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Terrible Wiseguys the 2nd

Race:  Goblin
Coach:  Kynde
Having been in the shadows of their brilliant forefathers the kids of these geniuses have formed a Blood Bowl team. However, the offspring may not necessarily be as bright as their parents… For one thing they failed to spell wise guys correctly when creating their logo. But then they will try just that harder to become something on the BB pitch.
TV2 hopes to follow in the footsteps of famous season 21 champs DR, which they believe to be their worst competitor! (Of course not realising that the later team retired the season before they begun…)

Terrible Wiseguys the 2nd team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
May 7th, 2010 - old news
Facing a team worth a whole team more!
"Well what can you do, when facing a team worth almost a million more than yours with a gobo outtaker like Morvian Hellstrike?

He took out Holger Bech Nielsen Jr. twice, first time as the first in a three cas in a row series, and then he finished the game off with two in a row towards the end for a total of 6. And of course the other elves also managed 4 casualties.

But most discouraging the two worst hit came on each of the trolls. Luckily the kill on Niels Bohr Jr. was healed by our apotech (no leaving that type of injury to regenerating powers!) But it was already in the first turn of the match so he missed the entire first half save the last turn. No wonder he fumbled a one turn pass attempt there! Maybe explaining why he got the MVP?

Albert Einstein Jr. at least managed to BH the elf (N´kari Deathstriker) whom he took down with him self, but only BH, he was himself SI. Luckily not anything permanent and he will be ready for TV2's next season. It has been a bad season for Albert, this was only his 2nd casualty, but at least he learned Grab from this.

The lucky part was that all other (8!) casualties where only BH! Thus leaving the team completely intact.

But that was the only lucky part of this 0-4 one sided affair as you can read here:
Death Extravagante - Terrible Wiseguys the 2nd (Season XXIV, ¼-final).

As the troll casualty was the only we made our selves apart from a fire ball by our wizard (and both cas where only BH) we did nothing to stop the Death Extravagante train, and we can't believe that any other team has any chance to stop them from winning this season! Something they should have accomplished long ago anyway.

So good luck to them, and especially to their opponents who will face the wrath of Morvian Hellstrike!

Nuff said!"

That was the words from TV2's head coach, who for the first time have spoken in public during TV2's two seasons.

There are some rumour that he and the team may take a break from BB next season, but, hey, that may just be evil rumours… :D
- Kynde
Apr. 7th, 2010 - old news
Well! What can Gobos do against Dwarfs?
"Not much that I can say, but at least I managed to score with the help of Tycho Brahe Jr. at the end of first half. Sadly we could then not stop Breakers from a quick TD for 1-1.

But at this point we had made as many casualties as them (1-1). But that was not to last into 2nd half. Even with three great bombs nothing really came of Robert Oppenheimer the 2nd's efforts, and in the end I was the only one that had a chance at stopping the 2nd Dwarf TD. But it is hard with all that tackle.
The flying one turn TD could have been, but it was not to be. At least I have now also learned to sprint with my sure leaping pogo stick.

But on a sad note Tycho Brahe Jr. was almost killed. Luckily the apotech was there, but still left him with a broken ankle (the third in two matches, and only because the apotech cured one more of them last match!) So he will not play in the quarter finals if we should get through.

We stand a good chance, but seeing as we are the first team to have played all our matches (none of the others that have a chance to reach us have played more than 6 of the 9) there can happen lots of things, and we no longer have any influence our self.

Our coach has looked at it and says that we can end anywhere from 2nd to 6th in the group. Both extremes are unlikely, but it is not impossible that we end up in 5th just outside the play-off like last season. However, should we end up 2nd we would be able to get Tycho Brahe Jr. with us in the quarterfinal. He is (although very self aware of the fact) our best player with the ball!

We will soon know if at least one of the teams that can reach us is stopped as Flying Pink Elephants must not loose to the annoying dwarfs Breakers tomorrow, if they wish to pass us. But there is still enough other teams who has that chance anyway, should the dwarfs win again!

So we will now take a couple of weeks of holiday without looking at the score, and then hope to come back and find that we are on to the play-off. Cause only loosing three out of nine matches with gobos in Aros is actually quite good. And five wins is really great!

Nuff said!"

Those where the words from spokes goblin Arthur C. Clarke Jr. who for the 2nd match scored TV2's sole TD. This time that was not enough and their winning streak ended. But as he said, maybe we will have at least one more match?
- Kynde
Apr. 7th, 2010 - old news
Continuing the winning streak-3 in a row
After today's match there where two gobos that could not let the other talk alone, so there are two spokes goblins. Johannes Kepler Jr. who maimed Snotlings and Arthur C. Clarke Jr. who literally won the match:

JK: "I had this fantastic start where I took out two Snotlings in the first two blitzes of the match! Most importantly I SI Søren Snot. We don't like his name!"

ACC: "Yeah that was great, and then I managed to grab that 2nd hand-off at the most important time of the match, so I could run in the TD for 1-0"

JK: "Yes and even though you did not dare to wait a turn, the Snotlings could not score in those two remaining turns"

ACC: "That was important and also important that we got our KOed back from those two turns. That really gave us hope of stopping those Ogres!"

JK: "I thought we had them early, but I just couldn't get the hang-off those Snotling killings later on. But it was great to see Holger Bech Nielsen Jr. take down not only a Snotling but also an Ogre with his saw, he was on a roll today as well. But then you made the last and finest casualty"

ASS: "You are right, I can live on that for very long (I hope ;)) Trying to push an Ogre and them make him stumble and crash down, not only releasing the ball, but also relieving him of any more playtime in that match."

JK: "Yeah that basically gave us the victory. Although I already had learned Side Step from those two casualties, it was a shame I could not score for 2-0. First the pass was inaccurate, but then the bragger Tycho Brahe Jr. could have given me the chance."

ASS: "Yeah he is so happy about him self, but that is the 2nd match in a row he has failed a simple go for it to end the match."

JK: "He is just very lucky not to get worse than KOed after the apotech had already cured a broken ankle on Troll Niels Bohr Jr.. And of course lucky we had already won when he fell both times!"

ASS: "Exactly, Galileo Galilei Jr. was not that lucky and got retired with two injuries, and also Stephen Hawking Jr. broke an ankle. It was like an epidemic."

JK: "Well at least he is not retired yet, but worst of all, and very sad was the late killing of Ole Rømer the 2nd, he could have become a contender with his Sure Hands"

ASS: "Right, that is just sad. I guess. But at least we have been able to replace those two."

JK: "Yes and with these two matches in a row, we have really increased our training. I can feel we are getting better as a team. But nuff said then?"

ASS: "Nuff said!"

With the victory, the third in a row, TV2 have placed them self in a very good position to end in the top 4 and move on to the play-off.

Find out if they can seal the deal, already tomorrow when they will play their last play-off match against Breakers!
- Kynde
Apr. 5th, 2010 - old news
Back to back Orc beatings by TV2s gobos!
"We did it again; take the victory from those big green skins. And very nice as we lost to these Runnaz last time. It was most special for me this time. First I managed to score with no trouble in the first half, even taking time to celebrate the fans cheers before scoring late in the half.

Then bomber Robert Oppenheimer the 2nd took down the thrower with the ball preventing the quick TD the Orcs had time for before 2nd half.

Then I, yes me, took down the Runnaz best player Just a Little Bit of U with the ball. This messed all their plans up, and although I failed to keep the ball, even though I picked it up twice, the orcs were troubled.

In the end Johannes Kepler Jr. took down a very unlucky Orc thrower Gone Too Soon and I ran of with the ball. Once again I was bathed in the cheers of the fans, but must admit I took a little too much pride in that, and… well I failed to score, but hey we won anyway…

Oh and a funny story, Niels Bohr Jr. BH the opposing troll This Is It twice before he understood not to come back in! Nuff said"

That was the words from spokes goblin Tycho Brahe Jr., who was definitely a key player in today's victory, although he is getting a tad happy about himself now…
- Kynde
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