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Heiko Herrlich

Heiko HerrlichHall of FameBounty of 70 kgp
MoonKnight Shadows team retired

   Roster number: 7  

Value: 230,000 gp

Interceptions: 0
Completions: 2
Touchdowns: 9
Casualties: 42  (10 were kills!)
MVP awards: 2
Star Player Points: 123
MA ST AG AV Skills
6 3 3 8 Claws, Frenzy, Regeneration, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Side Step

Sustained Injuries: -2 MA,  1 niggling inj.


-- MoonKnight Shadows has retired team retired --.
-1 MA due to Crush!
1 niggling due to ageing
-1 MA due to ageing
There is a bounty of Bounty70 000 gp on this player's head.
Hall of Fame HoF - Awarded into the Hall of Fame during/after season XVI
The history of the Moonknight Shadows is a history of violence. In season 13, 15 and 16 they won the prize for most lethal team and one player more than any was the instrument in this achievement. Heiko Herrlich is the name, but there is nothing “herrlich” about playing against him. He may not be much faster than a dwarf, but he more than makes up for this by being as thirsty for fresh blood as dwarfs are for ale. He was much feared by every coach. All that has earned him a place in the HoF.

The first Werewolf to rise to the rank of Starplayer in Aros Blood Bowl League.
Heiko Herrlich has an undisputed reputation of being violent. He has joined severel top 10 charts, crediting him after season XV as follows:
Nr. 4 - - Active League Top Hitters - -
Nr. 4 - - Active League Top Killers - -
Nr. 6 - - Active Most Experienced Players - -

He is responsible for the following permanent injuries:
Serious Injured:
Nemo Saltat Sobrius
Melanie Fourniret
Maria Juana

Barry Bunkerbunny
The Kuuler
Szlippery Fretty
Daegar Deathspike
Maric Snape
"Dead" Mortis

Meanwhile he hasn't suffered a single permanent injury himself. During carrieer he has however felt the loadstone of time pressing on his shoulders. His legs being what they used to be seems to have reduced his swiftness. In a training accident he has also aquired a bad knee, which troubles Heiko Herrlich from time to time...

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