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Skaven Thrower,
Divine Rats team retired

   Roster number: 16  

Value: 180,000 gp

Interceptions: 0
Completions: 52
Touchdowns: 2
Casualties: 7  (3 were kills!)
MVP awards: 4
Star Player Points: 92
MA ST AG AV Skills
6 3 3 7 Sure Hands, Pass, Accurate, Block, Tackle, Extra Arm, Kick-off Return

Sustained Injuries: -MA,  1 niggling inj.


-- Divine Rats has retired team retired --.
One of the original 11 gods, joining the team before season XVII.

Season 22:

No completions but a TD in round 1 saw him become a super star - finally! He learned kick-off return.

This resulted in a completion in round 2. And again in round 3.

He improves on this with two completions in round 4. This took him to 80 spp and in to top 10 on the all time top thrower list with 47 completions.

With a completion in round 5 he is now alone in 10th place and also alone in 2nd place amongst the active behind Jesus.

In round 6 he made two completions to reach 50! Only 6 behind Jesus and clear of all other active throwers. Still in 10th place on the all time list.

SI Carion Casket in round 7. But he regenerated.

His tackle was too important agaisnt the blodging elves from Death Extravagante in round 9. (8th match for DR and their last in the group play), Thus he never got near the ball. That was left to Jesus! He did his job though. hitting on the LoS! Althogh not injuring them he got them down so Tyr B could foul them out in his fouling frenzy!

With his 51st completion in the round of 16th he also obtained his 4th MVP and is closing in on 100 spp.

SI MNG by De Puta Madre!! in DR's last match - the quaterfinal. With a completion before this he had moved to tied 9th on the all time top thrower list.

Season 21:

SI -MA by pd(3314) in round 2 of season XXI. Will miss round 3.

Returning, now slower than before, he still came back strong. With a completion he looked to keep ahead of Jesus although the latter is unstoppable and mae three, so he is now one behind in completion, and alone in 15th spot on the all time top thrower list. But then he also has other abilities and he killesdtop runner Teddy Ninja Rat II, but was denied the bounty by an apo that turned it into a MNG.

In round 6 he made a great effort by scoring his first TD ever (and the games first) for 1-0. But then he was SI by Ingolf vor kust and has obtained a niggling injury, and will miss DR's 50th match!

Having a rough season Buddha finally managed a completion again after four matches in the cross over round 8. But after that we was BH by Axton.

Once again he was allowed to complete a pass to Jesus but first after the latter had passed twice to him...

With three completions in the quaterfinal he once again made it back in to the throwers top 15.

In the semi final Jesus was KOed in the owertime and Buddah managed four completion (Jesus made 5...) but it took him to 70 spp and past 40 completions to 42. He is now settles in the top 15 and also he makes it onto the season top thower chart. This was a great way to celebrate his 50th active match for DR!

An in the final his 51th match he made DRs sole completion and finally he BH the fastest skink Tiny Dancer in overtime, leaving only one skink around and the ball on the ground. He is going to become a super star early in the next season, where he will play for the defeding champs! :D


Old news:

BH in a late foul by Colitis Ulcerosa in round 3 (before round 2). The fouler was send off though!

SI -AV in a foul by Horst Hünschen, but the apo managed to turn this in to only a MNG. This was round 4, so he will miss round 5.

KOed in the first blitz from the orcs in round 6. Woke up for the last turn, made a completion (three playres left) and thus received the MVP?

Finally Buddah showed Jesus who was the thrower on the team. With four completions in the round 9 cross over match, he became the last of the remaining original six Gods to become a star.
And now he has spawned extra arms so he can pick-up and catch as good as Jesus and pass even better over the shortest distances.
After todays completion orgy he has now caught up with Jesus even though the latter also made two, and both players have 28 completions each, sharing 2nd place on the active thrower list only 3 more from entering the all time list.

Had his worst match after he became a star. Could not sort out all his extra arms and actually managed to fail an easy pick-up in the very first turn of the round of 16th after obtaning these arms. And then towards the end of first half he was showed into the crowd by Brutalis Rex and was pulled in four directions one for each arm. Luckily they stayed on and he was only BH. And we made it through nevertheless on a penalty shoot-out.

With two completions in the quaterfinals he finally surpassed Jesus and reached 30 completions in the same match where the runner reached 30 TDs.

With a match winning completion tp Jesus in the semi final, Buddha made it into the all time top thrower list!

In the final he did not make any completions but a hand-off for a one turner by Holy Spirit is important enough in a final. However, it was not enough and in the first over time half he where BH by, of course Oswald Osiris!

Old news:

Managed 3 completions in his first five matches of season 17, but then he was halted by the amazing Jesus, who took over the passing part of the game.

Received the MVP after the 3rd place match and thus learned to be more accurate, which may help him regain the place as team thrower next season!


Season 18 became the season where Buddha showed he were a thrower making 11 completions!

In round 3 after a completion secured the tie he received the MVP. He thus learned how to block!

Was run over by The Colquhoun Hooligan in the last cross over and missed the round of 16th to become the last match of that season. Shame that only one MNG can be erased for our 2nd place, and that honour will go to Jesus instead of Buddha.


In season 19 he was again not much use as a thrower, but he did turn nasty with two kills in four casualties.
Already in round 2 he began the violence, after his first completion of the season, by first BHing Tue Borc and then killing (permanently) Newton Jr.. But all this muscle work took his mind from the important ball handling, and in the last turn when a one turner was not impossible he could not even manage to pick-up the ball…

With his 17th completion in round 6 he became emerging star and has now learned tackle, a skill long missed on the team!

And already two matches later he did not only make two completions on the way to taking us to the semi final, he also tackled an elf catcher BH!

In the semi final he continued the violence by taking down the ball carrier Finn Fumble "killing" him in the process. He did regenerate but the victory was ensured. But sadly he could not help us win the final…


Merits in season XIX:
Played in 11 of 11 matches.
Total 29/31
Total: 37 spp from 19 completions 4 casualties (2 kills) and 2 MVP
13 spp from 5 completions and 4 cas (2 kills)
Tackle from round 6
Value 130.000 gp

BH Tue Borc and
Killed (permanently) Newton Jr. in round 2.
BH Pete W in the quaterfinal.
Killed Finn Fumble in the semi final (he regenerated).

1 injury (4 in total)
BH in a foul by Snorre Skjoldsson in round 3


Merits in season XVII:
Played in 8 of 9 matches.
Total 18/20
16 spp from 11 completions and 1 MVP
Total: 24 spp from 14 completions and 2 MVP
Block from round 3
Value 110.000 gp

7th on the seasons top thrower list

2 injuries (3 in total)
BH when he blocked Benign Prostata in round 7
SI MNG by The Colquhoun Hooligan in the cross over.

Merits of season XVII.
Played 10 of 11 matches.
8 spp from 3 completions and 1 MVP
Accurate after the 3rd place match
Value 90.000 gp

3 injuries:
SI MNG by "The MAN" in round 2.
BH by Tedahirr Stormsting in round 6.
BH by Filth Jaw in round 7.


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