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Match result

Season XXX, Round 4
Team badge
Borc Lockers

gate: 31 000
2 TD score 1
cas score
Team badge
Witchburg Steelers


profile Korbjørn Thaels
profile Muds Maff
TD Scorers
Emanuella Sandousious
Foulers (no cas)

Badly Hurt'ers
Ramona Foster dead

profile Sulrik Vendsen Bounty (40000 gp)
profile Jemming Flørgensen
Serious Injurers
Rashard Mendenhallos retired

profile Noels Trielsen dead
Completions By
Lamarr Woodlous retired
Benjamin Rothlisbergis retired

profile Korbjørn Thaels
Interceptions By

profile Noels Trielsen dead
MVP awards to
Sustained Injuries
Miss Next Game
James Farriousious retired
-1 MA

profile Noels Trielsen dead
Result added March 19th, 2013

Match notes
BL receives but soon a great break by WS gives them the ball. BL manages to get it back, when a blitz makes the ball bounce to lineman Hens Jansen. But then he flores himself trying to push a witch elf away.

In the end Emanuella Sandousious runs away with the ball, but at least BL manages to put so much pressure on her, that she scores with three turns to go. 0-1.

BL then plays with the ball like elves, to move it from one side to the next, then shifts side. In the end Korbjørn Thaels has to blitz his way towards the EZ, dodging through a TZ to go for it for the equalizer TD 1-1.

The sweltering heat, as well as three casualties and then a push out due to a blitz as the 2nd half begins leaves the Dark Elves very undermanned. In desperation Lamarr Woodlous tries a long bomb, but that is dangerous right over the head of agile Korbjørn Thaels who snaps it out of the air. (He became a super star from this! He chose Sure Hands due to the event described below with a thrower).

However the elves fights back and do manage to get the ball free. But no one is there to pick-it up, and then the thrower Noels Trielsen gets it and himself into a cage.

When yet a foul cas takes out their best card, agile Lamarr Woodlous, it looks impossible - even though the fouler Rars Lasmussen is thrown out. The elves keeps trying, but they have less and less to try with and the thrower is well guarded!

Before the final turn, something does happen to sour the Orcs victory. An impossible action taken by Rashard Mendenhallos! First he doges into the cage – only two TZ and he has dodge, but then it is two dice against the strong blodging thrower Noels Trielsen, and with sure hands the strip ball skill is useless. So only the double pows that is rolled could be of any use. But getting the orc down is not enough no no he is Killed in the fall -so bad that even the apothecary can do nothing!

The ball actually bounces to Rashard Mendenhallos, but he could not produce a third 6 in a row to catch is (but the first two worked well - killing the best Orc runner in a long time!)

However, with the ball on the ground and five orcs around with tackle and AG 4, it is no serious threat to the Orcs victory, which comes when Muds Maff scores the winning TD, but it is with tears in his eye that he runs in the TD for the 1-2 victory. So the killing action did not succeed in stopping the defeat, but the win did not taste well for BL!

The MVP of course post hum goes to Noels Trielsen, who with the TD he failed to score would have become a super star. But now he is just a star on the BB heaven. To counter this well deserved MVP the Darkies MVP went to the hired star Roxanna Darknail who was BH in turn 2 of first half in a foul! ;)

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