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Greyhavien Renegades

Race:  Wood Elf
Coach:  Rolf L.
Thank you for the very professional and cool team avatar, hacked in place by Joan Ass, the coach.

Greyhavien Renegades team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Dec. 2nd, 2010 - old news
Lille Monster :) saves the day!!
In our glorius quaterfinal Olvig Vikings - Greyhavien Renegades (Season XXV, ╝-final), things were looking grim for Greyhavien Renegades. Behind 1-2 with both wardancers and alot of other players injured, Greyhavien Renegades lined up for their last offensive drive with only Celebrian Stormcrow, Oldbirch Longleaf and Lille Monster :) on the field, these 3 players HAD to make a TD against 10 nasty norse players, if Greyhavien Renegades should have any chance of advancing to the semifinals. But 3 players was all that was needed! Oldbirch Longleaf punched a hole in the line, Celebrian Stormcrow ran for the ball and Lille Monster :) charged downfield were she sneakily and with the help of team training, threw herself to the ground and faked an injury. The overconfident norse players chased after Celebrian Stormcrow who was holding the ball, and surrounded Lille Monster :) to admire the view of yet another elf crouching in pain.
Oh the misguided fools had not experiensed true sneakyness. To their surprice the little elf jumped to her legs and with a gracious leap left her escort dumpfounded, while she headed for the endzone, were the long bomb from Celebrian Stormcrow was caught with ease! 2-2!

But trouble werent over, as the Norse players still had a decent amount of time to make it 3-2 and send Greyhavien Renegades into the dark abyss of teams no longer in the play-offs. The only possitive was, that this time 2 more elves actually woke up to play again. The norsca brutes pushed easily throug the 4 elf defense though, and got setup for a last minute score, laughing in their beer- and pukestinking beards as they smelled victory. But Lille Monster :) wanted it otherwise, and in the split of a second she was inside the cage of the norse. The little elf could not be seen, but a norse helmet went flying, and Celebrian Stormcrow dived into the brawl as well just to emerge with the ball, that was thrown a great length to the new addition of the team The Matiass who had moved himself out of viking reach. The vikings tried their best to revenge themselves by brutalysing the two heroes, but they could do nothing to keep The Matiass from scoring the winning 3-2 td!

The available information about this fascinating Lille Monster :) is scarce, but rumours say that she once recided in the Skjoldh°j Kollegium in ┼rhus, from where she went to various elven dancing events in the woods and honoured plants by setting them on fire to inhale their released souls.
- Rolf L.
June 5th, 2009 - old news
Renegades handle scums in overtime!
The Renegades is again present in the final of a season were they belong, and who missed them for too long! After a long game against the evil nurgle scums where close to nothing worked in the regular game and the Renegades got saved with great play by Celebrian Stormcrow and Oldbirch Longleaf allowing them to score the 2 eaqualizing touchdowns to put the game into owertime.

In the overtime the Renegades players finaly woke up, and scored 3 additional td's while preventing any from the scums, who clearly had outlived their glory days for that game. A great play by De Puta Madre!! secured the 3-2 score, and after that the scums fell apart.

We feel the gold returning to its proper holders!!
- Rolf L.
Mar. 3rd, 2009 - old news
Fine Predictions
We welcome the predictions of orc coach Niels Bech that woodelves will winn the season, though it is selfevident. Its always nice to see orcs who knows good coaching when they experiense it!
- Rolf L.
Feb. 18th, 2009 - old news
Disgusting luck!
We are horrified to learn the result of the game Deities of Doom - Silverado Snakeskins (Season XXII, round 1) were the foul coldbloods beat a poor chaosteam with a very undeserved margin. As we all know, the Silverado Snakeskins is a very poorly coached team, so only lotto-luder luck or plain cheating can explain the winn. This must have consequenses really, maybe the league admin should reinstate the ageing rule for Silverado Snakeskins, that would teach them not to score undeserved touchdowns!

Also, the smelly snakes doesnt deserve Wayward Son to have both + ag and + st, as he only got the needed spp's by exploiting the rules of the game. Apart from that, he is very ugly...
- Rolf L.
Tournaments played:
season XI, season XII, season XIII, season XIV, Season XVII, Season XVIII, Season XIX, Season XX, Season XXI, Season XXII, Season XXIII, Season XXIV, Season XXV
Trophies won:
Championship: Season XVIII
2nd place: Season XVII, Season XXII
3rd place: Season XXI, Season XXIV, Season XXV




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