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Jan. 30th, 2006
The dawn of a new season is approaching, but within a short time dawn shall turn to dusk - and the light to dakrness. The shadows shall prevail - mark you our words, the season of the everliving evil shall come, and we say onto you that it is season 16...... prepare to to meet the darkness that is within, the darkness that was before the light - prepare for the SHADOWS OF SORCERY!!!!
- Steffen
Sep. 11th, 2005
"We are the shadow that haunt your dreams. We are the darkness in the depths of your sole. We are an evil more ancient than all else. We are the immortal, the everyoung, the everlasting. We are the upcoming champions, look upon our power and despair"

That is the latest statement from head coach Altor Archmage, when asked to comment on the seasons first match. With Selena Sorceress starting her career at Shadows of Sorcery by scoring two TD’s it looks like its not just all hot air.
- Steffen
May 4th, 2005
The season is over, and the Altor Archmage is furious since the Shadows only managed to get third place. Rumour has it that he has killed both Mockus and Baltus Blackmage after the disappointing match against Bad Moon Backstabbers (the fact is that Altor killed them after the game, the goblins had nothing to do with it, the mortal cannot kill the immortal) . The rest of the team was only spared for a while, so that they might still prove their worth. They did this against PureBred Inquisitors, with a little help from the comming player Selena, who was on trial for the game. Wilhelm von Wither commented that the tactic was quite simple. First they drank a lot of blood from the thralls, and with their strength increased annihilating the puny high elves should not prove a problem… and it was not.
- Steffen
Apr. 17th, 2005
Now the shadows is going to the 1/4-final. Only a few outsiders have believed it, but they made it. We had a reporter on the spot, but he seems to have disapered. A written statement was, however, recieved.

"The shadows shall engulf the world"

From this we can seemingly learn two things. One: the shadows are sure that they will go all the way this year, and two: We should stop sending reporters to interwiev them. Already our star reporter formerly known as Max plays for the team as Maximus

The shadows seems capable enough though, both Lintorf Longshade and Wilhelm von Wither are in top form. Wilhelm von Wither has been training hard the last week and is looking forward to kill and destroy more than he already does.

Mike Miscugan - Blood and Bowl Magazines.
- Steffen
Apr. 7th, 2005
Playoffs.... of course we made it. Was there ever really any doubt. We finally got our magics to work and Altor Archmage succeeded in cursing many of the players on New Forest Rangers. They couldn't really do much as somehow the ball was much more slipery than usual. Lintorf Longshade commented: "Those petty elves are worth nothing, how dare they call themselves high, we are the only ones deserving such a title, we are the only once who are truly high, who have power beyond the understanding of puny mortals, we are the only ones who truly live forever, all mortals shall bow to us and all that is shall be remade in our image, heed us and despair". This must mean that the Shadows are pretty confident, and believe that the title will be theirs.
- Steffen
Feb. 11th, 2005
After the first game Lintorf Longshade har proved to be the strongest and most agile in the team. When asked about the game afterwards his only comment was: "of course we won". Seing the Bloodlust in his eyes this reporter chose not to mention the very poor cas score...

Editors Note:
The writer of the above recited article desappeared mysteriously a coupple of days ago. GO SHADOWS !!
- Steffen
Dec. 7th, 2004
As season 14 aproaches, Altor Archmage have signed up his team Shadows of Sorcery to join the famous Aros Blood Bowl League. From his horde of vampires he has chosen Lintorf Longshade, Baltus Blackmage and Wilhelm von Wither to be hes lead players.
Because it is the Shadows first season expectation aren't that high. We only wish to lay waste the earth and make the mortals our slaves commented Baltus Blackmage to our now lost reporter Maxim.

All hail the rulers of the damned, the masters of secrecy, the true rulers. The Shadows of Sorcery.
- Steffen
Shadows of Sorcery
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Coach:  Steffen

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