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Death Extravagante

Race:  Dark Elf
Coach:  Thorbjørn
Death Extravagante was once a commercial team owned by a company selling clones and experimenting with peoples genes.
While this generated several great players the team struggled with many strange injuries.
The new team owner has promised that there will be no experimenting with the metaphysics of the players, concentrating fully on the sport.
We hope that this new approach will give us many victories at our home field "Dome of Death".

Death Extravagante team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Feb. 21st, 2014 - old news
Hunting casualty number 100
In the teams next game against Sesame Street Morvian Hellstrike is hunting his 100th casualty. At present the brutally elegant elf is at 99 casualties - but is aiming to build upon this tally - and his deadly reputation.
- Thorbjørn
May 16th, 2011 - old news
Third place for Extravagante.
No hattrick and thus a new league record for Death Extravagante but despite that the team built further upon it´s dominance in the league over the previous seasons.
The team also stands stronger than ever for the next season.
Narquelle Venomblade is now a star of incredible potential and almost without any match ever in the history of AROS.
Morvian Hellstrike is now the hardest hitting player in the history of AROS - a feat few would expect an Elf could take.
Armathor Bloodslaker became the 2´nd superstar of the team as he improved his speed for his running game.
K´chera Slate is yet another fend player for the already strong defence of the team.
Xaran Escreem and Kealin Zastre continued building on their repertoire and thus became even stronger on the field.

All in all we go in to next season as a stronger team.
- Thorbjørn
Apr. 20th, 2011 - old news
Winner of group A - and the league?
After defeating Army Of Lovers by no less than 3-0, the Dark Elves ended as, many expected, winners of group A in the surpricingly tight preliminary games.
It will be exciting to see if they can manage to win the league again - scoring a hattrick of Gold medals for the first time in the AROS history.
The team is especially well built for the play-offs, and must be considered slight favourites for the titel.
The Bunnies while actually beating their darker cousins 3-1 are too few players to survive in the Play-offs, where no players can be hired for the games and Scum of the Earth while usually a tough opponent has been decimated lately. Army Of Lovers never made it through and Zhatan's Disciples and Dead Diggers are both in heavy troubles this year - both needing a victory in their mutual game and Zhatan's Disciples even need a two TD win to get through.
So the team on everybody´s lips this year is Death Extravagante.
- Thorbjørn
Feb. 14th, 2011 - old news
Making history
For the third time in the history of AROSBB a team has won it twice in a row.
This means that Death Extravagante holds this record alongside legendary teams such as Bad Moon Provorcs and Blood Bowl Bunnies.
We have also shown our superiority by being on a 15 game unbeaten personal record streak as well as being the first team ever to beat the 3000 TS marker. Meanwhile Morvian Hellstrike is the second greatest player ever to have played in the league only surpassed by Jesus.

Looking forward for season 26 and what it might bring.
- Thorbjørn
Tournaments played:
season X, season XI, season XII, season XIII, season XV, season XVI, Season XVII, Season XVIII, Season XIX, Season XXII, Season XXIII, Season XXIV, Season XXV, Season XXVI, Season XXXII, Season XXXVII, Season XXXVIII
Trophies won:
Championship: Season XXIV, Season XXV, Season XXXVII, Season XXXVIII
2nd place: Season XVIII, Season XXXII
3rd place: season XI, Season XXIII, Season XXVI
Fair Play Prize: season X





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