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Bloodfist Bowlers

Race:  Chaos Chosen
Coach:  Nalla
Very little was known of the Bloodfists until the grand opening of season 8, where Kastutis and his team suddenly appeared in the lineup. Speculations among leading Bloobowl analysts assume that the chaos god Khorne himself had appointed this path for Kastutis and his cult. This assumption is underlined by the fact that the Chaos Warrior is now sprouting an imposing Claw mutation chaos gift.

Today the team plays in the league with only mediocre success, and the patience of Khone may well be running out.

Bloodfist Bowlers team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Feb. 21st, 2004 - old news
After several months of dark brooding silence, the Bloodfist’s have finally proclaimed their participation in the new season. But it looks like the fans will be in for a surprise, because none of the old players are featured in the new line-up. No official reason for this change in team structure has yet been given, but speculations among industry veterans suggest that the team’s result of last season and the phenomenal amount of injuries, has triggered major dissatisfaction from the higher chaos powers.
An anonymous and slightly unreliable source from within the team dungeons explained how he was eyewitness to a massive celebration feast, in which the entire last-season Bloodfist team was systematically slaughtered and fed to the season winners from the Halfdead Clawkillers. Unfortunately we have not yet been able to confirm this story from official sources, and we are inclined to ignore this story as being pure gossip.
However, the facts remain – the Bloodfist Bowlers will feature an all-new player line-up.
- Nalla
Nov. 12th, 2003 - old news
The Bloodfists have departed on a loosing spree unlike any other in the team’s history. With 4 out of 5 played matches lost this season, it will take more than the regular post-match sacrificial rituals to turn the favour of the goods. However with so few worshippers remaining, the team has problems gathering enough warm bodies for the slaughter rites. We have spoken to team spokesman Lord Kastutis, - who comments: “I crave fair virgin maidens! Blood of greenskins, reptiles or stinking rats does not sate the hunger of the blood god. Unfortunately this is more or less what we have been able to get our hands on this season. Even worse the effort of carving up these tougher sacrificial subjects, have strained our apothecary to the point where he can no longer adequately assist our injured. It has been too long since innocent blood was spilt on our altars, and now we pay the price.”
- Nalla
Mar. 10th, 2003 - old news
Even with the impressive last minute touchdown by Beastman Gerik in the close fought match against Hashhutz Nuts, it was not possible for the Bloodfist Bowlers to contain the slaughter herd of fans stampeding away from the match. Dismayed by the lack of success on the BB field, the fans simply started trampling each other in an effort sate their lust for blood.

Spokesman Kastutis reveals that only the combined effort of team players and their pet chaos hounds kept a few fans left in the caged-in crowd stands. He comments: “Well, at least we had us a bit of fun!”
- Nalla
Feb. 23rd, 2003 - old news
After the disastrous defeat to Silverado Snakeskins, we tried to catch the Bloodfist’s top warrior and team spokesman Lord Kastutis in the dugout. The only comment we managed to secure was an angry “F*ck off”, before he disappeared out of the stadium, dragging the jinxed Rashbork Bullrush by the nose ring.

The Minotaur managed to single-handedly stop near 50% of the Bloodfist’s own team-turns before any other player could act, and seen in this light we might consider the comment of the otherwise openmouthed Lord Kastutis quite generous.

Anonymous sources from inside the Bloodfist’s team dungeons have later informed us that Rashbork was taken to the lower-level torture chambers, where he supposedly spent a great deal of quality time with the teams personal physician and self-appointed “spiritual guide”, apothecary Arnerfeldt Hortex.
- Nalla
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