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Gutter Runner,
Divine Rats team retired

   Roster number: 11  

Value: 180,000 gp

Interceptions: 0
Completions: 11
Touchdowns: 26
Casualties: 10  (1 was a kill!)
MVP awards: 4
Star Player Points: 129
MA ST AG AV Skills
9 2 4 7 Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackle, Tackle, Shadowing

Sustained Injuries: 1 niggling inj.


-- Divine Rats has retired team retired --.
One of the original 11 gods, joining the team before season XVII.

Season 22

BH Trip-Toe Gluzzmunzh in round 1 and scored a TD to move in to the most experienced players list.

Killed by Mefisto Hellbringer in round 2. The apotech saved his life but he will MNG and always suffer from a niggling knee. He missed round 3.

If they handed out MUP (Most Useless Players) God could have taken this in round 4. He failed to pick-up the ball from the ground giving a TD the other way. He did manage to BH Tina Turnoff but even with lots of assist and more than twice as strong he had to try hard to even get her down. Then he was stunned by a rock and finally when he by only pussing it twice with team practice for both times he failed the first and gave another TD for the Bunnies. Luckliy the other two GodRunners shone and won the match 4-2 inspite of God!

Killed Hemlock in the very first blitz by DR of round 5. With that he reached 10 cas and now ties Loke as the most violent active player on DR. It was his first kill.

played his 60th match for DR in round 6. DR's 62nd match. Has only missed one other match than the one this season where he got his niggling.

Was SI MNG by Liche but first after having stolen the ball from the undeads and helped stalling them. He obtained the MVP for this and broke the 126 spp limit thus he became a Mega Star.

Was BH by Ole "fut" in the round of 16th

SI MNG in the first blitz of the match by De Puta Madre!! in DR's last match - the quaterfinal

Season 21:

Became MVP for only the 2nd time in 47 matches in round 3. Considering that God has played in all DRs matches that is quite strange!

Finally in his 48th straight match for DR he was SI so bad by Ian Stuart that he will miss a match. But he will be back in time for DRs 50th match, but it will then only be his 49th for the team. No permanent harm done. And before he got this fas he had already BH Dr. X. the other Storm Vermin on the team, so is was pay-back when he was injured himself!

Kept the bunnies on Blood Bowl Bunnies in check during round 5 (after round 6) and even BH Bodil Khat after shadowing a falling dodger into her TZ :-)

In DR's 51st match God played his 50th for DR. Once again he was injured, but this time it was only a BH, inflicted by no other than Egil Uldsson!

The 2nd MVP in the same season, only 3rd after 51 tries. And that for BH Fast catch in DRs first turn blitz. The fast catcher had already scored a one turner, so it was imporatntto stop him, and it was enough to ensure the win for DR. Soon after God was himself BH in a blitz by Axton. But the MVP took him above 100 spp!

When in the round of 16th Jesus wished to make some completions he was allowed to score a TD again. He also stopped the last TD attampt by the skinks by tackling one down and then diving after the next.

In the quaterfinal he was BH in the last turn by Axton. But luckily it was not any worse so he is ready for the semi final.

The semifinal became God's match. In the overtime he was the only runner on pitch except for the very last turn, and he scored the crucial TD that gave Jesus the chance to win with the last turn one turner. In total he managed 3 TDs taking his total to 25 so he is now in the top scoring list. Also he is only 1 point from entering the most experiences list along with his feloow GodRunners.

This will be his 3rd final, and his 55th match for DR as he has so far only missed one of DRs 55 matches so far!

And yes he did play in the final, and it was his 55th match, and he was the best weapon to stop skinks... But what did it help. He fell on his 2nd dodge in the 2nd turn and was KOed, and stayed thus the rest of the match with two overtime halfs!

But at least his son Jesus could manage all alone as he single handedly scored two TDs and won the CUP 2-1 without the help of God!


Old news:
BH by Coran Colquhoun in the 1st cross over of season XX.

BH by Mefisto Hellbringer who took out three runners in one match. Also Jesus (MNG) and Star Shuttelspike. This was round 3, before round 2! He did manage a TD before though and that was on a blitz start and gave us the victory. And he also had the ball close to a TD for 3-0 before he was taken down. But 2-1 is still a victory.

As one of the GodRunners God has always been a little overshadowed by the two super stars Jesus and Holy Spirit. But with those two missing a match each finally God could shine. And O my God did he do so against Blood Bowl Bunnies in the third match of the season (round 2) where he not only completed a hat-trick but also had time to make the completion he needed before scoring the last of the three TDs. This thus ensured him the super stardom he has longed for, and now he will no longer let go of the two others, he will follow them (or anyone else) like a shadow!

After that it took him quite some tiome to get used to the stardom and he did not score again until round 8 when he tied the match for 2-2. It was not enough thoug as we lost 2-3.

Made his fourth casualty (BH IngwŰ, when he used the elf to push Jesus into one turn position. But it was not to be. Later made jso 20th TD after a completion from Jesus but it was to little to late. Passed 80 spp!

The runner has played in all 40th of DRs matches, thus scoring on average every 2nd match and making more than 2 spp per match!

BH in a failed go for it in the last overrtime turn of the round of 16 when trying to put his annoying TZ on the ball carrier. But it did not matter as the Undeads could not catch a hand-off for the victory and we then won the penalty shoot out :)

BH by no other than Nullerg°j. But in a blitz where he could not use frenzy and definitely would not have piled on as he where the only defence against the tying TD from Jesus. But an extra apo was ready to keep him in the quatefinal, and in the end of the overtime he dived after Arrg tackling him and the orcs last hope of tying the match!

With a shadow and then a dive God stopped Inge "Markhalm" Grims from tying the game at the end of first half, thus basically winning the semi final for DR! They just could not move hiim away from the Viking!

BH by Sylvester Slubby in the 2nd turn of the final. The team apotech saved him for later. This a proved very important and correct decission. Cause no other serious injuries befel the team. But 12 more cas did come though. But God played his role perfect and was on pitch for most of the rest of the match, including the overtime, where he scored a fantastic TD getting the ball lost by Jesus in the rain lying up against a mummy, and then blitzing his way to the EZ out af an inverted cage, stunning Connie Creep in the proces. That was for 3-2 and with him on pitch, it might just be possible to stop a four turn TD by a Khemri team... But not with only three other rats on pitch, and not when the blitz attempt on the ball carrier by Zeus ends just before he gets to take the hit!

God was as mentioned BH, and he was thus not amongst the only two players not the be injured in the final, but he was the only one to be on the LoS for the very last turn, as the two where KOed still!

Old news:

Already in his 2nd match in season 17 he learned to block, and then a hat-trick in his 4th match gave him side step. Next match he BH Anna Krohn, but it took a little while before a completion in the round of 16th gave him Diving Tackle! He will be feared by the potential TD scoring opponent!

Scored the first of the two TDs that gave us 3rd place.

Got of to a good start in round 1 of season 18 BHing ElwŰ. Then next round he scored two TDs. But then nothing much happened for him the rest of the season.

In the last cross over he made a fantastic TD for 3-2 and then a even more spectacular pass move in the very last turn resulting in a TD for 4-2 by Madonna even though the pass was inaccurate. Also Holy Spirit was heavily involved as he had freed the ball for both TDs. By winning with 2TDs DR just took 2nd place and this enabled Jesus to get ready from a MNG for the play-offs. What a team effort there!

Even with his side stepping and diving tackling abilities God met his match in the grabing Arrg who prevented him from being really annoying in the round of 16th.


One of the few to kick back against Olvig Vikings in that horrible match in season 19. He SI Bue Snorresson before he where KOed for the rest of the match. With the MVP of the next match he finally became a star and learned to tackle, as skill long missed on DR!

In round 6 he were BH by a chainsaw but Zeus immediately revenged this!

In the semi final he made a blunder when he failed to tackle a skeleton that then blitzed Jesus down and then he himself were SI by Benny Bandage. But the apotech enabled him to play on. And then he scored the last turn TD for 3-0.

Has so far played in all 31 of DR's matches!


Merits in season XIX
Played in 11 of 11 matches.
Total 31/31
17 spp from 3 TDs, 1 completion, 1 cas and 1 MVP.
Total: 63 spp from 14 TDs, 10 completions, 3 cas and 1 MVP.
Tackle from round 4.
Value 160.000 gp

13th on the most experienced active player list
8th on the active players top scorer list
15th on the active players top thrower list

SI Bue Snorresson

2 injury. (4 in total)
BH by the chainsaw wielding skeleton in round 6
SI by Benny Bandage in the semi final. Saved by the apotech.

Merits in season XVIII
Played in 9 of 9 matches.
Total 20/20
12 spp from 3 TDs, 1 completion and 1 cas.
Total: 46 spp from 11 TDs, 9 completions and 2 cas.
Value 140.000 gp

In top 15 on the most experienced active player list

BH ElwŰ in round 1.

1 injury. (2 in total)
BH by Snowball in round 4

Merits in season XVII
Played in all 11 matches.
34 spp from both 8 completions and TDs and 1 cas.
Block after round 2, Side Step after round 4 and Diving Tackle after the round of 16th.
Value 140.000 gp

10th on the season top thrower list
Tied 10th on the season top scorer list
Tied 4th most experienced active player after the season

BH Anna Krohn in round 5.

1 injury.
BH in a dodge for an important TD in the quarterfinal.

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