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Match result

Team badge
Reincarnated Librarians

gate: 58 000
1 TD score 2
cas score
after overtime
and shoot-out
Team badge
The Dead Diggers


Cutter Mcgraw retired
TD Scorers
Niels Heidenreich retired
Extra shoot-out TD after tied overtime
Foulers (no cas)
Badly Hurt'ers
profile Jani The Wheelbarrower retired
Max Uhle retired
Hans Dragendorff dead
profile Ogendus Agantyr dead

mercenary / fans / random event
mercenary / fans / random event
Serious Injurers
Wolfram von Soden dead

Cutter Mcgraw retired
Fumble fingers dead
Butter Fingers retired
Completions By
Interceptions By

Butter Fingers retired
MVP awards to
profile Jani The Wheelbarrower retired
Sustained Injuries

victim regenerated
Miss Next Game
N.F.B. Sehested dead
-1 ST
Max Uhle retired
This match went into overtime
and was decided on a penalty shoot-out
Result added May 15th, 2011

Match notes
It was quite a dead final, but that was alright since it was a Necromantic vs. an Undead team :-)

Dead Diggers were somewhat more experienced with two 3rd place matches already under their belt, whereas Reincarnated Librarians started the season as a rookie team! So to even the odds they had hired a wizard, a chef and a babe!

The chef only took one RR and then the final began with Librarians kicking to Diggers.

Diggers took full advantage of receiving the ball and in the first half of the first half they took out more than half of the Librarians, 5 of these were mere KOs! But the one casualty by Jani The Wheelbarrower was a BH on "block" Flesh Golem Ingwersen the wall who failed to regenerate.

But despite this fact the Librarians fought well. Already before the casualty came midway through the half, did Cutter Mcgraw manage to sack ball carrier Max Uhle. And next turn he also managed to grab the still loose ball and passed it towards his own end zone to get it out of reach.

As Diggers could do nothing right with the ball at this moment failing to pick it up twice and then failing a hand-off it could have been enough to stop the TD but finally the ball was safe and there were time enough to score. But just to decimate the now only 4 Librarians left even more, a last turn block was taken with a zombie and bam he went down on the double skull and now the Chef stolen RR was really needed. As it was not there the zombie went down and prevented the TD for 1-0. 0-0 the score at half time!

With only two KOs back out of six Librarians could only field 9 players, and soon they lost the ball to Diggers. But then half way through 2nd half Cutter Mcgraw dodges out past an opponent and for the 2nd time takes down Max Uhle with the ball. Then he catches the bouncing ball and continues to run all he can and manages to score for 1-0.

Diggers now has to hurry to tie the game to get it into overtime. The cage is moving down pitch, but now the wizard throws a fireball over the cage. Both mummies are taken down, as well as both ghouls. N.F.B. Sehested is SI, but not so much as the unlucky ball handler Max Uhle who now looses the ball for the third time this match, and this time he also manages to break his collar bone and loose his strength!

The ball is concurred by the Librarians, but what seemed like a given win to the necros suddenly turn around again, as Diggers fights back, reclaims the ball and in the dying seconds of the match Niels Heidenreich manages to tie the game 1-1.

With two Ghouls out and the KOs coming back in for Librarians, as well as they having more RRs left thanks to the Chef, it still seems likely that Librarians could do the impossible and win as a rookie team.

But although Librarians definitely had the best chances for scoring a TD in the two overtimes halfs (although Diggers finally begins to hurt them with two more cas in the 1st over time half), then the score remains tied after 8 turns more.

In the end the final has to be decided by a penalty shoot out, and at this point neither team has any RR left. And the dice are rolling and it is a 1 by Reincarnated Librarians

As Dead Diggers rolls a 3 they win the penalty and the final. They thus become the new Aros BBL champions of season 26! Congratulation to the Undead team.
(It was the first time an Undead team won since season 9!)

Match report written by spectator to the match - Kynde - coach of Borc Lockers.

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