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Deadly Doom

Race:  Shambling Undead
Coach:  Kynde
During seasons XI to XVI, DD was a force to be reckoned with in Aros BBL. But they never quite made it. All 6 seasons they battled their way to the play-offs winning their group once. But a 2nd place was the best they could do. They also took 3rd, 4th, twice 5th (exit quaterfinals) and 9th (exit round of 16th). Their 37 wins is a record in Aros beating Bad Moon Provorcs's record by one, and the win percent of 60.7% is only beaten by one other team with 3+ season in Aros: Silverado Snakeskins with 66.0% but only over 47 games. (Provorcs 80%). See team below.

Silverado Snakeskins<img border='0' title='retired' src='gfx/retiredteam.gif' align='absmiddle' style='margin-bottom:-1px'> team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
July 11th, 2006 - old news
Last words from DD
It was a dissapointment for DD's necromancer Kynde that DD never made it all the way. But that's the way of BB, and winning the worlds thoughest BB league, should not be in the cards for DD.

DD now signs of, and a new description (up above) has been made for DD, including the only real record DD has... Most won matches!

Also all players have finally had their description updated after the last match.

All power to the mummies and our faithfull sponsor:
Akse, DammeD beer.
- Kynde
May 5th, 2006 - old news
Traitor Vampire! The formerly old friend of Necromancer Kynde: C(o)unt Luthor von de traitor Drakenbourgh betrayed him in the worst possible way in the quarterfinals against the necros:

Deadly Doom - MoonKnight Shadows (season XVI, ¼-final)

After helping us to the quarterfinals in last round, when both our mummies stayed home, he suddenly chooses to play for our opponents. After having scored 13 TD and won several important games for us, we were not god enough for him. Or maybe the mooners just had more of the black money this blood sucker loves so much!

We did play very well through out the match, and especially Ramses the 5th showed his old spirit after a mediocre season, when he made three casualties out of the 8 we inflicted on the Mooners.

But Ra was elected MVP anyway, because it was he who took down the vamp, in the final turn after the traitor had scored the final TD to blast us out of the tournament. And although the knock over did no harm to the vamp, it opened up for Hoonaz reanimated, who fouled the sucker SI, giving him a permanent niggling! After playing for DD in more than a dozen matches without getting injured, he plays against us once, and gets to feel the pain of being on the wrong side!

Also Squiil: a Zombie showed great promises inflicting the other two permanent injuries out of the 8. A niggling and then he made the permanent of our three kills! So now Griswold Re-dead plays for us, and got on to the LoS much to the consternation of his former team-mates!

Wolf made the last of the three kills, and a freebooted zombie (Line Fodder) fouled his way to one kill as well. Those two regenerated though!

But with these three kills we have 11 in only 9 matches, and are top seeded to hold our present spot as the most lethal team this season! And since we do no get any more matches, the two other top killing teams, Zola^BB and our last opponent MoonKnight Shadows has to make 5 kills in two matches to top our score!

Although only 3 cas was inflicted on us, two were kills, and "Dead" Mortis failed to regenerate and faced us later much to our consternation as Re-dead Mortis. Also our former ghoul The Green Ghost faced us once again as The Dead Ghost fouling his way to some KOs before getting send off. One of these KOs were on Ramses the 5th, but he came back to make a couple of cas instantly after that due to his rage against getting fouled by a former team-mate.

S. Finxter scored the TD that could have given us a chance to go into over time, and for that he has learned to hit as hard as a mummy, but if he ever gets a chance to prove it seems unlikely.

After the betrayal Necromancer Kynde has become tired of DD and BB. Also both mummies are considering retiring. A couple of thousand years of war, is not half as tiring as six seasons of BB.

So after 61 matches, DD is probably going to retire with the most lethal stamp to take along with them... The championship came agonizingly close a couple of times, but it was not meant to be for Kynde and DD.

So for probably the last time, thanks to all our fans, who stayed with us through this mediocre season, keeping DD one of the absolutely most popular teams over the last four seasons.

Don’t forget us, and remember to support our sponsor:
Akse, Dammed beer.
- Kynde
Apr. 26th, 2006 - old news
No mummies, no ghouls but we won anyway!

Extreme lack of luck saw DD begin the match:
Deadly Doom - Kiss of Death (season XVI, 1/8-final),
without either of the mummies.

Ramses the 5th had not felt the age all through the regular season, having only missed one match so far (that was actually last time DD faced the coach of Kiss of Death, while he were coaching Black Widows in last seasons 3rd place match.) So it was a hell of a time to miss that once again.

And Ra only felt the trouble of age after last match, but already failed to show up yesterday. So instead of having two St 5 and a St 6 player, DD had to settle with “only” one St 5 in the form of Count Luthor the Vampire.

But he more than compensated for the loss, as he managed to BH his way to the first TD, and making a long pass to S. Finxter who then blitzed and dodged his way to 2-1 in the overtime. In the end they helped each other keep the score 2-1 and S. Finxter also made a BH on the ball carrier and the vampire could then blitz and dodge his way to retain the ball keeping it safe for the remainder of the second over time half.

Skeleton Erik helped get the ball at the end (guarding, failing to catch scatter and blocking the ball free) so he received a well earned MVP, and last match MVP "Dead" Mortis managed a late casualty so we now again can sport a dirty player. DD has not begun a match without a DP since their fourth ever, that is not until yesterday, but now we will have a dirty player once more for the quarterfinal.

And even with a poor gate and a bad treasury, we can just manage to hire Count Luthor again. But, but, but. Kiss of Death did just that to us. They kissed both Cynical Cypher and our best ghoul Enasni the Death Eater goodbye forever, and Mean 'n' Green must miss the quarterfinals as well. But he will be ready for the semis.

Enasni the Death Eater did get to use his diving tackle just before he got killed, when he took down Dodge Viper when he tried to dodge past him and Count Luthor to make a one turn tie at the end of first half. The dodger forgot his diving tackle, while he only focused on the positions of the tacklers. Next turn Enasni the Death Eater was killed when he tried to hold on to ball carrier Shredder, but his only successful diving tackle came on a very handy spot!

Also we keep our kill rate on one per match, although we needed a little help from the elfs, but also kills on failed go for its counts. Sadly the apo was there to save him… We could need all the extra players we can get. (And when Zola^BB made two last night we are no longer most leathal :/)

Next match we can only field 12 players, and that is only if the two mummies show up. But now that they found out that DD can manage without them (and without ghouls?) they may not dare fail to show up again, cause now they know there is a serious risk they get fired!

It will of course be very difficult for DD now with only one ghoul left in the semi final and most likely not enough money for Count Luthor, but then there should be enough for hiring a spare ghoul. DD has tried to finish in 5 different places over the last 5 seasons. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th (out in the quarterfinals) and 9th (out in the round of 16). So based on this statistic they cannot end on the same position twice, and the only position left for them to end on, is 1st. So by simple statistics DD has all the confidence they need that they can make it all the way this season ghouls or not, mummies or not. Furthermore, they made it to 3rd place in their 2nd season, 2nd in their 4th season, and now it only seems logical they should take 1st in their 6th (and final) season!

So be there when DD makes it to their 4th semi finals in 6 tries next Tuesday for lots of bloodshed and fun, and of course a free beer from our sponsor to our devoted fans.

Akse, DammeD beer!
- Kynde
Tournaments played:
season XI, season XII, season XIII, season XIV, season XV, season XVI
Trophies won:
2nd place: season XIV
3rd place: season XII



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