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Match result

Season XVII, semi-final
Team badge
Black Widows

gate: 74 000
2 TD score 1
cas score
Team badge
Divine Rats


profile Boxer dead
profile Lurtz
TD Scorers
profile Holy Spirit Bounty (30000 gp)
Foulers (no cas)

profile Squealer
Badly Hurt'ers
profile Zeus Bounty (20000 gp) dead

profile Pinkeye Bounty (20000 gp)
Serious Injurers

profile Boxer dead
Completions By
profile Jesus Hall of Fame Bounty (100000 gp)
Interceptions By

profile Squealer
MVP awards to
profile Jupiter Bounty (20000 gp) dead
Sustained Injuries

profile Boxer dead
Miss Next Game
profile Thor A retired
profile Odin dead
Result added November 21st, 2006

Match notes
In front of a record gate the semi-final clash between the Chaos worshipers and the Divine rats began as one of the numerous God fans threw a rock that KOed Pincher.

This was a bad event as he was the only player close to the ball lying near the sideline. The score was quickly tied when Boxer killed Odin in one of the first blocks of the match, so it was 10 vs. 10.

Lurtz managed to get to the ball, but even with his sure hands he failed to pick-up the ball, and it ended up in just two TZ. This seemed like the perfect opening for the rats, as agile Jesus could reach it, but to make it easier Muhammad tried to blitz a hole in the dwarf defence, and went down, failing to take any note of the team training. To make maters worse he tried to blitz from the ground the next turn, and once again he went down alone.

Now the dwarf cage were moving slowly down the pitch and one more rat left the pitch as Pinkeye SI Thor A. But the cage was not kept closed, although Muhammad was held out of the match by numerous fouls (with a bribe in the hand the Widows took chances).
And suddenly there seemed to be an opening for Holy Spirit. But first Tyr had to make a block, and the 3rd double both down in 4 turns stole the RR. And then Holy Spirit failed his dauntless and two dice against is not good and he went down on a skull.

The dwarfs were still not ready to score, and at last it is the claw of Zeus who takes out likewise clawed Mads Fløe, although he is only BH. But just after this Muhammad takes his 3rd double both down in a blitz, and stays down for the 6th turn in a row.

Surprisingly DR gets one more chance to hit at the ball carrier, and this time Holy Spirit takes Lurtz down and stuns him. The ball, however, jumps into the middle of 4 TZ, and even agile Jesus didn’t wish to try and get there past tacklers.

With only one turn and no AG 3 players left close enough, Boxer is the only hope for the Widows, he tries to grab the ball, and… manages, and then almost falling on the first go for it, his sure feet keeps him rolling, and with a last sprint over the EZ he scores for 1-0 and thus he learns to dodge.

DR sets up for a one turn attempt, but it seems impossible since Widows has set up a perfect defence. But maybe something went wrong, because it is by no means perfect. The chance is still there. And Madonna get the hand-off from Jesus on the LoS. Now only a blitz with a push back is needed and then another push back and the chance is there! But no, of course the rats take their fifth double both down of the half.

Of course the Widows comes blitzing out in second half, everything seems to go their way, but again these advantages seems to make it easier for DR. With a short pass (in the blinding sunshine) Jesus completes to Holy Spirit who runs almost out of reach down the Widows pitch. When Muhammad finally makes a great block, he puts his tail on Pinkeye who are the only one in reach to blitz Holy Spirit, and his attempt to dodge fails miserably, and Holy Spirit ties the match for 1-1.

There are still 11 rats facing the dwarfs, but not for long. A series of KO and a BH on Jesus by Squealer (who is cured by the apo) is in no way equalized when Tyr fouls Boxer MNG (apo could not improve this). And with Muhammad first failing to blitz (failing loner as well) when for the first time he would have had 3 dices, and later again failing to blitz, after the RR were spend on a double skull by Jupiter, only to get a double both down on the one hobgoblin with block (Pincher hence not liberating Muhammad) he was too far from the action to play with ball carrier Lurtz.

In DR’s last turn a final chance to blitz Lurtz presented itself, but Holy Spirit were still needing a go for it and his dauntless to work to get a one dice block, when his last 2+ dodge failed due to a tackling dwarf. And thus Lurtz were free to score the winning TD ending the match 2-1.

The MVP for the Widows gave Squealer mighty blow to his claw! But the other match winner Boxer will now miss the final, and as the team only earned 60 k, they cannot even buy another Bull or a Minotaur. (Not having a WA is probably an advantage though seeing how Muhammad messed it up for the Gods, completely misinterpreting their sayings! :p )

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