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1. Nov. 2022 - 21:09  
EuroBowl (Malta): Gull Patrol vs Hygge -> why not😎
- BeerBeer  
30. Sep. 2021 - 15:29  
Is there any chance this site is getting updated? I Love using the excel sheet for teams and would love an update for the new rules.
- Fangaz  send email to Fangaz 
5. May 2020 - 21:37  
I have to ask (because i have) -> Danish open - if about 10 finns are coming is't Ok?
- BeerBeer  
10. Feb. 2020 - 18:15  
Goddag de herre... er der en mulighed for at roster kan opdateres med racer? Eller at jeg kan få en åbnet kopi af excel arket? Det har været en kæmpe hjælp for vores liga igennem 4 snart 5 år... og jeg har som turneringskoordinator (læs: statistikslave), være ekstrem glad for jeres sheets.

vi ses på Fumbbl
- Nicodemus1  send email to Nicodemus1 
1. Oct. 2019 - 14:21  
Hey guys, great spreadsheet as many others have said. Is Casper updating this at all anymore? Lots of the new Spike additions and stuff have been missed or not included. Any chance of these being updated as I know the password and format details arent for public use.
- Jack  send email to Jack 
11. July 2019 - 03:57  
Brilliant work Aros BB League! An inspiration for the rest of the community.
- Brad  send email to Brad 
17. Aug. 2018 - 08:21  
Hi guys
The excel roster password is not meant to be released. But the roster is now updated. Take a look in the download section.
- Casper  send email to Casper 
22. July 2018 - 13:19  
Hey guys, I really like your excel file. Only problem is i'm playing Chaos Pact and using Lewdgrip whiparm and his stats are not in it. Any way that i can add him?
- Nico Vermeiren  send email to Nico Vermeiren 
16. July 2018 - 08:54  
Thanks for the answer. I would like to translate it into German LG Bernd
- Bernd  send email to Bernd 
15. July 2018 - 21:17  
Hi Bernd

You need an answer from Casper on this, I'm sure he will respond when he is logged in again, he is probably on holiday right now.

To my knowlegde he doesn't give away the password, but I could be wrong. Why do you need it?

- Jens  send email to Jens 
10. July 2018 - 20:55  
The excel team roster is the Best
- Bernd  send email to Bernd 
10. July 2018 - 19:35  
Hello, can you please give me the password for the excel team roster thank you
- Bernd  send email to Bernd 
24. Apr. 2018 - 00:39  
I've used several rosters and yours is by far the BEST. Any chance I could also get the password to the Roster Sheet so I can update it to the new rules?
- Ryan  send email to Ryan 
7. Dec. 2017 - 21:54  
Thx mate - we do our best :)
Though credits should go out to Casper, who made both site & roster.
- Thorbjørn  send email to Thorbjørn 
13. Oct. 2017 - 14:23  
Great, if not THE best, roster there is available on the web - you guys should be much better known.
- Eladamri  
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