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Dark Minions of Naggaroth

Race:  Dark Elf
Coach:  Thomas H
Hidden by the shadows of the old trees in the Naggaroth forest, a small band of Dark Elves perform dark and sinister rituals for their gods. One night, they accidentally called upon a demon. The demon was slaughtered but before doing so, had it already done grave damage to the forest. The Minions were sent in exile. Not knowing what to do they joined the ABBL.
Living a nomadic life going from arena to arena bashing up other players, and still being able to perform their dark and decaying rites at night, suits them just fine.

Dark Minions of Naggaroth team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Nov. 18th, 2003 - old news
A loss again Oh what a shame. Though only starting with 9 players, 3 with a miss and 1 with a niggling, one still had to look upon the orcs as the underdogs because of the superb play the elves managed in their last match.

Before the kick off the team apothecary fell sick so he healed himself, so unfortunately he didn’t join the others in the match. “We think someone spiked his punch”

“9 against 11 players there weren’t much we could do, so we just tried our best, and that was almost good enough” says Cain “I threw one of the ugly looking bastards in the injury box, he he.”

“I think my players did very well” Blade tells “And especially Moraek the Vile, at a very crucial moment she blitzed an orc ball carrier with her frenzy skill and at the 2nd block he were grounded. Unfortunately as it so often happens in these situations, the ball wanted to stay in an orc tackle zone, so there it remained for the rest of the match.”

The team could really use team captain Blade, but all he could do during the match, was picking his nose and play a game of squik splatters.
- Thomas H
Nov. 17th, 2003 - old news
What a lousy starting point for the Minions for our next match against the Orcs. The only sure way to the play off is to be victorious in our next 3 matches, and with Blade, Zhar the 'Cold' and Blitzing Krieg having to miss the next match it’s going to be a little harder then expected.

While Bishop has suffered a niggling due to his ageing process, the coach has brought reinforcement to the team in shape of Moraek the Vile the Witch Elf. “My expectations to our new comrade are very high” SoulBlade says, one of the starting blitzers, “If she doesn’t take matters in her own hands, then I sure will, ‘cause no Orc is gonna stay in my way to the play offs”
- Thomas H
Nov. 17th, 2003 - old news
After two defeats in a row the Minions were very anxious to get into action against the Tainted Rams, and boy oh boy did the Rams taste the Minions touchdown thirst. Two touchdown in the 1st half and a 3rd in the 2nd half was a very pleasing result for the team. After the final whistle from the ref all the players went into crazed ecstasy after realizing their victory, all six players that is, because with 3 players short for the next game, “things may look a bit sinister” Bishop says with a worried look.
- Thomas H
Oct. 21st, 2003 - old news
Their race may be dark, but I’m sure their mood is even darker after tonight’s match. Nothing they tried succeeded. The offence failed, the defence failed, even picking up the ball they failed in. Isn’t this in such a dark hour the captain should prove his worth, but where were he??? –He was lying on the ground trying to pull himself together after one failed leap after an other.
Boy oh boy was this a sinister time for the Minions, and just to finish it all off Blade shouted “Illegal Procedure!” When Cobra SnakeEyes was announced MVP on the team.
- Thomas H
Tournaments played:
season X, season XI, season XII
Trophies won:
Fair Play Prize: season X


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