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Dominions of Chaos

Race:  Chaos Dwarf
Coach:  Alex
The Dominions of Chaos is a team, that has risen to defend the proud traditions of the Chaos Gods.
The team is led on the field by the priest Uznai "The Unholy" Stonecarver.
The team consists of a bunch of deeply religeous renegades and villains.
Before each match they have a ceremony, where Uznai performs his unholy rituals to psyke up the team and secure a beautiful violent game.
They are playing to impose violence and chaos. Scoring TD's and winning is just a secondary reward for this bunch of maniacs.

Dominions of Chaos team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Oct. 14th, 2004 - old news
"Another lost hero" by Fallen Hero Magazine

"After last nights match it was clear that another hero had fallen on the bloody field of the Great Game....."
"Urackīs big contribution to the team was a lot of standing there - particularly in the vincinity of the other teams big guys. This however also became his hybris and nemesis......."

"The match against Headz N Tasilzz ended 3-3, but will mostly be remembered for the violence ending i Urackīs death....."

The managers only comment after the match was: "Still hating them bastard Rats!!!!"
- Alex
Oct. 6th, 2004 - old news
"ODE TO THE TWO HEROES" by The Hobgoblin Gazete:

"Today two of our heroes ie Wild Bill and some hobgoblin were retired after they had sustained serious injuries in the match against "Woodwatcher" - you can say that they shouldnīt have knocked on wood!"


brought to you by "Snooty - when itīs going gets tough - have a snotling burger!"
- Alex
Oct. 6th, 2004 - old news
"No dead Elves - Unfortunately..." from BloodLust Daily

"It wasn't for the lack of trying, that there wasn'īt any killing in last nights match between the glorious "Dom's" and "Woodwatchers". The casualty score ended 5-2 in favour of "the Dominators", but unfortunately "Woodwatchers" only sustained light injuries, whereas the "Domīs" recieved 2 permanent injuries and one more after the match."

"The exciting game ended up in a 2-2 draw which both teams were reasonable content with, although it late in the match looked like the "Domīs" would claim the victory."

The manager comments after the match: "Iīm very disappointed, that we didnīt kill anybody or at least inflicted some permanent injuries, because god I hate them elves. I wish they were all dead!"
Futher he went on: "We have some permanent injuries and I will have a word/whipping of our team apotech in regard to his very disappointing efford. That fat bastard......."

Brought to you by "Snooty - Now deliveringfresh snotling directly to your house - for your convenience!"
- Alex
Sep. 28th, 2004 - old news
"Evil Homer - A new MegaStar?" from MegaloManiac Magazine:

"In his second match "Evil Homer" stepped up and showed the rest of the team the way to victory by making an astounding 3 TD's."
"It helped of course that the other team didnīt seem to want to keep thair players on the field - i.e. one vermin died and a lot oher were knocked out."
"What can I say?" the manager commented after the game" Its a hard knock life....."

Brought to you by "Snooty - Loving them Snotlings"
- Alex
Tournaments played:
season XI, season XII, season XIII
Trophies won:
2nd place: season XII


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