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Holy Spirit

Holy SpiritBounty of 30 kgp
Gutter Runner,
Divine Rats team retired

   Roster number: 13  

Value: 190,000 gp

Interceptions: 1
Completions: 7
Touchdowns: 36
Casualties: 3
MVP awards: 6
Star Player Points: 153
Top Scorer: Season XVIII

MA ST AG AV Skills
10 1 4 6 Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Strip Ball, Wrestle, Dauntless, +MA, Leap

Sustained Injuries: -ST, -AV


-- Divine Rats has retired team retired --.
There is a bounty of Bounty30 000 gp on this player's head.
One of the original 11 gods, joining the team before season XVII.

Season 22

With a TD and two completions he moved to 8th on the most experienced players list after round 1.

When Jesus was BH toward the end of round 2, he steped up and scored a last TD for 6-0.

Playing against a strength superior team in round 3 Spirits dauntiness made an early impression as he drew first blod by BHing Henry Lee Lucas. Sadly the Scum regenerated.

Two TDs and taking the ball from the bunnies several times in round 4 also earned him his 6th MVP. He's getting close to 150 spp and is only 10 TDs from becoming a legend as Jesus

With the TD for 3-0 in round 5 he reached 150 spp and 35 TDs. He is now only topped by Jesus in both categories amongst the active players.

Took the ball away for DR to steal the lead early in 1st half of round 6. Failed later, but it was enough for Jesus to win the match with three TDs.

Got the ball from the opponent twice in round 7 and scored one of the TDs himself in the 3-2 win. Once again tied 2nd amongst the active TD scorers (36). And now alose in 2nd on the most experienced active players list (153). This was after his 60th active match for DR. It could have been the last as he was injrued by Liche towards the very end! But it was only a BH.

Was SI -MA by Morvian Hellstrike. Then a hired quacksalver tried to heal him. (Should have been left to the teams own apotech!) The ankle was healed but the skull was fractured when the apotech triped him while taking his foot. He thus obtained a -AV in stead. That was in round 9. (8th match for DR and their last in the group play), Since we will win our group he will be able to play in the play-off anyway, but now with two permanent injuries! ;/

In the round of 16th he took down the ball carrier so Jesus later scored the winning TD.

BH by De Puta Madre!! turn two, the apo saved him so he was readu for next drive, and then he was BH again by De Puta Madre!! in thr third turn of DR's last match - the quaterfinal!

Season 21.

In a horrible match against Bones & Bandages he was the only one to fight back taking the ball from the opponents several times, but it was never enough and for the first time ever did DR fail to score. But for his efforts he recived the MVP. (round 2).

Took out ball carrier Kress von Kressenstein BH the second time he went after him. The first time he "only" stripped the ball and on both occasions Jesus completed from there for a TD!

Against Blood Bowl Bunnies round 5 (after round 6) he stripped the ball from the carrier twice each time securing DR a TD in the 6-1 win.

Against Olvig Vikings in the last group match (round 7) he stole the ball from the opponents several times. None lead to TDs but it was enough to stall them at stop them from tying the match in the last turns when they could not pick-up the ball.

In the last cross over he managed to blitz dump off thrower three times, getting the ball free twice. Jesus used one of these events to ensure the win.

In the round of 16th he again stole the ball twice, first forcing the wizard to be used and later giving DR the lead in the opposing teams receiving half.

Fouled BH by Mail Online.dk in the quaterfinal.

A very meager season for Spirit ended in the semi final. Not for the team just for him as Jean-Claude Forfanden d.2. SI him so he will miss the final, even though the apotech did his best. But before this happened Spirit scored DRs first TD of the match, and as it turned out to be the first and only TD by Spirit in season XXI. A strange development for the former season top scorer but that is now left to Jesus. At least it took him to 30 TD and he also reacived the MVP for his efforts! He thus reached 126 spp and would have become an Mega Star in the old days. But he is still 50 spp from becomming a legend...

Old news:

SI MNG by Lachlan Colquhoun in the 1st cross over of season XX.

After a horrible first half of round 6 Spirit was left on the LoS with only two other players for 2nd half. But when the pick-up failed all hope was not lost. A leap and a blitz and he might get the ball and hide behind God. But the already the leap failed, so misserably that he became BH by it. That ended the match and all hope for DR!

Had a great match in round 7 where he first took the ball from the Dames 3 times and then scored the tying TD and received the MVP. But as no one could take the ball after his striping moves we had to settle for that tie.
This match took him above 100 SPP as only the third active player. He is now tied 2nd on the active top scoring list one TD from Jesus.

BH in the middle of first half or round 8 by Ask Sigfredsson.

Could have brought us back into the round 9 cross over match after Jesus had been taken down in the cage. But the coach lost a RR to an IP, and then when he actually managed to daunt himself enough to push Bruce Willysøvndal away form the ball he coudl score with an easy pick-up but the rain made it slip through his fingers, and then Bruce Willysøvndal frenzied him into a crowd BH!

Had the match of his life when he not only scored a one turner to prevent DR from playing a match without even scoring a TD (which has yet to happen). And thus forcing the match into overtime. He also scored the 2nd TD to tie the match 2-2 and twice took the ball from the opponent, although we did not score on these ocasions, but it prevented at least one TD. And in the end it was all enough as we won he penalty shoot out.
He is now tied 9th with Jesus on the league top scorer list, only two behind no. 1 on the list of active players. Furthermore with the two TDs he also moves into the top 15 on the most experienced players list alongside Ramses the 5th, and he keeps his 3rd rank amongst the active players.

Was fouled SI in what became the last turn of the semi final, but team apotech Jakob saved him so he kept his immense speed and will be ready for the final. Very important. He did manage to take the ball from the Norse once, and Jesus did get at it, but we still need to see these actions result in TDs this play-off!

After an early KO in first half of the final, he came back in time for a one turn attempt, and with a quick snap this was suddenly likely and he succeded with help from a hand-off by Buddha and a blitz by Zeus to make holw in the defence. This gave us lots of hope as we tied the Khemri in their offencive drive, but when he next half protected Jesus to allow him to get a sure TD for 2-1 he paid for it in blod getting BH by Oswald Osiris. This was a huge mistake to put the most important player in blitzing range, as it was not really needed, and it may have cost us the cup!

Old news:

With a fantastic interception and the following TD, Spirit got well under way in his first match in season 17, and when tying the match in the last turn, he learned to strip the ball from the opponents. This was the start of building himself into a ball stealer.

Already after 3 matches he learned to Wrestle and as his hat-trick in the 5th match made him quite dauntless he has become much very dangerous for any ball carrier!

Was very close to becoming top scorer of the season, and with 10 TDs he ties for most TD this season, but in two more matches, so he only ended 5th on the top scoring list. (3rd most experienced player is he too).


Spirit got of to a good start in season 18 with two TDs and the MVP in the first match. With yet another TD in the next match he became the first star player after restart of the teams. This increased his already fantastic speed.

In round 3 he did his part in giving DR a 2-0 lead but the perfect pass to Jupiter was not caught. Then Spirit were open for a blitz and then he were fouled to death by Zark Immergeil. The apoth managed to safe his life, but not his back, and with a broken collar bone he now only has ST 1.The stupid vermin Jupiter got himself killed next drive! This removed any doubt about keeping Spirit on the team. For a few matches this was not sure, but with the teams first one turner in round 5, and a perfect round 6 were he were dauntless all the time and scored twice he secured his spot on the roster.

He were also part in the fabulous 4-2 win in the cross over, that gave us 2nd place and allowed Jesus to play in the play-off despite being SI early in the match.

In the round of 16th it was not Sprits fault that the team could not capitalize on his fine stripping ball work. And the season ended there. But before this he made a SI on gobo Gno and thus he has earned spp in all 5 categories!

He also made his 20th TD and thus became a Super Star (also first after team re-start) and learned to leap. This TD was just enough and he became season top scorer!

This was too much for the team with fewest TDs so a bounty was placed on Spirit by Addicted Lunatics Clan.


After becoming top scorer last season he took it a little too easy in season 19 and only managed 4 TDs. In the end this was not enough for the championship. For a time he fought with Jesus about being most experienced, but at the end of the season he had to see himself down to third with Jesus far ahead.

This did not stop Death Extravagante from increasing the bounty on Spirit to 30k! ;)

A TD on the way to the quarterfinal pushed him into top 10 on the all time top scoring list. The only special achievement of his season.

Merits in season XIX
Played in 11 of 11 matches.
Total 30/31
13 spp from 4 TDs and 1 completion.
Total: 89 spp from 24 TDs 3 completions, 1 cas, 1 interception and 2 MVPs.
Value 190.000 gp

3rd most experienced amongst the active players.
1st on the active player top scoring list.
Tied 10th on the all time top scorer list.

1 injuries (3 in total)
BH by Wotan in round 6

Merits in season XVIII
Played in 8 of 9 matches.
Total 19/20
38 spp from 10 TDs and one each of cas, completion and MVP.
Total: 76 spp from 20 TDs 2 completions, 1 cas, 1 interception and 2 MVPs.
+MA after round 2, Leap after the last match of the season.
-ST after round 3.
Value 190.000 gp

Season top scorer!.
Most experienced amongst the active players.
First super star after restart of the teams
1st on the active player top scoring list.
Tied 15th on the all time top scorer list.

SI gobo Gno.

2 injuries (2 in total)
Killed in a foul by Zark Immergeil. The apotech saved him partly but he lost his ST in round 3.
BH by Mefisto Hellbringer in round 7.

Merits in season XVII
Played in all 11 matches.
38 spp from 10 TDs and one each of interception, completion and MVP.
Strip ball after round 1, Wrestle from round 3 and Dauntless from round 5.
Value 140.000 gp

5th on the season top scorer list.
3rd most experienced on the active player list
Tied 1st on the active player top scoring list.

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