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Borc Lockers

Race:  Orc
Coach:  Kynde
Borc Lockers comes from a place with a strange dialect of the common tongue. They actually use the same words, they just have this strange problem that they "beaks spackwards" (ehm speaks backwards). Originally seen in the Danish folklore from Køller, where it was called "bakke snagvendt." So in the common tongue their name is as boring as Orc Blockers! Also the players names are pronounced in this weird way, as can be seen on the roster… Maybe this strange problem will cause them to aim for last not for first place?

Borc Lockers team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
June 11th, 2013 - old news
Most Leathal team!Thats better than gold
WHO wants to win a CUP in BB?
No to be the team WHO KILLED most of the opponents - that is what it is all about... :D
- Kynde
May 8th, 2013 - old news
Orcs with claw – or so it felt tonight!
On the paper we had the better team, but it did us no good as our amour broke every time an Orc from Lowers looked at it. :(
Even the apo could do nothing against all the serious injuries – only the troll managed to regenerate from a kill!

The only thing we can hope for now is to become the season’s most lethal team! 8 kills in 9 matches could be enough! As long as if Deities of Doom does not go on a killing spree (or the same for Army Of Lovers and Deadwood Blights or the other remaining teams, but Deities is the biggest threat with 7 kills and a quater final to go...)

After this match we have also completely lost any wish to play BB for some time, and the coach will now go away to the west coast to recuperate in a summer house! :)
- Kynde
Apr. 26th, 2013 - old news
Killing a Legend – an Aros first!
For the first time in the history of Aros – has a legend been killed on the pitch! It was Borc Lockers who did it, and it was Dolf Ryrbye who tackled the “legend” Billie Luder so bad that even an apotech could do nothing to save her life.

Blood Bowl Bunnies - Borc Lockers (Season XXX, Round 9)

This experience has now brought Dolf closer to the legendary status himself, as he by this kill became a super star! There is a long way yet to go though! But he is good at running fast after a goal or should we say target!

With the win we tie for first place in our group with Dark side of the Moon, but they seem to focus more on the TD than on the killing. This is clear from the fact that they may have scored 6 TDs more than us, but we have won the same amount of matches (both losing one), and we have let in the same amount of TDs.
But when it comes to killing we are way ahead. Actually we are now the most lethal team with 3 kills this match (two times on Billie Luder who did not understand the message the first time).

Our team is perfect now, and we will soon take home the gold!
- Kynde
Apr. 18th, 2013 - old news
Taking on the champions!
In a marathon match we took a win home against the double champs – Deadwood Blights.
We had to play our very best all the way, and was close to a 2-0 win or at least a 1-0, when in the end the necros took the ball and managed to tie in the dying moments of the match.

But our best blitzer Korbjørn Thaels would not accept this. So with the help of Troll Der Pinesen they got the 2nd best but fastest blitzer Dolf Ryrbye pushed into one turn range.

And then our new rookie line orc Klistian Chritgaard had to deliver the throw of a life time, when he hauled a long pass to Dolf Ryrbye who as an elf caught it in a TZ and dodged past this opponent to push it over the EZ line for a winning one turn TD – the first in BL’s history.

It was a great win.

Now Deadwood Blights has been beaten by both of the teams that they took out in their two championship finals. So it seems that there will be a new champ this season – and it is about time.

At the top of upper bracket we now have US and Dark side of the Moon. Since they have a much better TD score, we have no hope of surpassing them, and expect that we both end with 14 point. But no matter we are secured a 2nd place in the group before the final match, and the Darkies have been beaten by a strong team, so who knows what mayhem Brimstone Raiders can cause to them. Maybe we could still win the group play.

Anyway BL is heading for gold this season!
- Kynde
Tournaments played:
Season XXV, Season XXVI, Season XXVIII, Season XXX, Season XXXIII
Trophies won:
2nd place: Season XXVIII
Most Leathal Team: Season XXX



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