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Bad Moon Provorcs

Race:  Orc
Coach:  Casper
These legendary orcs dominated the first age of the league. Always ending on the poduim for 7 seasons in a row and most times as champions. They then (along with all the other teams at that time) retired, as the league converted to new BB rules. With their winning record "the Monners" must be considered the most succesful team in the history of the league (so far...)

Bad Moon Provorcs team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
July 20th, 2002 - old news
Rumour has it, that some relatives of these now retired orcs will enter the league playing for "the Dirglers". Azog Bollogs's younger brother Zoraq Bollogs will be the only Ogre and thus the cranck of that team. And another member of the Black Orc family Snotdigger - Bignose Snotdigger - will assist Zoraq on the midfield (and later in the taverns).
- Casper
Tournaments played:
season I, season II, season III, season IV, season V, season VI, season VII
Trophies won:
Championship: season I, season III, season IV, season V
2nd place: season II
3rd place: season VI, season VII
Most Leathal Team: season II, season III, season IV, season VI





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