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May 24th, 2009
Divine Rats - We salute you
Divine Rats has always been the team to beat. We have mocked headcoach kynde for his statistical nightmares, his long match reports and his constant mention of Jesus. Everyone have always wanted to beat Kynde, everyone has wanted him to get diceraped, and everyone has loved every moment of it.

The truth is, the league would not have been the same without DR. You have made it better and more fun.

So from all of us here in Silverado - We salute you. It has been one hell of a ride, and we look forward to bash your head in when you return with your next team.

Gods speed!

(and thank goodness that we never have to hear about those damn rats again...)
- Anton
Apr. 28th, 2009
Scum of the statistics
Scum of the Earth recently proclaimed that they have the best defence in the league since they only allowed three TD's in 8 games. Here at Silverado Central we have made a re-count and it turns out that we only have 3 TD's against in 9(!!!) games, so suck it scums, and praise the REAL best defence!

More than that we also have the highest TD score, both total and pr. game, so once again... SUCK IT!

Also we must admit that it was a huge relief that Queen Bruise made 8 passes in her last game. She is now certain to become the league top thrower and Wayward Son can now relax and stop passing... we were worried that we would have to risk losing Play Off games due to lizzie passing... a not exactly precise science...
- Anton
Apr. 12th, 2009
Passing the Buck
Wayward Son has taken the top-thrower chart by storm this season, so far passing a grand total of 19(!) times this season. The most passes by a skink before him was 9 carreer passes, and after him, 6. both of those players were also from Silverado Snakeskins.

For non-silverado players the record is 5 passes by a skink from the retired team of Slann Renegades.

No player in the league other than Wayward Son has thrown more than 14 passes so far, despite 5 elf teams and a great number of designated passers throughout the league. This is an outstanding record that any Lizard coach will appreciate, and any non-lizard coach will find taunting and embarrasing (but publicly call meaningless or make small dumb remarks like "ah, but he has ag4" or "it's an easy brackett").

I would like to make a few statements about the feat:
1) YES, he has ag4, but since he is stunty, that counts as ag3 for passing.
2) NO player on the snakeskin team has catch, and noone else has ag4.
3) He has NO passing skills, not sure hands, not pass, not accurate and not strong arm, so even a quick pass is 3+ and he cant make long bombs
4) despite ag4 helping with the pick up, not having sure hands still costs a lot headache.
- Anton
Mar. 1st, 2009
Sir Harvey
Scone of Stone has been quiet for a while all the whilst Sir Lickbottom has been making homo erotic comments about this proud lizard.

The Scone does not really have a problem with homoerotica as he will mate anything, anytime. Nor does he have a problem with saucy references to his "hard buns", of which he is particularly proud...

No, what Scone of Stone has a problem with is that Sir Harvey Lickbottom appears to be chummy with the Bakery of Fakery, the Dough of Doom, The Kneady Knight.
Sir Lickbottom appears to believe that he would have a shot with Scone of Stone, which he most assuredly does not. Despite rumors and innuendos, Sir Lickbottom is no more than a polish doctor that His Stoniness sometimes runs or hunts with, and nothing more!


PS: all elfs suck branch! Damn wood-lovers!
- Anton
Feb. 20th, 2009
The pot calling the kettle black...
The tall, yet oddly ugly headcoach of Greyhavien Renegades has hinted slightly at the outragious accusation that Silverado Snakeskins might at times rely on luck. This is clearly a false and stupid thing to say, and as pr. usual "he who smelt it, dealt it". Noone is more lotto-luder-hykler-røvsnaps than the mighty whiner ROFL, and we here at Silverado Headquarters would like to suggest, that every time a player around the league dies, one random player from Greyhavien Renegades dies as well... after all -it's only fair...

The bastard woodies, the most unbalanced team in Blood Bowl history, coached by a lotto-luder-hykler-røvsnaps like ROFL, a notorious cheat with the most incredible luck in the universe... It's amazing that they only won once... even more amazing that their win % is worse that silverado snakeskins... hmmm... all comes down to coaching I guess...
- Anton
Feb. 18th, 2009
A brand spanking new season
A new season is upon us, and the Snakeskins made the cut for the lower brackets, where they are the highest ranking team. First game was an unfair contest, where the lizards easily kicked ass, and went on for better things. Six skills were earned, a new saurus was bought and all of a sudden the lizzies are 240k team value better than one game ago.

All in all it looks to be a promising season, with many new teams and a shitload of new skills, the skins from Silverado are already playoff bound. With any luck the season can be spent getting a team that can compete!

- Anton
Sep. 17th, 2008
The stairway of 123 is CLEAN!
Ever since the fantastic news of the cleaning of Stairway 123 broke in the league, the Snakeskins has been beside themselves with giddy happiness.

*I don't think there will be much training this week, everyone will be hanging in the clean stairwell, so we will have to rely on experience and brute force for the Cross-Over game next week. But that's fine... Some things in life are more important than Blood Bowl, and if you can't take a week off for a clean stairwell, well then I won't want to be in the sport anymore* said coach McAaberg in a special Press-Briefing after the cleaning news broke.

*We have all been waiting for the cleaning of Stairwell 123. Everyone knew that it was just a matter of time before it would be cleaned, but I think everyone was still surprised when it finally happened* said Dr. Merkwurdiglieben, the team physio.

The team top cas-killer Child of Nuggan had this to say:
*It's really clean? Really? I mean... you dream of something like this for so long, and then it finally happens... I don't know what to say... This is the biggest day in my life!*

The rest of the team was unavailable for comment, as they were already headed for the clean stairwell.
- Anton
Sep. 3rd, 2008
The Skins are BACK BABY!
In their triumphant return to the table, Silverado Snakeskins beat up the seasoned Dark Blood Inc., only with the aid of some, dare I say, HOT dice.

Coach McAaberg has been away from the game for over two and a half years, but if he got rusty it wasn't to be seen as he did what he does best: Kick Elf Ass (or KEA, a phrase coined by a swede, who later formed the highly successful store I Kick Elf Ass (IKEA))

Anyhoo... We are back baby, and we aim to maim, so get up, get down, and kick it with a tasty groove, cuz' the Skins are back in town!
- Anton
July 14th, 2006
Most Winning Team
Holy Crap!

Turns out Silverado Snakeskins is the team with the highest winning percentage since the restart of the league!!

Thanks to necromancer Kynde for bringing that to our attention!

Hopefully Silverado Snakeskins will restart next season if the Commish or the Commish Group allows them to.

It would require a special permission to play all matches either online or in december, since the coach is currently a Kiwi...
- Anton
May 7th, 2006
The Fifth Elefant For Hall of Fame!!

The Fifth Elefant has allways been a major force in the Silverado Snakeskins defence, and a blocker bonanza on the offence. He has hit, killed and maimed, and he has loved fought and won. He is, if anyone is, a shoe-in for Hall of Fame.

And yet he's not getting acknowledged! Players like Synne Buch who has done nothing but throw the ball a couple of times, is mentioned more often in the HoF context. But why? she's an elf thrower, and now she's to be glorified for throwing the ball? nonsense!

All of the coaches who have played The Fifth Elefant should look into your harts and feel the hatred or respect you have for him - you know it's there! If you don't remember him let me refresh your memory...

Hes the saurus that dodged away and blitzed your ball holder, before that fucking skink dodged in and took the ball for a bloody lucky td.

He's the saurus that ran 8 squares to block your best player who wasn't hurting anyone and gave him/her a niggling.

He's the saurus that dodged, gfi twice and 1 dice blitzed your ball holder without re-rolls and got him down so you couldn't score that final td that would have made it a tie.

He's the reason Silverado Snakeskins is considered unbelievably lucky

he's the reason there is a trophy in front of the team name.

You know ho he is!

The Fifth Elefant FOR HALL OF FAME!
- Anton
Apr. 7th, 2006

The temporarily retired team Silverado Snakeskins has been watching the league from afar, and is appalled, shocked, disgusted, flabbergasted and hurt that noone has beaten the bloody, no-good, damned, irretating and most of all disgusting Blood Bowl Bunnies into a bloody pulp. We hereby offer a full case of beer to the first coach (excluding Esben himself) that can beat the Bunnies and give them at least two permanent injuries (death counts as a permanent injury).

The prize will be paid in the winners choice of Tuborg, Carlsberg, Harboe or Krone beer.
(note that you can only choose for example "Carlsberg" and not "A case of Abbey Ale from Carlsberg")
- Anton
Dec. 9th, 2005
The coach of Death Extravaganza clearly does not know how you choose a league MVP! it is only REGULAR season that counts, and that bitch-good-for-nothing elf Thora Pule only got her last 9 TD's and one of her two MVP's in the playoff - she is a nobody!

This years Player of the year can ONLY be:
The Hail Mary
- Anton
Nov. 29th, 2005
Out of the playoffs, out of the league!

The Snakeskins lost their quarter final to the bloody annoying elves, and thus lost their last chance to win the trophy twice.
- Anton
Nov. 9th, 2005
Didn't I allready beat them?

Coach McAaberg watched in horror tonight as he saw Stone Curve loose they playoff spot to Black Widows.

"I bloody took those dwarves and turned a 1-2 record into a 4-4 record, winning my last three matches, and then he goes and pisses it all away against someone I allready beat once!?!" McAaberg was heard saying after the game.

"The only difference between dwarves and lizards is the race, and dwarfes should be played like lizards - if you don't you're a racist!" McAaberg shouted as guards took him away.

"You haven't heard the last of this! LET THE DWARVES RUN FREE!!!" was the last thing out of his mouth before the tranqualizer set in.

Clearly McAaberg is not happy about not meeting Stone Curve later on in the playoff, and the feeling is probably mutual...
- Anton
Nov. 2nd, 2005
What a way to say goodbye!

In coach McAabergs last season in AROSBB, he has allready broken several records.

The first player ever to score more than 16 TD's in a single season.

Highest ever dwarf score in a single match in Stone Curve - Chaos49 (season XV, round 6)

First coach to lead two teams to the playoffs in the sames season with Silverado Snakeskins and Stone Curve

Longest ever completed pass in league history (a record that can never be broken) throwing from one corner of the field to the opposite corner... the pass didn't earn any spp's but it was caught so it was still a completed pass!

McAaberg says: I'm leaving the country, and I wan't to make a lasting impression... making theese records and then bragging about it, will undoubtedly make it a bad impression, but still - it will be lasting. I'm damn proud to be a part of AROSBB and I will miss the league when I move. I'm even prouder of having won the league once, and being one of the players everybody hates to meet (except maybe Rolf, the bastard). I have had a great run, and won a lot of games, and taken some tough beats, but it has been fun... even the season I whined for 6 months after was fun!

Now we have to see how far I can make it in the playoffs. There are some tough teams out there, but I'm hoping against hope, that I will take the trophy with me to New Zealand - talk about a lasting impression! We will see though, it takes a hole lot of luck to make it all the way through... now the starplayers and the wizards come out, and it's often a question of who is left standing in the end!

All in all, I would like to thank all the players in AROS - it has been great to play and laugh with you for the last couple of years, and who knows... I might be back one day!

Thanks all
- Anton
Oct. 17th, 2005
The Silverado Snakeskins has used the Bye week to take a look at the competition. This will probably be the last season for the snakeskins ever, and the gold medal is the goal - a goal that moves closer with every TD scored. Right now there are a few dominating forces in the league, and here is the list of teams that head coach McAaberg feels could be a real threat to the snakeskins.

Blood Bowl Bunnies: this fast moving pack of bitches looks unstoppable at the moment, being the only team with more TD's than the Snakeskins. They are fragile however, and the snakeskins hope to face them after a beating.

Deadly Doom: The undeads that everyone loves to hate. Silverado Snakeskins has already beat this team once in a playoff, and are ready to do it again, but Deadly Doom is stronger now, and the coach already knows the snakskins tactics.

Zola^BB: Kings of cafeteria Blood Bowl, this team is never quite out of it. They will grind and pound their way to victories against even the fastest or meanest teams. It seems like a house of cards though, as they seem unlikely to come back from a two TD deficit.

Headz'n'Tailzz BBC: fast and evil. With this team you just never know. However they have been beaten severely this season, and the question remains if they have the manpower to make it far. Silverado Snakeskins has alredy beaten them in a playoff and are prepared to do it again.

There are other teams that someone would put on their list, and here are a few reasons that they are not on this one.

The vamps are always dangerous, but so fickle that to expect them to go through an entire playoff without killing themselves seem unlikely.

The werewolves would be a force to consider, if it wasn't for anelkas death and Heikos slowness. Without the lunar madmen this team will not be able to withstand a snakeskin offence.

Gobbos can be mean and deadly. The snakeskins know this, but this season they have not shown the strength they have shown earlier, and they are doomed to a season of mediocracy.

No other lower bracket team seems to a real threat, and even though miracles do happen, it is not something we at Snakeskin Headquarters count on.

Of cource no dwarf team has made the list since the snakeskins do not loose to dwarfs. Only once has this happened, and it was in Silverado Snakeskins first season... they are not fast or strong enough to compete at Lizzie level.

The Orcs of Gruesome Grinders has shown great potentiale, but does not seem strong enough to truly compete with the lizzie speed. They might be ready in a season or two, but then, luckily, we will be on the other side of earth.
- Anton
Oct. 12th, 2005
Some people of little or no imagination might say that it is a bad idea to let a lizard coach run a dwarf team, but everyone else knows that it is a golden combination.
A lizard coach knows two thing: How to run the ball, and how to blitz. Those two things has led Stone Curve to the biggest dwarf win in league history 6-1 against Chaos49. In fact: no dwarf team has EVER in league history (until today) scored more that 4 TD's in a single match, and the only reason Stone Curve didn't score 7 today was a double 1 on a gfi, so there you are.

Note that no players on Stone Curve had move increases or even sure feet or sprint. Note that no players has pass or catch.

Even in the two losing games against Necros and Orcs, Stone Curve scored more TD's than the team did in the three games under the Dwaf coach 8/9 td's scored in this seasons six games has been made in the last three... the ones with the lizard coach. Also the lizard coach has only had 2/7 cas against the team and has produced 8/18 cas for the team. a positive cas score of 6 against the dwarf coah's 5.

So - is it a bad idea to let a lizard coach run a dwarf team? Only if you don't really like your team all that much!

sure a 1-2 record isn't that great... but we've only just started!
- Anton
Oct. 8th, 2005

Today The Hail Mary shattered all records for a single season performance. 16 TD's in 6 matches is the most TD's ever scored in a single season by ANYONE. despite Griff Oberwald, 1-turners, elfs, gutter runners and the like, noone has EVER scored as much. with two rounds left of the regular season, and Silverado Snakeskins pretty sure of a play off spot it is quite possible that The Hail Mary will exell even more.

- Anton
Sep. 14th, 2005
Those Damn Norse...

Silverado Snakeskins (The SS), lost their first game this season tonight... and it's only the second game. It doesn't look good for the self proclaimed title chasers.

"Well, they did the one thing that we can't defend against" said The Fifth Elefant - "they played well".

Coach McAaberg had this to say: "Damn Norse Assholes - they exploited our follies, and took advantage every time we screwed up! - if that isn't bad sportsmanship I just don't know - I hate those guys"
- Anton
Aug. 8th, 2005

As Mr. McAaberg, team owner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Silverado Snakeskins and the Flandhart Babies is leaving the Blood Bowl arena for good come this January, this final season is his last chance of winning his second trophy. This feat will be attempted with the Silverado Snakeskins, Season 12 winners. The Snakeskins has gone through big changes since we saw them last, only fielding 10 players and only four of them skinks. Furthermore they are competing without the aid of a Kroxigor, and might even be considered for lower bracket competition. Make no mistake though, they are going for the title, and who knows? anything can happen in Blood Bowl!
- Anton
Dec. 9th, 2004
Stone Curve has won the title, after eliminating all resistance on its way. The bold dwarves had a good season, nut one stain remains.
Silverado Snakeskins - Stone Curve (season XIII, round 2) ended with a stunning 6-1 defeat, and thusly the tournaments champions are definately not unbeatable.

Silverado Snakeskins considers themselves to be the only real champions in the league, and if anybody has a problem with that, they can just step right up!
- Anton
Nov. 30th, 2004
I hate everything
- Anton
Nov. 24th, 2004
A big day for the goddess of luck

Today the Snakeskins made yet another semi-final. With a dodge and a GFI our Krox The King blitzed his way to the record books, and indeed to a matchwinning block, that made the hail mary possible.

Last match it was a roll of dice after a tied match had gone through overtime.

Could the luck be running out... some very strong teams remain in the playoff, and everyone needs a fair share of luck to be able to crown themselves as season 13 Champs - The Snkaeskins not least!
- Anton
Nov. 2nd, 2004
A win tonight...

If the snakeskins win or even tie tonight, they will have secured their place in the playoffs. Even though coach Dr. Kronborg has already deemed this season a failure with the scoreless match against ZolaBB (may they rot in the bottomless pits of hell), they still have a shot at the gold.

Tonights opponent is the bloodfist Bowlers, a team the Skins has met twice in previous seasons, and has won against both times. That is not to say, taht it will happen again tonight, since the skins are currently on a loosing streak of 1, and if coach Dr. Kronborg does not fare better tonight, than in week 6, it will surely mean yet another defeat to the lizards... we shall see...
- Anton
Oct. 26th, 2004
Nothing else matters...

Today was the worst day in blood bowl history, never ever has anything sucked so badly. This game sucks, and everything in the world sucks, nothing is good and nothing is pure. Life sucks, Blood Bowl Sucks!

For the first time ever the snakeskins left the pitch with no goals. For the first time ever the Snakeskins left the pitch with absolutely no SPP earned (MVP is post-game) For the first time ever the snakeskins sucked ass throughout two halves.

First half and the Snakeskins recieved. It was pouring rain. Second half and the Orcs recieved and it changed to perfect weather. The snakeskins did not knock the ball holder over one single time throughout the match, and the orcs only ONCE ended the turn on a turnover... and that was a single block skull, with the last man he wanted to do anything with, and the only reason it was a turnover was because he did not want to use a re-roll.

The snakeskins had two opportunities to end their half with a TD, and first time, the skink was in position the pass had suceeded but the ball was intercepted by a black orc in 4 tackle zones. Second time the skink did NOT get in position because the second-last block was two knock-downs and the re-roll had been used for another double knock-down.

no TD's, no completions, no cas no god damn nothing!

And even when everything looked good, Nuffle fucked me hard in the ass! My Krox suceeded in a dodge without boneheading and ran to a blitz on the ball holder, but only pushed him... "nomatter" I thought because he has prehensile tail, and my diving tackle player is there too, but he blocked my Diving Tackle player and single dice blitzed away from my krox to a safe distance.

I hate Blood Bowl, I hate Dice, I hate orcs and I hate you...
- Anton
Sep. 30th, 2004
One more for the Snakeskins
(From Handbags and Loafers)

The handbags had a everything but easy win against the Reign tonight. With 4 cas against them and 8 KO's in the match, they were thorougly beaten, but still prevailed, and kept a 2-0 lead until turn 16, where 11 Khemri's were the only ones standing on the field. The Lizzies had the help of a competent wizard, who went into action allready in turn two, where he destroyed a undead cage, and practically handed the Snakes their first TD. After that the fast snakes were all over the field, and with a couple of nice dodges, it was 2-0

The Khemri's played a good match, not once failing to pick up or hand off the ball They also broke through the Saurus armor on almost every block, and thusly had two Saurus in the Injured box, and two in the KO box when the game was at an end. The skinks were more hard to hurt, and slithering as they were, they never got their heads ripped off by the Undead army. Not untill turn 10 where Nimir - Slave did just that to Silent Opposistion. Dr. Merkwürdiglieben howere were able to sow it back on, and no harm was done. He might feel a bit dizzy for a couple of days, but will be ready for the next match. He was KO'ed shortly after the killing, and who can blame him.

The Lizzies had a brave attempt to wrestle the ball free with naught but 6 players on the field, when The King wrestled free, and dodged towards the ball holder... He got windy, and instead of hitting the player, he collapsed, where he was stunned, and too stupid (or was it smart?) to get back up for the rest of the game. After that it was a slow but steady run for the endzone, and even though Dr. Klawfinger blitzed three consecutive turns, and got knocked over everytime, the Reign made a fairly easy TD in turn 16.
- Anton
Sep. 15th, 2004
The smell of defeat - washed away

Since last weeks humiliating defeat the Snakeskins are back on track! with a 6-1 victory against Stone Curve the snakeskins proved that they are yet again contenders for the title. with 10 TD's in two games the slithering offense has proved its worth, and finally the rank, humiliating, horrible stink of pathetic, grusome and not least awefull defeat is gone... That slow, painfull feeling that creeps up on you and lets you know just what a pathetic looser you are is gone forever. Never again is the feeling of utter helplesness to take its unforgiving place in the team of lizards... that lingering and infesting taste of failure is not to find a hold in the mouths of lizards anymore... horrible, horrible defeat.... utter and total failure... the failure...
- Anton
Sep. 8th, 2004
Season start a disaster!
(from Handbags and Loafers)

The snakeskins LOST their season opener against the Greyhavien Renegades with a singin 5-4 defeat. This is the second time the snakeskins has met Greyhavien Renegades, last time it was a draw and last time a defeat, which is totally unacceptable for the champions who furthermore did not have the trophy present at the game. "I think it had a lot to do with that" Said Dr. Kronborg after the game "I think if we had the trophy present we would have won maybe 4-0 or somthing like that, yes, the trophy... that was it!"

It was the first game since Adam, Rex and Baron Fritz retired from the snakeskins, and the lack of experience showed. The team was fumbling, and couldn't pick up the ball. The new Krox didn't show much and even with a four td game, they couldn't win. Silverado Snakeskins is still one of only three teams that has never not scored in a game, but that doesn't matter if the opponent scores more than you do, then Greyhavien Renegades did just that. The Fifth Elefant was one of the games profiles, and after the game he said it best: "If you like to bash people around - and we do - and you still getta four TD game, you gotta be da winner or else you just a big fat loosa... wait wonna dem seconds - I isn't not a loosa - WHO YOU CALL A LOOSA?"
- Anton
Aug. 23rd, 2004
(From Handbags and Loafers)

New Blood to the Champions

The Silverado Snakeskins has made significant changes to every part of the game for the new season. Three players are out, including the second most experienced skink on the team, the kroxigor Rex, and the legend Baron Fritz. New players has been brought in to fill the vacancies, but few believe that the team can repeat their winning season, without theese key players. Fans believe so however, and as a response to the growing fan base of the club, the board has hired a couple of cheerleaders.

Rex and the Baron has stayed with the team, as assistant coaches, to make sure that the eam will have every chance of repeating the champion season.

This season is one that every player in the league wants to win, not just to get the coveted medals, but also because this is the legendary season 13.
- Anton
May 26th, 2004
More fun to be had with statistics:

In the three seasons, the Silverado Snakeskins has been in the league, the single highest win was 6-0 in the game Chaos49 - Silverado Snakeskins (season XII, round 7). Mark you, not just the highest for the snakeskins, but the highest at all in the league!

This match was played in season 12, in season 11 the highest win was 5-0, however this feat was accomplished by several teams... and Silverado was one of them.

So it was only in their first season, that Silverado Snakeskins did not hold the record for highest win.

Furthermore the snakeskins hold the AROSBB record for the highest scoring match with the game Silverado Snakeskins - Sindarin Lords (season XII, 1/8-final), and led the league in TD's scored in season 12 with 35 td's (second place was a tie between The Snails and Sindarin Lords with 27- Both teams that Silverado beat in the playoffs )

- Anton
May 22nd, 2004
(From "Handbags and loafers" - The premier Lizard BB-Magazine)


Rumors say the AROSBB Champions will go on a major shopping spree before the next season.
With Baron Fritz retirement due, and Adam announcement, that he wanted to try out coporate life of dust-busting, the champions looks very weakened before next season, but the rumors say that also one of the foremost players Rex is going to be traded in for a younger model.
Rex has played three very good seasons for the Snakeskins, but his age, and niggling injuries has caused the rumors to fly.

Supposedly the Snakeskins has allready made arrangements with a new skink, a new saurus and a new kroxigor. These players are all from the minor leagues, but the snakeskins manager has been said to have spotted some real talent. All this is alleged and nothing solid has been announced.
On top of the massive trade, the snakeskins has jost announced its intentions of forming a cheerleader squad befor next season, along with the brand new stadium, that is currently being build.
Silverado is turning into an Eldorado for the slithering Snakeskins - All hail!
- Anton
May 20th, 2004
The Baron retires

After three seasons with the silverado snakeskins, the Baron retires. Baron Fritz is an ex-wrestler, that came to the team back when it first started. Blood Bowl has taken a lot out of the former body slammer, and he has chosen to retire with the new title of AROSBB champion. The Baron had to miss the final as a nasty virus had infected his niggling injury, and he says that is the reason for his retirement.

"Throughout his three seasons with the team, he has been a natural leader, and I'm not sure that the public knows just how much he has meant fo this team" says Dr. Kronborg, the Silverado Snakeskin coach

We shall miss you Baron Fritz
- Anton
May 15th, 2004
- Anton
May 14th, 2004
Tonight's the night, were gonna make it happen.
Tonight we put all other things aside.

I want to hurt you, beat you, wrap myself around you
I want to squeeze you, tease you,
I just can't get enough
And if you move real slow, I'll let it goooooo...

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it
I'm about to loose control, and I think I like it
I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it
And I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I want you!

We shouldn't even think about tomorrow.
Sweet memories will last for a long, long time...
We'll have a good time baby, don't you worry.
And if we still playin' around, boy, that's just fine!
- Anton
May 4th, 2004

Friday the 14th of may is the date for the finals and the third-place match. The Dom's has proven time and time again that superior TR is no problem, and the Snakeskins has a long time ago posted that their goal was the silver medals, so is that enough to decide it, or will the lightning fast lizzards of Silverado once again prove themselves to be playoff specialists and go all the way... FIND OUT FRIDAY THE 14TH.

Will head necromancer Kynde get over his Topper-syndrome or will he be victim to statistics against the beat-up Darkies of Death Extravagante. Can the darkies prevail with all the injuries of times past, and win the bronze yet again?

Location: At Kynde's
Time: To be decided
- Anton
May 1st, 2004
The AROSB finals

The Silverado Snakeskins, (or the SS, as some like to call them) HAs made it to the finals, and are one of two big surprises there. Not many had enticipated theese two teams to be where they are today, least of all themselves. Through Sindarin Lords, The Snails and latest Deadly Doom it has been a hard road, and one that maybe should have been ended in game one, where the lords made one deciding error in their turn 8... well, enough about the past!
Throughout the playoffs a few players has stood out as something special. Particularly Silent Opposistion, Rex and The Fifth Elefant has made this playoff into what it is, and regardless of the outcome in the finals, the Handbags from Silverado can be proud of their achievements this year!
- Anton
Apr. 29th, 2004
Enough with the fun and games.

The silverado Snakeskins will play in the semi finals on Fridag at 19 o'clock. Having beat the sandarin Lords and The Snails to get this far, it hasn't been an easy road, and it won't get any easier!

No matter what happens, the snakeskins will play for medals in the last game of the season, let's just hope they are silver and gold!
- Anton
Apr. 27th, 2004
Here is another fun fact:

The snakeskins are one of only two teams who have NEVER played a match and not scored. The only other team to accomplish that feat is the Grayhavian Renegades, the tie champions of AROSBB.
- Anton
Apr. 22nd, 2004
Yet another curiosity

The Snakskins has so far played
2x undead
4x Chaos dwarf
3x Chaos
2x Dwarf
4x skaven
2x Orc
1x skaven

And yet the match against Wood Elves was the one in which they suffered the most casualties!
- Anton
Apr. 22nd, 2004

After a tough, but fair match against the Sandarin Lords, the Silverado Snakeskins has been dubbed "elf friend" by their head coach.

"This is a great honour" said the snakeskins head coach. "Being an elf-friend is something I've always wanted! I just hope we get to beat the woodwachers in the quarter finals... maybe then they will like us even more?"
- Anton
Apr. 21st, 2004

The Coach of the Silverado Snkaeskins has never won a playoff game in the history of the world, and yet he was so confident of this game, that he considered it "in the bag", and look ho! After two halfs of overtime, and a bit of well deserved luck, he was right... 5-4 in turn 24... In the bag... yeah... right...
- Anton
Apr. 16th, 2004
The curiosity continues

Even after this seasons most uneventfull game the, streak of TD full games continue. The stats say 12/4/4, which is 60% win and a mere 20% lost matches over the seasons. and 20 straight games with 1 TD or more.

So now we look ahead to the playoffs... Will it be a repeat of season X in which the Snakeskins where beat in round 1, by the Skoinertz? it sure won't be a repeat of season XI in which the Snakeskins had a horror season and didn't even make it... So what then? Can they go all the way? The experts doubt it, as the team doesn't have a Squick-a-lot or an Eta Corpus - Also it hasn't spent the last season in a walk-over division in order to grow back into horrific dimensions, or as we like to call it "doing the snail"...

So what then? how far can they take it... Well, the town IS SILVERado, so why don't we set our expectations accordingly?
- Anton
Mar. 28th, 2004

In the snakeskins so far 19 games and a record of 11/4/4, no team has ever kept them from scoring. Thusly the snakeskins have scored in 19 straight games, and NEVER been td-less at the end of one... that's pretty nice ain't it?
- Anton
Mar. 27th, 2004
Back On Top

The snakeskins came back on top today, as they beat the Chaos 49'ers by a stunning 6-0 - Their rise to the top of group A might be a short one though, as the undefeated Heads and Tails is one game behind, and only needs a draw to take back first place.

However it is worth noticing that even with a one-turner (who by the way is a jerk, and quite possibly both gay, and the son of a prostitute), they still has less TD's pr. game than the Handbags of Silverado.
- Anton
Mar. 17th, 2004

The coach of the Silverado Snakeskins Dr. Kronborg, has been celebrated all day in the little town of Silverado. This is his third year as a coach, in the two previous years he has only managed once to get three or more TD's in a game, but this season he has done so in EVERY game (four so far)!!!

Even the one they lost...

Baron Fritz has also proven to be a very good investment! The Dodging Saurus as he is also called, made a good figure and many thought he was a shoe in for the MVP, but that went to Adam the skink, who was in the K.O box - very deservedly
- Anton
Feb. 24th, 2004
Season XI

Well last season was a big dissapointment, but this year things are gonna change. We set out with a nice and snug 3-0 victory against the Domminions of Chaos. Niggling a Mino in the process.

Lets see how it goes from here
- Anton
Oct. 28th, 2003
Press Release From the Head Coach Dr. Kronborg

After execive rantings from the coach of "Friendly Goon" mr. Kynde, we have decided to take a look around the league, where undead take first place in both group B and C... come on guys...

Well The Goons has had a lucky season so far, racking up victories against all the inferior races - elfs, elfs, elfs and *Pthuh* ORCS. As soon as they met dwarfs they crumbled like little cookies... Nobody messes with miners... Incidently the same dwarfs fought Silverado last year - cookies I tell ya!

Now the Reapers everybody knew was going to do well... as one of the few teams that nearly got a draw against Silverado last year, they are bound for the playoffs... but two undead teams in the two top places is unforgivable... and just a footnote... having seen many of the chubby Mayhem games this season, you guys are lucky that first place isn't inhabited by jam and haflings... or as we say in Silverado... lunch...

I'd love to say "see you in the Final" to all of you lower bracket teams... but come on... you won't make it that far, the only team that will, is the team, that has been so INCREDIBLY LUCKY not to meet Silverado in the playoffs...

And to all of you coaches who thinks it would be really clever to say: "but... NOBODY is gonna meet the snakeskins in the playoffs...hehe" I have only one thing to say: yeah right... think again
- Anton
Sep. 30th, 2003
Champions befiddled by lizzies

Last years champions, the mighty orcs had home field advantage against the snakeskins today, and only 20.000 fans took the trip from silverado. The Dirglers had more than 60.000 fans in the stands to see the lizzies do their stuff. The orc's second player bus had stopped at a brothel, and the entire first half the reining champ's only fielded 10 players. The Snakeskins surprised the 60.000 orcs and pulled level after 16 turns... The snakeskins coachsaidafter the game: "we had a plan to just go out there and shout all we could... it allways worked"

note: The snakeskins are still undefieted inregular season games...
- Anton
June 6th, 2003
Since last seasons humiliating defeat to the skonnertz (ualmindeligt old school) in the quarter final, the Snakeskins have risen again to claim the trophy that should have been theirs this year... The All League Championship Trophy that is. The snakeskins have allready begun the building of their new stadium "silver field" allready dubbed "snakesville" by the fans.

this year were playing for keeps, guys!
- Anton
Mar. 16th, 2003
Anyone who didn't think the new handbags on the block would amount to anything much this season has been put to shame. In the hard hitting Group B (Chaos, Undead, Undead, Chaos Dwarf, Lizzie and Norse), The snakes from silverado came out on top. Without any lasting injuries, they are now preparing for the quarter finals.

Snakeskins - Breakers 1-1
Snakeskins - Bloodfist 2-0
Snakeskins - Wadad 2-1
Snakeskins - R.I.P 2-1
Snakeskins - Hashhut 2-0

Hit it!
- Anton
Feb. 23rd, 2003
After the disapointing season first round draw to the Norse Breakers, the Silverado Snakeskins made a big surprise today against the Bloodfist Bowlers.

2-0 was the score after 16 turns, and the seasoned Chaos team was beat. The coach resolved to drinking and the minotaur was set out to pasture... or perhaps degraded to beef...

None the less the snakeskins now lead group two with 3 points in two games, and things are looking up for the small team.

Larz and Lucifer were the best today as the snakeskins embark on the road to glory.. Hip hip!
- Anton
Dec. 20th, 2002
Preseason Crowdpleaser

As the new lizards on the block, there is high expectations for the Silverado Snakeskins. Tonights Preseason game versus the Slann Renegades would give a hint as to how the season would form. The Slann Renegades having played a full season befre this one, came into Silverado a little better prepared than the newcommers - more players, more training.

The Snakeskins proved up to the task! Winning with a last minute pass from Adam the Skink to Rex... the croxigor... who had just blitzed out of a tight spot, the crowd went wild!

The Result 1-0 may not tell the tale of high scoring matches, but with 3 of 4 skinks out most of the game, and a mere 1 casualty and 2 KO's made by the Snakeskins, we were DAMNED GOOD to get that!

Some call it luck
We call it blessed

... And the winner is always right!
- Anton
Dec. 3rd, 2002
The feude is on!

Baron Fritz "The Baron of Meyhem" has just announced that he will not wash his hands again until they have tasted the blood of "Fuglemanden".

"Him'z going down, you hear!?! Dem here hanz are gonna be washed wiz hiz blood or not be washed again!.... dat little puke iznt worth the rubber band on his false beard! Yeah! False beard - you heard me... dat litttle bitch could'nt grow a real one, even if hiz boyfriend would let him!" He was heard to say earlier in today.

Experts say this might be the beginning of a feude hitherto not seen outside the wrestling arena!
- Anton
Dec. 3rd, 2002
With the new addition of the "Morning Star Brothers" Damien and Adam this team is set for the playoffs!

In addition the team has signed Baron Fritz, also known as "the Baron of Mayhem" a former wrestler and five time winner of the ice cream truck derby!

But who's paying for all this?
- Anton
Silverado Snakeskins
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