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Match result

season XIII, round 7
Team badge
Sindarin Lords

gate: 64 000
1 TD score 2
cas score
Team badge
Headz'n'Tailzz BBC


profile Dior, Thingol's heir
TD Scorers
profile Hanzz dead
profile Tearr A'Parte retired
Foulers (no cas)
Badly Hurt'ers
profile Hanzz dead
Serious Injurers
profile Hanzz dead

profile Beleg Cathalion retired
profile Beleg Cathalion retired
Completions By
Interceptions By

profile Thraduiel
MVP awards to
profile Tearr A'Parte retired
Sustained Injuries

profile Legolas Greenleaf Bounty (20000 gp) dead
Result added October 24th, 2004

Match notes
Well as far as BB-games go, this one was certainly a bit out of the ordinary. Not much worked for either team.
The elves of course managed to score in their own first drive, at KO the ratogre on a foul. For the rest of the first half the rats where held at bay far down on their own half. But in their second last turn a long bomb was tried. Though it wasn't accurate it scatered back in the hands of Heinzz. A doubble skull roll stoped the elves last turn... and it was 1-1 at half time.

Blitz was what the second half started with... though a quite miserable one, and a mistake by the Lords coach led to athe use of a reroll. Quickly the storming elves where surounded. A few bad blocks deprived the lords of their remaining rerolls and a blitz folowed by a apo fail deprived Legolas of his life. In a final desperate atempt to score the elves tried to switch side, But Tear A'Parte made a coupple of go-for-its leaving him with the ball. So he blitzed down one side of the field to the touchdown for 2-1. To turns remained.

The lords where now forced to try and score in two turns. But exelent defense by the rats (and poor offensive blocks the other way), combined with the outnumbering force of the ratpack prevented the Lords from scoring. In the end a 4+ 3+ 2+ 2+ was needed to score.

2-1 Tailzz

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