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Reincarnated Librarians

Race:  Necromantic Horror
Coach:  Steen
In ages long lost, the librarians were custodians of knowledge and seekers of wisdom.

But those days are long over, now chaos and violence rule this bleak place we call home and noone comes seeking answers, so when headcoach Steen called the Librarians back to service it was no longer as seekers of wisdom or custodians of knowledge... He called them back, so that they could use their knowledge and skills in the pursuit of blood and glory!

No more nice librarians, this time they are coming for your Brainz (or the ball, if youre lucky)!

Reincarnated Librarians team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
May 20th, 2011 - old news
A taste of defeat and a promise
Reincarnated Librarians has had a glorious first season, first winning the lower brackett undefeated and then continuing the winning streak into 1/4 finals, where we played and won against Borc Lockers, who in a fit of pure spite killed Yawning Hjørland! (there will be a reckoning, rest assured)

In the semi finals we faced a team that has won two championships Blood Bowl Bunnies and .... Won! It was a hard fought victory though, with the fight going into overtime. The heroes of the match were Verona for being in the right place at the right time and catching the bouncing ball, and of cause the limper Cutter Mcgraw, who was everywhere on the pitch, as a reward Cutters Plaything was bought.

The end of the first season was marked with a defeat in the finals against Dead Diggers. A truly exciting match, again going into overtime, but ending 1-1 nonetheless, in the end it all came down to a coin toss... Still we cant begrudge Dead Diggers the victory, it was well deserved.

Next season however we promise that we will return and wreak havoc on the higher brackets, there will be blood in our pursuit of glory! Silver is fine, but gold is better and next season we are going for the win!
- Steen
Tournaments played:
Season XXVI, Season XXVII, Season XXVIII, Season XXX, Season XXXl, Season XXXII, Season XXXIII, Season XXXIV, Season XXXV, Season XL, Season XLI
Playing in:
Season XLII
Trophies won:
Championship: Season XLI
2nd place: Season XXVI, Season XL
3rd place: Season XXXl, Season XXXIII, Season XXXIV




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