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Willow Windshire

Willow WindshireHall of Fameretired
Loren Dodgers team retired


Interceptions: 0
Completions: 1
Touchdowns: 14
Casualties: 8  (2 were kills!)
MVP awards: 5
Star Player Points: 84
MA ST AG AV Skills
8 3 6 8 Block, Dodge, Leap, +AG, +AG, Dauntless, Diving Tackle, ?

Sustained Injuries: none

Retired during season VIII.
+AV from a Magic Helmet
Killed Hans
Hall of Fame HoF - Awarded into the Hall of Fame during/after season VIII
Willow is not only awarded into the HoF because he was an excellent agile BB player - another reason is that he was responsible for the death of legendary Hans.

Willow Windshire "Bane of Hans"
"You are either a ballplayer or a warior, no one posseses the capacity, to be both."...This was once said by a human team owner. But this can only be ment towards the lesser races.
This elf is surly both. Starplayer, general and one of the greatest profiles in woodelf history.
This elf lead the dodgers towards their great victory in season seven, leaving many casualties behind him.
It was indeed this elf hwo became the bane of Hans. Human star catcher of the blood brothers and perhaps the greatest ever.
He retired only because of his occupation in the resent war against the foul orcs of the bad moon. (It is actually said that the orcs attacked, due to their downfall in the semifinal of season seven against the dodgers)
When this elf leaves these shores, he will be seated right beside kournous...honoured in eternity.
But before he leaves he will surely bring many more victories to the elves of Loren. Perhaps even on the field of Blood bowl. So beware..."IŽll be back"

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