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Result of Season XXXII

  Team trophy    Winner Race
& coach
  Championship   Scum of the Earth  Nurgle
Rasmus Tarp
  2nd place   Death Extravagante  Dark Elf
  3rd place   Olvig Vikings  Norse
Mads Muff
  Fair Play Prize   Blitzing Bullfrogs  Slann
Peter R
  Fair Play Prize   The Villainous Vermin  Skaven
Michael F
  Most Leathal Team   Olvig Vikings  Norse
Mads Muff

  Player prize    Winner Type
& team
  Top Scorer     Chester MacNimitz dead High Elf Catcher
Cowards of Culloden
  Top Killer     Egil Uldsson Bounty (20000 gp) Norse Berserker
Olvig Vikings

Current Champions
Coach Prize

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