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Race:  Skaven
Coach:  Anders E

Chaos49 team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Mar. 28th, 2004 - old news
After the 0-10 TD results over the last two matches, the coach has finally decided to resign from Chaos 49. He was last seen between the jaws of the teams rat ogre Igor, after the two storm vermins had prepared him with some nice garlic butter ;)

A new coach (Kynde the Rat) will now try to talk the team into a better shape for the remaining two matches. He knows some painfull method to make the rats fear him more than the opponent. Maybe that will work :D
- Anders E
Tournaments played:
season VIII, season IX, season X, season XI, season XII, season XIII, season XIV, season XV, season XVI, Season XVII, Season XVIII, Season XXI, Season XXIII
Trophies won:
Fair Play Prize: season XV
Most Leathal Team: Season XVIII



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