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 1) League Structure
  League structure: Brackets & Groups
A coach can only enter with one team in a season.
Before season start the participating teams are first divided into brackets: the upper and lower bracket - determined by their team value with their treasury added. The brackets are then divided into groups, so that teams with low TV go in the lower bracket groups and thus do not play the monster teams in the opening rounds, as high TV teams go into upper brackets groups.
The TV border for being in the lower or upper bracket may change from season to season, as it depends on the dispersion of the participating teams' TV.
Number of groups depends on the number of competing teams. Usually groups consist of 7-10 teams.
All teams in a group play each other once in a fixed schedule (if number of teams in some groups are odd, we might put in an extra round, where teams play each other across groups, and points and scores still count towards group sorting. Such a round is designated a "cross-over").
  League structure: Play-offs
The best teams of each group go through to either semi-finals, quarter- or 1/8-finals (the numbers of teams to enter PO are depending on the number of participating teams). The chance of advancing to the PO from an upper bracket group should be higher than from a lower bracket group.
Pairing teams for PO matches relies on the element of chance - it's decided by lot (brackets are only used for group play). Preferably, teams from the same group (in the opening rounds) cannot play each other in a play-off round if avoidable.
And in the first PO round (usually 1/8-finals or quater finals), you cannot play against the team you just played in the (optional) cross-over round just before the end of group play.
  Teams entering a seasonthis rule overrides the Official Rules
Teams assigned to a season must constitute of at least 11 players. If there arenīt enough players on the roster the rest will be automatically assigned as Journeymen just prior to the bracket divisions are decided.

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