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The Mother

The Mother
Gutter Runner,
Divine Rats team retired

   Roster number: 8  

Value: 160,000 gp

Interceptions: 0
Completions: 2
Touchdowns: 13
Casualties: 0
MVP awards: 2
Star Player Points: 51
MA ST AG AV Skills
9 2 4 7 Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Side Step, Catch, Pass Block

Sustained Injuries: none


-- Divine Rats has retired team retired --.
Re-Joined the team before the mid season cross-over (round 4) of season XXI, DR's 48th match.

Season 22

Two TDs in round 1 made her an emerging star. She learned catch.

Two TDs in round 2 took her to 10 in total.

A TD for 2-0 in round 5.

SI MNG in a foul by Ingolf von Bavaria in round 6.

Scored the last and winning TD cathing a hand-off from Jesus in the rain to take it to 3-2 in round 9 (8th match for DR and their last in the group play), She received the MVP for this (and is now only a TD from stardom)

With her 13th TD in the round of 16th she became a star and learned Pass Block. With that she also entered the list of active top scorers in 15th place.

BH by De Puta Madre!! in DR's last match - the quaterfinal

Season 21:

After one matches away to recuperate Fallen Madonna returns to the pitch for DR. Well she has also been called Maria, but only for 3 matches and only as Madonna did she reach the potential of her son Jesus, her lover Holy Spirit and the father of her son God.

We hope this new Madonna with the more proper family name will soon gain her former glory.

And already in her very first match did the son Jesus connect twice with The Mother for two TDs and she already blocks as well as she has ever done!

And in the next match (round 6) she managed two more TDs - in spite of her son Jesus reaching 200 spp - and for that she received the MVP and learned her 2nd skill in only two matches: Side Step!

Once again Jesus takes all the TDs, but in the end he fell and stunned himself in round 5 (after round 6) so he could not score the last TD (would have been his 50th). Instead his Mother made her 5th.

With Jesus looking to score there is not much to do for other runners, but at least se was allowed to pass it to him once in the last cross over round 8.

In the round of 16th she was even allowed to score as Jesus could not have made it at the end of first half, so he passed instead.

In the quaterfinal she was SI MNG by Axton and will miss the semifinal, but be back in time for the final.

Back for the final, but not for long. Early in 2nd half, after grabbing the ball released by Jesus when stripping the ball from a skink, she was blitzed down and SI again by Lenny The Dragon. The apotech was saved, luckily, cause he then cured Jesus later from a BH at the end of 2nd half, so he could win the match in overtime.
Her side step did help though as she fell so the ball bounced to Jesus. This resulted in him runnnig away with the ball and forced the wizard to be used.

The Mother of Jesus will not miss next match as it is next season, but she did miss the afterparty, which was probably good so she could no see what her son, Jesus, her lover Holy Spirit and the father of her son God did in the locker room! :D

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