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Race:  Chaos Dwarf
Coach:  Sune
This rag-tag bunch of wierdoŽs are known for their complete lack of focus on the field!
With both the Dwarfs, the Bullcentaurs and the Minotaur fielding only to satisfy their morbid hunger for mayhem and carnage; any hope of actually scoring a touchdown is left to the puny Hobgoblins. Unfortunately the only motivation theese sorry critters have for feilding, is their fear of "weedgies" by the sadistic Chaos Dwarfs.
So it will be interesting to see if this team will be able to show any kind of coherence on the field in the upcoming season.

Sikoinerz team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Apr. 4th, 2003 - old news
So Sikoinerz have to beat Hormonal Junkies, in the last match before the playoffs. While the Junkies can settle for a tie. We asked Snegzilla for any comments on the match, and the advantage of Hormonal Junkies:
"Wees was gonna wins anuwaus! Onlu girlues make ties... hmm.... dems girlues...???"
(after quite a while, as the dwarf actually seemed to be thinking! he continued: )
"Wells, wees justs gots to hurts tem tiny girlues! Tem trie to make all players thinks dumb - with tems big babelons. Buts wees no like tiny man-womans. Tems only goods for braiking! Wees onlies like big nice dwarf-girlues... withs loooots o beard.... HAAHAAHAA!!!"
- Sune
Mar. 19th, 2003 - old news
"Mes no no to says. And if uŽs ackes me agauns mes gonna hurts u plenties; OKIES?"
-Was the only comment we could get from Snegzilla, after Sikoinerz first loss in season X. And frankly we didnŽt feel like pressing him for more answers...
- Sune
Mar. 14th, 2003 - old news
"Ahhh, finally bak where weees belongs! No ower place for mieghty CHAOS DWARFS, tan top owe leeege. Wees gonna gnosh ŽnŽ bosh evuru teams in all WOOAAARRLD-AAARGH!!!".
After a brief interruption, of our interview with Sneglzilla (head coach of Sikoinerz), we where able to continue. Unfortunatly the new intern on our paper, was not quick enough to leave the room; and he fell victim of Snegzillas wrath (funural services next monday).
We asked Snegzilla how he felt about next weeks top match of group A, against Granite Grunchers.
"Whaat?! Tem punie fakie Dwarfs. Wit they funie baards, and girli girli hair! U belive: tey not even have big hats?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHA".
After another break to allow Snegzilla to finish laughing, he continued:
"No serouvslu, tey aint nooo probles. Wees gonna wins, and ten wes gonna fart in tems stupid book ŽoŽ botches"
- Sune
Dec. 3rd, 2002 - old news
After reports that eks-wrestler Baron Fritz has joined the Aros Blood Bowl Legue, Chaos Dwarf Blocker Fuglemanden from Sikoiners (who was also a wrestler before becoming a Blood Bowl player), has issued a press statement:

"HA, Baron Bunghole think him gots a chanse in Aros?!?!
Me kik hims arse more times in da rings, tan me remembers!!! An noooo changue on blod buwl feelds!
Him alvous cry and cal for mommy, an him gonna do lots moe o dat!!!
Puny-greeanfaced-Fritz-Tiits: U goen DOWN!!! (again...hehehe)"
- Sune
Tournaments played:
season VIII, season IX, season X
Trophies won:
3rd place: season IX
Most Leathal Team: season IX



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