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Feb. 13th, 2008
New rules of engagement!
first of all I would like to say how sorry I am for the total lack of concentration the players put into last nights game!
I hope we will not see mistakes like that again too often, but with that said the players did well taking the new gameplan into consideration...

still and first of all we play by the rule:
if in doubt - foul!

but we tried to make it a bit easier for the players to get around that rule if the situation happend where there would be no one to foul (Nuffle forbid that)...

this is a game called Blood Bowl and there is no ball involved in that - blood yes, bowl yes - ball no! so let the blood spill and do.......whatever with that bowl...

so here goes...

1. if possible - foul
2. if its not possible to foul - make sure it will be later!
3. if help needed to figure out who to hit - always go for the smallest and weakest looking opponents first!
4. now foul!
5. if possible - foul again...
6. repeat 1-5
7. should u in any case end up with the ball - use it to hit someone - or throw it at the referees face while you do dirty tricks on proned players...

so this is how we gonna do it!

and again im very sorry for scoring one of those tuch-duwn-thingies last night...
- Jimi
Apr. 5th, 2005
It is now confirmed!
Psycomaniac Pussyclaw has joined the Hellbringers - so now even more fury will be coming!
- Jimi
Apr. 5th, 2005
But somehow it has leaked that one of the holy females of the Pussyclaw clan has joined the Hellbringers...!!!
- Jimi
Apr. 5th, 2005
It is simply not possible to get in contact with any of the Hellbringers...?
- Jimi
Mar. 25th, 2005
We obey no commish! We play as we wish and when we wish to! And now we enjoy our good life far east to learn even more foul plays which will be taken to mediate use upon our reurn!
Also nice to see that we still is on top of everything - both league table and all top player positions!

You wish You dont see us...
- Jimi
Mar. 9th, 2005
So 2 out of 2 possible games for Hellbringers was not played last night!
Due to a tight program for the popular Hellbringers they had planned to play both the wood elf team and the small fat dudes in their group last night - but none of the teams had the guts to do anything about it!?!
The tiny puny woodies were 'sick' and the fat ones had all kinds of rediculous excuses not even worth mentioning...?
So the Hellbringers stay in top of group C getting maximum points for the conceeding lowlife scumback blood bowl wanna be teams!

'If you dont wanna play, dont sign up!' so says the Hellbringer hero Morgoth Darksoul making obscene gestures with one index finger at everybody...
- Jimi
Mar. 8th, 2005
Tonight we will come thru as the meanest team this league has ever encountered!!!
No one will be allowed the comfort of safty!
We field 3 very dirty players, well known as real tough dogs on and off the pitch: Killer Despair, Brutal Wifebeater and Master Painbringer!
Morgoth Darksoul will make sure there will be plenty opponents to tamper with...
- Jimi
Feb. 23rd, 2005
We did not lose - we won as expected over the female wannabes!
And is still the most casualty inflicting team, most scoring team and still and forever number one in group C
But the Spider Queen have not yet reckogniced her favourite sons!?
So in a match - rescheduled due to some unforseen bad weather - where the pale sons of death came off very unprepared and got really shaken in the first half of well yeah the first half! But made it good again in econd half!
The bitches came on really hard disguised as men (wich will surely bring the commish down on them hard) - confusing the already confused Hellbringers and due to some bribery had the ref looking away while using our dirty tricks (???) on ourselves - even with a whole lotta more luck! Darn anoying amazon #&%?#!
They had obviously been praying to some obscene unnatural lowlife god-wanna-be for good luck and somehow that pettifull creature had for the night the beginners luck to grand it to the gals???
- Are there no rules in this game? can they do that?
For everything - everything i tells ya - they did was much more luck than know-how of the game!!! - they must have cheated big time...

So the aftermath will be a disqualification af the ho's and thats a fact!
Along side the lizzies and the rediculous 'high' elves...

These are the direct words as written in the 'Bring Hell Magazine' spoken from the owner of the Hellbringers (one mr. L. Ucifer) and there will be no more comments on last nights game...
- Jimi
Feb. 21st, 2005
'And neither do we fear little girls who wanna play ball'

That was the first comment from the big D after the news of the late arriving khemri team to group C and the rescedule of the matches!

'They might jump around - dancing and dodging, but I promise you all if they ever fall over, with or without our help, we will make them suffer!!!
All in all - they are bloody human girls and way underneath our standing, but for the fun of it I head of the Darksouls will attend the match just for the carnage and fun of it...!'
So says Cpt. Morgoth Darksoul to the reporter from the Coffin Daily - an undead soul whom big D killed an amazingly 17 times during the interview...just to see how undead the reporter was!?
- Jimi
Feb. 16th, 2005
'We do not fear crazed men from the north - we are way above their most feared enemy the Balrog! one of the Dark Blessed Sons can easyli wipe out a total of at least 10 Balrogs...so no little pale fur dressed wannabe shall ever think he intimidate the mighty Hellbringers...we hate vikings (actually we hate anything and anybody) and will make them pay for even addressing us!!!
Our only and largest enemy is ourselves - but boy oh boy do we fear our selves...gee!'
-So says the bold and majestic Morgoth Darksoul to the reporter sent from Cold North News while twisting his arm to the point just where it brakes...and only letting him go to tell the story!
It has to be said that lots of horses and other domestic animals (cows, sheep, dogs, cats and a single camel?) and human servants were killed in the making of this interview...
- Jimi
Feb. 14th, 2005
AAAAAARGH Damned 'high' elves...
A 4th ranked team as the Hellbringers chose to set up this afternoon should have been enough to wipe out the nosy bitches inquisitors - but the Dark Quenn of the Underworld obviously have other and more difficult plans for her 'favourite' sons og pain and murder???

What do we do to unplease you so? Dont we foul enough? And if so - why do you see to it that the soldiers of the dark is taken of the pitch...???

The questions are many and the despair is pitchblack!
Nothing seems to go the way the boys of hell would want it to...

The hatred to all living and the bitterness is building up to extreme heights......we will have our vengence!
- Jimi
Feb. 9th, 2005
Next match will be the most hatefull and goresplattering ever to be recorded in the files of ArosBB...rest asured intestine fan!
No quarters will be given - and the hunt of the heroine has begun :D

Hellbringers tactic - FOUL, FOUL and FOUL!
- Jimi
Feb. 9th, 2005
Nothing less than terrible. The worst ever game seen by the coach of the Hellbringers!
celebrating his birthsday from the V.I.P. booth in confidence that his captain could lead the team to an easy and bloody victory...but not!
It was as if the dark elfs had been celebrating too much with the coach and suffered the consequences -playing like a bunch of girls, falling over and knocking themselves down...
Not even fullfilling their succescriteria with at least 2 game misconducts...?

But this the Hellbringers will remedy!
Blood will be spilled - and next time it will not be ours...
- Jimi
Feb. 8th, 2005
Tonight records will be broken and new ones made!!!
the Hellbringers are ready to bring destruction to whomever are unfortunate enough to get in their way!
Inspired by their vile coach whom has been heard to say that he would so much like a lot of dead and mutilated opponents for his birthday present :D

We will be holding grudges and we will be vengefull!
- Jimi
Feb. 3rd, 2005
In less than a week the scorched sky will be bringing hellfire over all lower beings!

Prepare for your DOOM lowlife!

Hellbringers has just signed a huge deal with the multiinternational TripleSkull Surgery - and their top dollar doctor Gluteus Maximus will soon be joining the sidelines on the real side of river Styx!
- Jimi
Jan. 26th, 2005
'proud and noble kingdom of Tok-sun?
Who do those fancy pancy 'high' elves think they are??? - when we are finished with them all they will be is a sideorder to some oriental dish of fish...!'

-Capt. M
- Jimi
Jan. 25th, 2005
'Dont despair PureBred Inquisitors...I've got an eye on your heroine of the white city! She will soon be tought the real meaning of purebred...!!!'

For the first time capt. Morgoth Darksoul speaks openly about the rivalry of races in an exclusive interview brought to you by the so called 'high' elves weekly magazine 'Breeders Digest'!
Most of the interview was called back before it ever reached the subscribers - the situation between the elven races only improved as the Hellbringer captain seriously wounded 12 high elf reporters in the making of the interview...way to go big D!
-this was good news told at the pressconference held to celebrate the drafting of capt. Morgoth Darksouls younger brother Sauron Darksoul - who if things go well soon will be taking on the pitch of blood for the Hellbringers!'
- Jimi
Jan. 22nd, 2005
Captain Morgoth Darksoul of the Hellbringers promises more foul play in season XIV than ever seen before in the Aros Blood Bowl League!
- Jimi
Jan. 22nd, 2005
Death, pain and mayhem is here!!!
Behold - the HELLBRINGERS!
- Jimi
Race:  Dark Elf
Coach:  Jimi

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