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Necropolis Tombraiders

Race:  Shambling Undead
Coach:  Calle
Necropolis Tombraiders became champions of season 9 as they managed to beat the Headz'n'Tailzz BBC by 2-1 in the final.

LONG LIVE THE UNDEAD!!! - We will kill you until you die...

Necropolis Tombraiders team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Feb. 26th, 2008 - old news
Reapers Digest - secret facts
The following weeks Reapers Digest will get up close and personal and reveal secret facts about the young prospects of the newly reborn team Necropolis Tombraiders.

Double td-scorer, ghoul Liber Necris, will be the first one in line.

What’s your favourite movie?
Army of Darkness – despite of the sad ending…

What’s your favourite band/song?
“Yellow” featuring Cold Plague is one of my favorites – especially the lines:
Your skin
Oh yeah your skin and bones
Turn into something beautiful

That one always turns me soft…

What’s your personal ambition this season?
There’s no “I” in team so I guess I want to show that we as a team are still alive and kicking in the ranks – rest assure that we will not rest in peace before we raise that trophy above our skulls – I’m dead serious about that! And for the record should anyone disagree about that – tell them to go to hell – I live just next door…”
- Calle
Nov. 29th, 2002 - old news
Will the Tombraiders be competing for the throphy next season? Rumour has it that the Necropolis side has felt overconfident since they managed to go through last season undefeated and many predict that they most likely will not be defending their title in season 10. Several team members including Necromancer Blachskull are said to have disapeared from the face of the earth - perhaps they are celebrating the victory in the underworld?
- Calle
Nov. 19th, 2002 - old news
CHAMPIONS!!! Necropolis Tombraiders finally did it as they beat the Headzz’n’Tailzz BBC in the AROS Blood Bowl league-final – the final OT score was 2-1 (2 td’s by Ash Tray).
Necromancer Blachskull had a hard time motivating his team to play against the newcommer skaven team and in fact after the semifinal a lot of the Tombraiders players had been celebrating like they had already won the final (“in the bag” ) As a result Ramses II, Styff Pain and Bone Splint started in the reserve box since they all suffered from severe hangovers. As a matter of fact Styff Pain did not even field the pitch during the entire game – and he did not even feel his participation was necessary “I am convinced the guys will do without me today – call me cocky but hey it’s rats we are playing, for nuffles sake...”
It did not turn out the easy win Styff Pain predicted, though. Oddly the two teams (who are the two highest scoring teams in the league) managed to go through the first half without scoring. Blachskulls half time pep-talk did not work properly since a both Styff Pain and Bone Splint still did not feel like taking part of the game. The Necromancer did however, succeed in getting the remaining players to form the classic cage – and when Ash Tray scored in turn 8 in the second half – Blachskull was already reaching for the trophy. Squik A’lot was not ready to give in, though, and as he scored a one-turn td it was all open again.
However, the Tombraiders won the OT-coin toss, and as they once again worked the clock by forming the cage and pounded their way through the field (where they managed to make a crucial injury against Squik A’lot) the Headzz’n’Tailzz were not able to respond. After the game Necromancer Blachskull said “even though some of the players did not take this game serious enough (I will deal with them later) we still managed to play a good game – Count Luther (who was free booted before the game, ed.) was all over Bone Chewie and Ash Tray showed great spirit today – LONG LIVE THE UNDEAD – We are the champions”.
You are indeed and everybody here at Necromancers Broadcasting Circle would like to take this opportunity to say congratulations and phew what a party it will be in Necropolis tonight...
- Calle
Nov. 14th, 2002 - old news
Undefeated in 7 consecutive games and through to the final (for the second season running) while Styff Pain scores his second consecutive hattrick – How about that!!! What a game for the Necropolis Tombraiders and what a win – 4-1 against the Sikoinerz (the only other team to enter the semi-finals undefeated). Ka-Sabar, even though he was in great pain (since he was inflicted by “Mad cow disease by infamous Minotauer Tue Crotchsniffer, miss next game + niggling inj.) All in all the Sikoinerz did not make it an easy win for the Necopolis side, as they inflicted 8(!) casualties – the Tombraiders only inflicted 2. What did not work in the “defensive” plays worked plentiful in the offensive ones, though. The TD-show ended when “the unholy number 13” Clatu Verrata Nictu scored an amazing td dodging past a gawping hobgoblin and a furious little fat chaos dwarf (two tacklezones) and the dodging yet another square while finally pushing it twice for the td (no re-rolls left, by the way!). Tombraiders’ fans stayed at the dome singing for two hours after the game (the famous lyrics of the well-known undead song: “Kill yourself and join our team”.
The Sikoinerz fans seemed quite annoyed, though, as they tried to intimidate Necropolis Superstar Styff Pain throwing a rock at him. Styff Pain had no hard feelings after the game, though, ‘cause as he said “We all know that’s part of the game – the fans really got into it today (the gate: 96.000 – season record, ed.) and it really helped me to play at the highest level”. Headz’n’Tailzz awaits in the final next week as they beat the sorry woos elves (who shamefully conceeded their game, ed.) – the Tombraiders will be counting the days.... That was all from NBC-sports today, - I am “Bad-bone” Malone saying “look forward to furry rat-burgers tuesday night”.
- Calle
Tournaments played:
season VIII, season IX, Season XX, Season XXII
Trophies won:
Championship: season IX
2nd place: season VIII



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