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Bart Bomber

Bart BomberHall of FameBounty of 210 kgp
Orc Thrower,
Bad Moon Provorcs team retired

   Roster number: 12  

Value: 200,000 gp

Interceptions: 1
Completions: 70
Touchdowns: 8
Casualties: 1
MVP awards: 5
Star Player Points: 123
MA ST AG AV Skills
5 3 4 9 Sure Hands, Pass, +AG, Dodge, Kick, Accurate, Block

Sustained Injuries: none


-- Bad Moon Provorcs has retired team retired --.
+AV from a Magic Helmet
There is a bounty of Bounty210 000 gp on this player's head.
Hall of Fame HoF - Awarded into the Hall of Fame during/after season VII
Bart is in the HoF because og his (in)fame and the notoriously greats plays he put up. He was a player everybody knew (and hated to play against).

Bart was the main Thrower for the Mooners - no he was more than that: he was also often their rescue. Many times when the ball seemed unreachable guarded by opponents, he could (due to his well-developed agility) get in and pick it up, and get it out and pass it to an Orc elsewhwere.
He was much disliked by his opponents, and had a price on his head, but no injury ever came to burden him.

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