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Hall of Fame

 Player type team
profile Billie Luder Hall of Famedead Elf Catcher Blood Bowl Bunnies retired
profile Jesus Hall of FameBounty (100000 gp) Gutter Runner Divine Rats retired
profile Ariana Deathkiss Hall of FameBounty (30000 gp)dead Witch Elf Death Extravagante retired
profile Tummy Paunch Hall of Fame Halfling Hopeful Apple Pie Mayhem retired
profile Brickskull (N)everdodge Hall of FameBounty (70000 gp)retired Troll Bad Moon Backstabbers retired
profile Heiko Herrlich Hall of FameBounty (70000 gp) Werewolf MoonKnight Shadows retired
profile Synne Buch Hall of FameBounty (50000 gp)retired Elf Thrower Blood Bowl Bunnies retired
  Bi S.A. Hall of Famedead Beastman Runner Halfdead Clawkillers retired
profile Fas Firmfoot Hall of FameBounty (100000 gp)dead Goblin Bad Moon Backstabbers retired
profile Squik A'lot Hall of FameBounty (50000 gp)retired Gutter Runner Headz'n'Tailzz BBC retired
profile Bone Chewie Hall of FameBounty (20000 gp)retired Rat Ogre Headz'n'Tailzz BBC retired
profile Willow Windshire Hall of Fameretired Wardancer Loren Dodgers retired
profile Forest Dump Hall of FameBounty (60000 gp)retired Wood Elf Thrower Loren Dodgers retired
profile Gobo Choplifter Hall of Fame Goblin Bad Moon Provorcs retired
profile Bart Bomber Hall of FameBounty (210000 gp) Orc Thrower Bad Moon Provorcs retired
  Fun Freak Hall of FameBounty (110000 gp)dead Ghoul Runner Broken Bones retired
  Max Factor Hall of FameBounty (200000 gp) Mummy Broken Bones retired
profile Hans Hall of FameBounty (150000 gp)dead Human Catcher The Blood Brothers retired
  "Suset" Hall of FameBounty (120000 gp)dead Star Player Griff Oberwald Feber retired
  Fodvorte Find Hall of Famedead Gutter Runner Skadedyrene retired

Current Champions
Coach Prize

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