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Apple Pie Mayhem

Race:  Halfling
Coach:  Calle
Life was peaceful in the green meadows of Greenfield until one day orc Warboss Honka Bigsnotta came by with his hungry clan who had just been battling some dwarfs. The terrible result was that anything eatable within several miles was seized (and devoured) by the orcs. Surprisingly the orcs did not bother beating up the citizens of Greenfield and they left peacefully, satisfied and full the next day. For the rest of the year the only hope any halfling has of getting any food is at the post game feast (for players only) at a bloodbowl game.

Apple Pie Mayhem team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Jan. 13th, 2005 - old news
Late in the evening on thursday the 13th head coach of the Apple Pie Mayhem - Schwabbisch von Gugelhupf - announced that the brave halflings of Greenfield will not be competing in the next AROSBB-league. This may come as a shock to many fans, however, as Gugelhupf puts it: "After 4 seasons, 151 casualties against and many players that have gone to the eternal fields of iced buns I think these guys deserve a break".
Former Apple Pie Mayhem player Flabby Baconbit may be joining the Tamba Bay Buccanners coaching staff. Despite his poor condition Flabby is currently considering a contract offer from the human team. No matter how that turns out we wish him the best of luck.
- Calle
Sep. 16th, 2004 - old news
Schwabbisch von Gugelhupf - Head coach of the Apple Pie Mayhem answers back!

"PlayBall Corporation's accusations are preposterous. The names "Bunkerbunny" and "Poof" are proud hobbit names and have been for ages. We suggest that legal adviser P. Dant comes over for a nice cup of tea and some iced buns so we can talk it over - I know that Spruce Woodwind knows all the halfling family trees by heart - and I'm sure he wouldn't mind going through all of them - just to help sorting things out..."

The Apple Pie Mayhem awaits Playball Corporations reply...
- Calle
Sep. 15th, 2004 - old news
The halfling unstoppable mean machine is rolling once again. A deserved 3-1 win against the orc team the Filthy Dusin was the result of yesterdays game. Tummy Paunch once again played a good game scoring 1 td and badly hurting a line orc. However, two other players stole the scene in this second round game. Tremor Oldwood went bezerk after the unfortunate Flabby Baconbit got hurt bad once again... In sheer rage the ente inflicted 2 serious injuries and left an orc badly hurt. Other than that Chubby Merrychap seemed to feel particularly well this evening as he scored 2 td's(and came close to a third).
The new kid on the block, Puffy Poof, also came of to a good start as he made a perfect td-pass to Chubby Merrychap in the first half - this could be a quarterback in the making :-D

This message was brought to you by OMNIMAX - the halfling kitchen at home

Match notes: Flabby Baconbit now suffers from 2 niggling injuries and a broken collar bone (- 1 ST)!!!
- Calle
Sep. 7th, 2004 - old news
Phew - what a season opener!!! With only a few minutes left on the clock in the second half and with the Apple Pie Mayhem down 0 to 1 Tummy Paunch decided to take matters in to his own tiny hands. There seems to be no ending to this brave hobbit's abilities. Deep into halfling territory he dodged into 4 tacklezones (with 4 long beards covering the ball) - picked it up and dodged out running as fast as he could towards the dwarven end zone. That seemed to upset the dwarven coach quite a lot - and he was called for not one - but two illegal procedures after that incident. And in the mean while Tummy Paunch strolled down the sideline to make it the end score 1-1. An amazing achievement - especially considering that the halfling apothecary (Porky Choppa) was feeling ill before the game (Mickey Finn) and 4 players did not show up due to a Virus among several important halfling players - but who cares as long as we've got the one, the only, the bold, the brave the all mighty Tummy Paunch :-D

This message was brought to you by OMNIMAX - the halfling kitchen at home
- Calle
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