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Divine Rats

Race:  Skaven
Coach:  Kynde
Much to a lot of people’s consternation it was discovered that all the divinities of all human religions during thousands of years were actually a bunch of rats who all played on this team! But they played divine BB! :p

The coach is of course top Rat among all the divinities: The Supreme Kynde the Rat! There is always one above the other! ;)

See a picture of the entire team.

Divine Rats team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Oct. 19th, 2009 - old news
Jesus Jesus Jesus Dild Snaps Jesus!
We just have to bring this extra bulletin from DR as Jesus has won yet another big price for his coach. :)

By leaving Aros alone for a whole month, Jesus has turned nothing into a bottle of "Dild Snaps", proudly sponsored by the biggeste fan pf DR and Jesus - i.e. the coach of Army Of Lovers. :p

Thanks to Jesus and Per :D

And now back to TV2 ;)
- Kynde
Sep. 3rd, 2009 - old news
God I'm good said Jesus I feel the Holy Spirit flow through me there.

And that was the last word from both Jesus and Divine Rats in Aros!
- Kynde
May 23rd, 2009 - old news
Lots of stats and the reason to quit now
DR has in six seasons not failed to go through to the play-off. Has won their groups three times; Made it to the semi finals four times, and to the final three times. Obtaining one 3rd place, two 2nd places and of course one championship.

After this set-back not even winning metal it is no longer fun to continue playing. So the coach Kynde the rat! will not let DR play anymore matches. Even though the team is as strong as ever! We still have 16 players as the only kill of course was on Thor D. And you just can't keep Thor from the team roster. So now he is already back on it as Thor E (His 6th incarnation on DR, where he has been killed four times as the only line rat.) He is only the 30 player to leave DR over the six seasons.

We still have the GodRunner trio of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit who began on the original team. All three of them has played 63 active matches out of 66 for DR. Jesus of course being the best player ever in Aros, and the only of the original players to have managed it through without any permanent injuries.

Also our top thrower Buddha managed to break the 60 match records, as this last was his 61st match for DR.

More astonishing is it that Loke survived all 66 matches of which he played 58, but he is also with three permanent injuries the worst off, of the five original players. Still to manage 58 matches as a skaven line-rat is some effort. But Loke has always been the most cunning of the Nordic Gods. First he managed to get Kick before any other line rat. This took him away from the LoS. Then block made him less obvious to blitz. Tackle was not so bright to learn, but again Fend held both frenzy and pilers-on away from him.

Apart from these veterans (a star, three super stars and a legend), the last runner The Mother just managed to become a star before this last match. And the ST 4 vermin Poseidon was also a great asset.

Although we have amassed no less than 12 permanent injuries these have been collected on only 5 players, God being the only of those with just one injury.

And Frej B the one with most. He has four, and it could have been worse had he not already been as in agile as possible… In just 40 matches for DR he has suffered 7 SI injuries. It took Loke 58 to get to 8.

Loke became the MVP for DR with no less than 7 MVPs vs. Jesus and Holy Spirit who both obtained 6. The other two from the original team both obtained 4 and no one else has more than three. Although recently deceased Brage A was at 5 MVPs at his death.

Although our roster is now riddles with five MNG and the TV is as low as 1.860.000 gps, the teams value if it were to play next season would be 2.430.000. So no reason we could not come back and win again. But so far every season it has gone forward (almost) and now after having tasted the gold, a secondary placement is just not good enough.

And although Jesus almost certainly wins the top scorer price once again it is not enough. His legendary status with 78 TDs, 56 completions and 383 spp will probably never be challenged in Aros. Yes the passing record is only for active players, but he is the only player without pass to even be in the top 15 on the all time thrower list on a tied 6th spot. Also on these list we find Buddha in 2nd amongst the active and in 9th on the all time list.

He has almost scored 30 more TDs than no. two on the top scorer list and the 2nd on the active list, none other that Holy Spirit has only scored exactly half as many TDs. In 4th place we find God. These two are nos. 6 and 13 on the all time list. The Mother is with 13 TDs just outside top 15 (in 16th place) on the active player list.

Jesus' record for experience with 140 spp more than no. two is unbelievable. (Holy Spirit 4th and God 13th also here). Amongst the active players they are nos. 1, 2 and 6 - now with Buddha in 13th place. (The team has a total of 908 spp right now. Only 580 for the other 15 players though… 298 without the GodRunners, 146 without the original five and only 95 without the last runner. So the last 10 players only have 9-10 spp in average…A sad proof that only the stars shine on a Skaven team as Divine Rats!)

So the team has the number 1 and 2 active player with most TDs, most completions and most spp.

And of course Jesus also have the highest bounty on him.

Well that was it for all the stats and season ending talks.

We are still champs, but this will be the last time we say this (or anything for that matter on DR)

So for ever over and out
The Champs! :D
- Kynde
May 23rd, 2009 - old news
Total disaster in DR's last match ever!
With 16 players ready facing 13 elves nothing seemed to could go wrong. But everything did as De Puta Madre!! destroyed our hopes of retaining the cup!

In the quarterfinal
Divine Rats - Greyhavien Renegades (Season XXII, ¼-final)
The crazy Wardancer De Puta Madre!! made six casualties, four of those on our GodRunners. He did not manage to take Jesus out at all though, but he took God out MNG in the first blitz of the match, and then BH Holy Spirit twice in the next two blitzes. Apo saved the runner and then the elves scored only to get at Holy Spirit again. Finally The Mother was also BH by the dancer.

For all his efforts we have used our remaining 40.000 gps to increase his bounty to 70.000 gps. Hope that someone can claim them this season!

When he actually tried to get at Jesus he failed, but when Jesus could have tied for 1-1 in 2nd half he fell in a simple dodge… So much for the legendary status…

With a total of 10 cas against nil we had no chance with all the bad blocks and dodges etc. Still the only way the Renegades managed to remove Jesus from the pitch was by using their wizard. And Jesus came back from the KO in time for one last drive.

But we could not get through and for the only 2nd time in DR's six seasons and 66 matches (666) did we fail to score. And with a 0-4 defeat it was also the biggest defeat ever. Apart from the final of season XX that went into over time (Divine Rats - Bones & Bandages (Season XX, Final) 13 cas against), this is also the only other match were more than 9 casualties were inflicted on us. And in only 16 turns!

It also ended our no loss streak that would have reached 20 had we won today. Last time we lost a match was the first time we failed to score in round 2 of last season. Also against the hated Khemri! But after that we did not look back winning 12 matches in a row, giving us the trophy of XXI, and then a single tie before we won 6 more matches up till now.

The no-loss streak was in reach, if we had won again (tied with 22 straight matches without a loss we could then have achieved!)

But it was not meant to be. So here we must say over and out.
(And we can still for a short while sign of as)
The Champ!
- Kynde
Tournaments played:
Season XVII, Season XVIII, Season XIX, Season XX, Season XXI, Season XXII
Trophies won:
Championship: Season XXI
2nd place: Season XIX, Season XX
3rd place: Season XVII




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