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Brickskull (N)everdodge

Brickskull (N)everdodgeHall of FameBounty of 70 kgpretired
Bad Moon Backstabbers team retired


Interceptions: 0
Completions: 0
Touchdowns: 0
Casualties: 54  (11 were kills!)
MVP awards: 5
Star Player Points: 133
Top Killer: season XIII

MA ST AG AV Skills
4 5 1 9 Loner, Mighty Blow, Regeneration, Always Hungry, Really Stupid, Throw Team-Mate, Block, Multiple Block, Pro, Break Tackle, Guard, Piling On

Sustained Injuries: none

Retired during season XVI.
Retired after season 16, because the team was reset for season 17 and LRB5.
Hall of Fame HoF - Awarded into the Hall of Fame during/after season XVI
Brickskull (N)everdodge is one of the most famous players ever. He enters the Hall of Fame, as the top cas inflictor of the league, and as one of only 7 players to reach mega star status. He is by far the most hitting, killing and... dodging Troll ever to play in the league. This troll showed to many a young blood bowler the wisdom of the old saying “he who does not try, will never succeed”. Whenever he tried an impossible chain of actions, it usually succeeded against all odds (always making good use of Pro). A worthy hall of famer!

This is one dreaded Troll. Though having a slow start, he has now developed to be a rather good BB player. He has always been a key player in the remarkable succes of his underdog'ed team.

Brickskull was a part of the roster right from the start, but he first woke up in the second season of the team (season 13) - or at least was very active at a Troll-standard. He must have been annoyed with something - he went on a personal killing spree, inflicting 5 kills personally - ending as top killer of the season. His rampage was initated when he in a single match, Twilight Glade Runners - Bad Moon Backstabbers (season XIII, round 4), managed to kill 3 elves by himself! He became top cas inflicter of the season.

In the next season (14) he continued his rampage, and became the top cas. inflicter of the season again. And that accomplishment he repeated in season 16, and thus ended his career on the top.

Brickskull must be the most dodging Troll in history - especially after learning break tackle. Very soon it became clear, that Neverdodge was not the right surname for him, perhaps Everdodge was more appropiate.

At the time of retirement, Brickskull was the only player left from the original line-up from the time of the team's creation. He is the only player to have participated in all the team's matches - he has always regenerated the few injuries he has suffered.

In the future - living a life off the pitch, as the team is now retired/reset - he will undoubtly soon return to his hybernation-like state of mind, which unfortunately is common to his race.

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