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Loren Dodgers

Race:  Wood Elf
Coach:  Jakob K
The Loren dodgers is a highly respected team in the sport of Blood bowl. And they have been a part of the ABB league since some af the first seasons.
The team experienced just after their succes in season 7 some serious changes, resulting in a complete substitution of players.
But despite new players, the dodgers are still one of the greatest teams in the league. And they will easely carry on their legacy and bring glory and victory to the elves of Loren.

Loren Dodgers team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Dec. 24th, 2002 - old news
Report from General willow Windshire of Loren.

"We have recently spotted bands of skaven, lurking in the outskirts of our forst. We warn you!! Keep out.
We will slay any rat hwo enters with no mercy.
We do not concider you as natural beings, but as creations of filth"

(This message came by flyers carried by great eagle all around the old world.
We print it here as a warning to the skavens visiting this site)
- Jakob K
Nov. 18th, 2002 - old news
Official report from Loren dodgers:
" We are not acostumed to such violent game, as we
meet and felt it in last weeks semi final. Almost our intire team is suffering and there is little spirit left. We therefore conceed our 3 place match against
Sikoinerz. We do not wish to see the rest of our players end up in the hospital in a no win match.
We will be back next year and this time we will be prepared...May kornous an isha guide us towards
truth and inlightning...
- Jakob K
Oct. 10th, 2002 - old news
"By kournus, what is it with that toothpick of a treeman" Shouted the assistent coach of Loren dodgers last tuesday. And he was in hes good right to do so. That big honk of wood was laying down almost 1 quarter of the match...Singing.......Oh yes... singing...(Songs of the Ents are actually beautifull These long...veryyy...looooong) Oh forget about it.
Anyway, we where later told that Ruffle Roughbark
had just a little to much of Ent water and as you now.
There is nobody as a drunk Ent, to sing you a story or 2 from hes youth.
The problem is that it takes an Ent about 15 min. just to sing the line - Once upon a time... (A skeleton though seemed quit interrested and stoped to listen for a while) In the end he did get back on his feet, after the skeleton left, but all to late.
So with all my hope towards the dogers, my advise is- Get this treeman some help with his problem, you know...AA or something...
Now a cormercial from our headsponser. Orcacola.
KRCG news radio.
- Jakob K
Sep. 23rd, 2002 - old news
FINALLY...(Sportpages of OWN)
We where yesterday, able to get a statement from the Hc of Loren dodgers. After watching the dodgers exiting match against The halfdead clawkillers (result: 2-2), we sneaked in to their lockerroom.
I was actually close to being struck by an arrow by lineman itchy trickerfinger, but the wardancer Lorien Greenleaf was swift, and chaught it before...???
After clearing out the mistake (they where all very nervous being around chaos) we got this from the HC. "We are satisfied. My team of young elves stood their ground, and this against those very foul creations of the chaos. They showed bravery and exellent ball play, the point is greeted without
complains. We thank Kornous and Isha for ligting the path..." After this we where kindly asked to leave, and so we did, without any hesitation...
Alberto Slofnia. Old world news.
- Jakob K
Tournaments played:
season III, season IV, season V, season VI, season VII, season IX, season X
Trophies won:
Championship: season VII
Fair Play Prize: season III, season IX



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