so early in the teams history (and that he were only a linerat) that he had never been put down as part of the team only as “?”, the teammates had not cared, they thought he had just been a fan.
- Thomas M
Tournaments played:
season VIII, season XIII, season XIV, season XV
Trophies won:
3rd place: season XIII


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