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Gutter Runner,
Divine Rats team retired


Interceptions: 0
Completions: 7
Touchdowns: 16
Casualties: 0
MVP awards: 3
Star Player Points: 70
MA ST AG AV Skills
9 2 4 7 Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Nerves of Steel, Block, Catch, Pass Block

Sustained Injuries:  DEATH!

Was killed in the match Divine Rats - Maca'Chobaich (Season XX, cross-over 1).
Joined the team before DRís 8th match, the round of 16th of season XVII

Just getting ready to become the teams third super star with a TD in the first round cross over match, only two more TDs away from that goal. Running hide and seek during the last turns. Getting behind two linerats to survive last turn. But one of those falls on a simple go for it. And BAM Lachlan Colquhoun completes his trio of SI injury on DR's top stars! But where Holy Spirit and Zeus (with apo help) only miss next match, Madonna died, leaving her lover, Holy Spirit, the guy beliving he was the father of her child God and her son Jesus behind as she takes a trip back to the Garden of Eden.

But she will of course soon return, probably playing under a different variant of her name. And it will take some time to bring her cathing abilities back to what they where, and also the experience of being hunted by an angry Troll Slayer will probably not leave her with her usual Nerves of Steele!

What a shame here where DR could have made it to four super star runners at the same time. This is now unlikely to ever happend! Sad.

See you later Madonna. ;)

Madonna returned to the pitch only two matches later incognito as Maria. But already three matches later she was once again felled down.

Only two more matches after this she returns for the third time but has now been more properly renamed as: Fallen Madonna!

Old news:

Madonna is the mother of God, not God of course, but of Jesus. God is the father of Jesus, although many think it was actually Holy Spirit who knocked her up, but he just came all over her. Joseph her mediocre husband never understood how many other rats were with Madonna.

She joined the team after 7 matches in season 17 and it only took her one match to score two TDs and since she had trouble catching a simple hand-off once, she has tried to develop Nerves of Steel.

Scored the winning TD in the 2-1 win of the 3rd place match and begins next season only a completion from her next skill!


In the 1st match of season 18 a completion (followed by a TD and another comp.) gave her the second skill. She is now also an accomplished blocker

With her TD in round 5 she finally became the perfect catcher, learning catch from this. She is really "catching" up with the original GodRunner Trinity!

In the last cross over she made a spectacular pass move to give the ball to God for a TD for 3-1. And in the very last turn she caught an inaccurate pass for a TD for 4-2 by God again. Also Holy Spirit was heavily involved as he had freed the ball for both TDs. By winning with 2TDs DR just took 2nd place and this enabled Jesus to get ready from a MNG for the play-offs. What a team effort there!


Already in the first match of season 19 she managed to grab a difficult pass to score a TD and from this she has now become not only the leagues best catcher, but also the leagues most feared interceptor! Throwers here come your nightmares pass blocker! (She has yet to use this skill actively after the entire season!)

After loosing three matches in a row she joined forces with her son and in round 4 helped Jesus to win with a catch to make it 2-0 and a completion to him for his 2nd TD for 3-0. And next round she caught a great pass from Jesus after he got to the ball through many TZ. The TD she scored after, ensured the victory over the orcs.

In next match she were SI when a violent fireball were blasted over her head. She hence missed the cross over before the play-off. It was looking really good just before the blast but as this also took out the other two in range of the fire including her son Jesus who became BH all hope were lost for a victory and a tie were only obtained because the other team were not interested in winning!

The cross over which Madonna missed was the only match the entire season in which DR could not field all four GodRunners at the start!

In the round of 16th DR got a scare as she were killed by Hegar Enemydrinker in the first turn. But Jakob the apotech saved her life and no more injuries came in that match!.


Merits in season XIX
Played in 10 of 11 matches
Total 23/24
19 spp after 4 TDs 2 completions and 1 MVP
Total; 67 spp from 15 TDs 7 completions and 3 MVPs
Pass block after round 1
Value 170.000 gp

12th on the most experienced active player list
5th on the active players top scorer list

3 injury. (3 in total)
BH in a foul by Snorre Skjoldsson in round 3
SI by a fire ball in round 6.
Killed by Hegar Enemydrinker in the round of 16th. Saved by the apotech


Merits in season XVIII
Played in 9 of 9 matches
Total 13/13
33 spp from 6 TDs 2 completions and 2 MVPs
Total; 48 spp after 11 TDs 5 completions and 2 MVPs
Block after the round 1, Catch after round 5.
Value 150.000 gp


Merits in season XVII
Played in 4 out of 4 matches.
15 spp from 5 TDs.
Nerves of steel after the round of 16th (her first match).
Value 110.000 gp


Current Champions
Coach Prize

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