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James Lowell

James Lowelldead
Dark Elf Blitzer,
Dark side of the Moon team retired


Interceptions: 0
Completions: 33
Touchdowns: 7
Casualties: 5
MVP awards: 4
Star Player Points: 84
MA ST AG AV Skills
6 3 5 8 Block, Tackle, +AG, Leap, Dodge, Sure Hands

Sustained Injuries: -MA,  1 niggling inj.  DEATH!

Was killed in the match Dark side of the Moon - Reincarnated Librarians (Season XXX, 1/4 Final).
Necromantically turned into James Lowell the risen.
Killed by a rock from Reincarnated Librarians fans.

Problem solver. Allways ready to take command when the job needs to be done.

After Deadwood Blights - Dark side of the Moon (Season XXIX, round 4) Lowell was the first on the team to enter a top list, as he entered the top 15 list of active top throwers.

Next match Army Of Lovers - Dark side of the Moon (Season XXIX, round 5), Lowell rolled 1 on a leap using the team rr, and then skull on the block trying to get the ball carrier Buckingham Immergeil down. Result: Smashed Hip, and a wandering apo tried to make it a Broken Neck instead.

In Deadwood Blights - Dark side of the Moon (Season XXIX, Final) Lowell failed a gfi trying to blitz the ballcarrier, and smashed his knee.

Inflicted serious concussion against Ben Franklin in the match Dark side of the Moon - Reincarnated Librarians (Season XXVI, round 3)

Inflicted "Smashed knee" against Keen-eye Hailbomb in Addicted Lunatics Clan - Dark side of the Moon (Season XXX, Round 8), their apo smashed his ankle instead

After his third match, he learned "tackle". Now training to learn "diving tackle"

Changing plans. Veteran after his fifth match, and now exstreamly agile. Now training to "leap" like a frog.

After an incredibly disappointing last season, James Lowell finally succeeded to live up to his potential in Dark side of the Moon - Borc Lockers (Season XXVIII, cross-over 1). After the match he learned to leap like a frog.

After Movie Starz - Dark side of the Moon (Season XXIX, round 2) Mr. Lowell ignored a double roll to learn "dodge".

After Addicted Lunatics Clan - Blood Bowl Bunnies (Season XXX, Round 6) Lowell became a superstar, and learned "sure hands"

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