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Sep. 12th, 2003
The team has entered season 11. It seemes, though, that the team has celebrated last season's championship too much, as the level of training has gone down (lost a re-roll in the "crush!").
- Casper
May 6th, 2003
We did it, we did it!
All "the mooners" are on a victory rampage, insulting as many people as possible.
They really rose above the extremely bad play from last season and took the trophy back home to the clan's locker room once again.
- Casper
Apr. 24th, 2003
YEAH ! With a 2-0 win in the semi-final against Sikonerz we have now reached the turnament final :-)
- Casper
Apr. 21st, 2003
After a 3-0 win against The Bowlers, we are through to the semi-finals
- Casper
Mar. 12th, 2003
After an amputated line up against Kiss of Death, a draw result of 1-1 was almost a relief.
Besides the spectacular scenes with lots of players running to and from the lavatory, many also noticed that Zoraq Bollogs did not seem at all stupid the entire game. Oh well, he did toss a poor goblin rather misfortuned, which caused the gobo to miss the rest of the match, but he was active all the match withot any periodes of lack of concentration. Speculation concerning the Ogre having a twin brother have arrised.
The MVP went to Armstrong, but not untill after the match was it revealed, that it was awarded because he has lately gone through some intensively dexterity training.
- Casper
Mar. 6th, 2003
A win streak of 3 so far...
This time the mooners beat Headz 'n' Tailz, the much feared rats (Bone Chewie in particular). Though victurious the game also took its toll on the team, as Bignose Snotdigger has sadly joined the eternal snotling fields after a long (and questionable?) service on the team.
- Casper
Feb. 26th, 2003
The Dirglers has now played two matches in season 10 - and remarkably they won both of them.
This is a strange tendency which cannot continue, of course???
- Casper
Feb. 8th, 2003
The Dirglers now take the consequence of their rather hidious play last season, and try to secure at least some sort of entertainment for the crowd when they play a match. Therefore the team has signed up with a goblin cheerleader. Whether she is intended to arouse the fans or just to please Raztag 3-legs is not specified.
- Casper
Dec. 23rd, 2002
In a news bulletin from the Dirglers it says that the team's attempt to un-stupidize its main card on the midfield has failed. The idea was, that through brain surgery Zoraq Bollogs might be able to gain just a little more power of concentration towards the game. But after opening the skull (thick skull btw, hehe), the team's apothecary gave up all hope, since brain surgery implies that you will need at least some sort of brain to work with, which was definately not found in Zoraq Bollogs' case.
How the team got the Ogre to lie down and be subject to such an undertaking in the first place, remains a question unanswered
- Casper
Nov. 7th, 2002
Wow, a victory??? The team managed to get a win this season? Though last match was not a convincing victory - the orcs' play wasn't that impressive - it was afterall a victory. And that's something new in the present course of this team. Let's hope that it was an indication of the Dirglers getting back on the right track for next season.
- Casper
Oct. 30th, 2002
An outsider wouldn't understand the joyful confusion in the Dirglers' camp. They only scored once in their last match against Sikoinerz, was outnumbered the entire match as they suffered 6 casualties (inflicted 4 themselves :-)) and the match result was only a tie.
The reason is that the orcs did not fumble around all the time last match (still "too much" occasional, though). Armstrong (thrower) started playing ball and was even noted for a few completions. Even Bollogs (Ogre) was not as stupid as usual, and was able to participate a little more than half the match time. He even woke up at a moment at inflicted his first casualty this season - he killed a Chaos Dwarf.
The fans also helped a bit killing a Bull Centaur.
So despite the otherwise poor 1-1 result, the orcs are as much confused as amazed with what seem to them a sensation?
The first match Sikoinerz did not win this season, was also the first the Dirglers did not lose ;-)
- Casper
Oct. 23rd, 2002
1 -> reroll -> 1 again
1 -> reroll -> 1 again
1 -> reroll -> 1 again
1 -> reroll -> 1 again
1 -> reroll -> 1 again
- Casper
Oct. 9th, 2002
"Aaargh, I cood reep aut the harrrt of N... eh, shood hav a seriusch convasa..tio ..conva... TALK with Nuffle (the bloody bastard)"
- was the only words understandable from head coach of Dark Moon Dirglers after the match against Bloodfist Bowlers.
He was of course referring to the fact the orcs once again played as if some dark spell is cast on them. They again performed poorly, and still with no obvious reason - not outnumbered og with all the best plans and opportunities. But when you are haunted by bad luck, every thing that can go wrong will go wrong.
Actually the match was not a eventful show, the Bowlers didn't perform convincing either. The best entertainment was watching the Dirglers' head coach as he constantly screemed his heart out jumping up and down and occasionally seemingly tried to rip his ears off and eyes out - all because the orcs kept fumbling around and messing up every simple looking situation to get som Blood Bowl play going - as they have done through all their matches this season.
It surely seems that some god has determined to doom their every move. As soon as and orc wants to lift a foot or an arm he will surely fall over (and take a few team-mates with him to the ground in his desperate attempt to save himself).
" We arrr OK wif loooosing a game or twoo, but it'sch now thfree in a row, and them blooody gods still wont us play a single ball", someone heard the coach mumble as he went out of sight.
- Casper
Sep. 24th, 2002
Seems that the dirglers are in desperate need of training. Many times during last match, the team's lack of training (re-roll) was obvious - however one cannot compete with bad luck. More that often, a situation which seemed simple to exploid or control ended with disastererous fumbles, falls and so on. Additionally a few cocky players (the most experienced in fact) didn't even enter the field before it was too late (handicap: "In the bag").
We sure hope that the team's coach will give the team a real "shout-out" to improve this poor performance in the next match.
- Casper
Aug. 30th, 2002
We are proud to announce that the champions in reign are ready to participate i the next season (number 9) :-)
- Casper
Dark Moon Dirglers
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Coach:  Casper

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