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ZeusBounty of 20 kgpdead
Skaven Blitzer,
Divine Rats team retired


Interceptions: 0
Completions: 1
Touchdowns: 1
Casualties: 22  (4 were kills!)
MVP awards: 3
Star Player Points: 63
MA ST AG AV Skills
7 3 3 8 Block, Claw, Mighty Blow, Guard, Tackle

Sustained Injuries:  DEATH!

Was killed in the match Divine Rats - Bones & Bandages (Season XXI, round 2)
and Bones & Bandages took the 20 000 gp bounty.
One of the original 11 gods, joining the team before season XVII.

Was killed in a foul by Dustin Dusty after the apo had already saved another kill by the fouler on Jesus! Round 2 season XXI.

Old news

SI -MA by Lachlan Colquhoun in the 1st cross over of season XX. But the apotech cured it so he will only MNG!

Finally after his third kill, this time on Ann Holt a bounty was placed on this Claw wielding God, by the head coach of Blood Bowl Bunnies. This was kind'a missing, so thanks :-)

Even though he did not perform too well in round 4 he were elected MVP and thus he became the first star on DR not to be a GodRunner. He now also knows how to tackle!

To everyones surprise he scored a TD against the Orcs in round 5 thus helping prevent a defeat. It was a great achivement to get a tie in that match.

SI MNG by Egil Uldsson in the last turn of round 8, but the apotech cured him!

It has been a very quiet season for Zeus and his claw. His only 2nd casualty of the season came in the last round 9 cross over when he SI Joan of Ass MNG.

Made his 20th casualty when BHing All Pain no Gain in the round of 16. It was vengance for the SI on Frej B. But the zombie regenerated.

After seing Nullergøj BH three of his fellow players, lastly Uranus right in front of him, he decided that enough wha enough and BH the blitzer with his claw. This was in the quaterfinal.

By killing Herluf Frodesson permanently in the semi final Zeus moved in to top 10 on the active killer list.

As one of only two players did Zeus avoid getting injured during the final. He was KOed though, twice, and was still in the KO boks for the very final turn of the match (KOed in the turn the Khemri's scored the tying TD for 3-3). The only other player to avoid getting injured was Frej B who shared the KO box with him, while saved by the apo God took the last turn all alone. Zeus did not do anything well this final, with ony the teams single KO the other way to brag about. Thus the MVP went to Frej B.

Old news:

Took out Bohlale BH in his first match, and with the MVP in his 3rd, he grew out a nice Claw (see picture),

The Claw helped him chew through Saevel Starflower's armour and BH him and he also BH Mads Fløe who also sports a claw. This last injury was enjoyed quite a lot by Kynde! :p


After a quiet season 18 with only two BHs to his name he were SI MNG by Maiketh Cavegni in round 6.

But he came back strong in the round of 16th were he finally made the last point he needed to get mighty blow on a last turn completion in 1st half. This he seemed to use already in the remainder of the match, making two SI (MNG) on Nullergøj and Girafle. He will hence be very dangerous next season - because it was just not enough to win the match!


Took out Icepelt Hammerblow BH when the snowtroll failed an attack. Could have turned the match around, but it was to late.

Round 5 was his finest hour so far, as he began by taking out star Bubba Bonehead SI MNG in the first block of the match (on a RR) and then later killing Frauke permanently. Late in the match he were himself injured but only BH by no other than Kynde kurveflet.

The claw continues to work and this time it both BH Lilach and chainsaw wielder Hack Enslash! For this he received the MVP and has learned to guard better. This comes in handy as the only other guard on the team Odin A died the same turn as he learned it...

In two consequtive turns he SI Grumf and KOed Nullergøj. Alas this was not enough and we lost the final anyway.

Merits in season XIX
Played 11 of 11 matches
Total 30/31
25 spp from 10 cas (2 kills), and 1 MVP
Total: 45 spp from 17 cas (2 kills), 1 completion and 2 MVP
Guard from round 3.
Value 160.000 gp

Tied 10th on the seasons top hitter list (not shown on the list)
5th on the active top hitters list

BH Icepelt Hammerblow in round 3
SI Nullergøj MNG in round 2 (played after round 3)
Killed Leopold of Bavaria in round 4. The apo turned this to a MNG.
SI Bubba Bonehead and
killed Frauke in round 5
BH Lilach and
BH Hack Enslash in round 6
BH Middleman in the quaterfinal
SI Nevil Noheart in the semi final (he regenerated)
SI (niggling) Grumf in the final

2 Injury (3 in total):
BH by Kynde kurveflet in round 5
BH by Oswald Osiris in the semi final


Merits in season XVIII
Played 8 of 9 matches
Total 19/20
9 spp from 4 cas and 1 completion
Total: 20 spp from 7 cas, 1 completion and 1 MVP
mighty blow from the round of 16th
Value 140.000 gp

BH Ingwë in round 1
BH Hacathra Brightfire in round 5
SI Nullergøj and
SI Girafle in the round of 16th

1 Injury (1 in total):
SI MNG by Maiketh Cavegni in round 6.

Merits in season XVII
Played all 11 matches
11 spp from 3 cas and 1 MVP
Claw from round 3.
Value 120.000 gp

BH Bohlale in round 1
BH Saevel Starflower in round 5 and
BH Mads Fløe in the semi-final.

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