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Race:  Wood Elf
Coach:  Trolle
The Woodwatchers are the worlds best blood bowl players, proudly sponsored by tampax, they intend to bring the trophy home to the big forrest from which they origin.
Infact the team have allready achieved a number of great achivements such as placing at #19 in the recent big tournament, held in the Sheerwood Forrests and of course holders of UpInSmokeCup 2001.

Woodwatchers team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Apr. 7th, 2005 - old news
The days of the playoff endures and naturally we are there once again!
"Allthough its been costly this time, all games were easily won untill the playoff spot was secured. Group B for Braindead bashing lived up to just that, and not only was our team most matches struck by virus it seems it had hit our medic staff as well... and thus we are rather cripled for the playoffs" States Spokeself of the Woodwatchers Erestor Telrúnya
"Therefor our hopes for the playoffs this season are close to zero, our numbers are much too few and we'd be happy to get away with one game n' out without suffering further injuries..." those were the words from the team captain here less than a week before the opening playoff round.
- Trolle
Mar. 26th, 2004 - old news
After the recently match against Reapers In Place we went to the Woodwatchers' lockerrooms and caught up with Nimrodell Joyrider who with a magnificent kick on the lying mummy Prince Rahektep of the Reapers killed him:

Speaker: "So how do you feel about your own performance today?"

NImrodell: "ehehehe.. i was sooooo good man! i mean the others was good as well but i ...ahem was just better you know... nothing like rolling up an old toiletrole hehehehe."

Speaker: "ehm okay, i see your all celebrating your advantage to the playoffs now. How do you see the your oppotunities there, are you gonna go all the way this year?"

Nimrodell: "yaaaahhh man of course we are, theres allready been ordered a big shiny closet for the trophy so we'll simply have to, allthough coach is a bit sceptic he fears we might run into those grease rats from group a."

Nimrodell now grabs the mic out of the hands of the speaker...

Nimrodell: "But Squigga if your out there watching listen up:
cause my heart bleeds for ya squigga
i cant wait to get to you
behind that twiggle in your eyes
i can see the b**** in you
squigga you know the field-talk
so there'll be no white flags and no peacetalk... eheheheh"

as Nimrodell handles back the mic to the Speaker: "ehm okay thats be all from here back to you Jim..."
- Trolle
Tournaments played:
season XI, season XII, season XIII, season XIV
Trophies won:
Fair Play Prize: season XI, season XIV


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