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BBC Drakwald Convicts

Race:  Orc
Coach:  Runge
The prisonteam from Drakwald joined the league in the 8’th season, immediately consolidating there position as a force to be reckoned with.
The team consists of convicted orcs sentenced to work in the Drakwald stadtgefängnis' ironmines until death. The only way to extend life, is playing for the popular 'BBC Drakwald Convicts'.
Combining muscle with the occasional ball handling, the Drakwald Convicts use every aspect of the game-surprisingly sometimes even fairplay- to win.

BBC Drakwald Convicts team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Sep. 25th, 2003 - old news
Morgul- Warden: 1-0

During a preseason training, we regret to announce that the Head Coach for Drakwald Convicts aka. Da'Warden, has been eaten by Morgul the Team's Ogre.
It is said that the Coach in a furious moment lost his head and shouted 'you short excuse for an ugly Troll, you block like a halfling'. The rest is history.

The Team will therefore not be playing in season 11
- Runge
Mar. 21st, 2003 - old news
Convicts to the playoffs! Ripping Chaos to the 49’ers.

Here at the Drakwald daily we have followed the team in their final efforts to reach the playoffs. The final match was a combined teameffort sololy by Mongo who ruled the entire Chaos centerhalf.. alone.. and scoring and killing as it was a thrill to both the coach and the fans.
We should have brought a resumé of the game but, in this light, instead the editorial office have chosen to repuplish the BBC Drakwald Convicts Team Anthem, which the happy crowd so proudly chanted when the result was clear. Cograts to the Convicts...may you go all the way...

The official chant of BBC Drakwald Convicts:

Drakwald drakwald bloodbowl club
hurt them hurt them never stop

Convicts convicts kick their butt
win the trophy kill the lot

rip them arms and legs and tails
back as inmate if it fails.

Elf and undead man or rat
step aside or..SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT!!!
- Runge
Mar. 12th, 2003 - old news
Convicts Extincts Reptiles

In the match against the renegade reptiles, Drakwald Convicts fossilise a narrow victory 1-0 and scales the chart.
The Match: 1. half was mainly owned by the Convicts, and the winning TD came in the 1’st and 8’th. A skink and the big kroxigor was neutralized.
2. half started well off and Blitz Ernst took his second run towards the endzone in the 2’nd and 3’rd for a promissing 2-0 lead.

Now, the table turned. ‘What the coach has refered too as ‘the big down’ started with Morgul. He tried to take a seemingly helpless Skink out and found himself facedown, barely avoiding injury.
next followed:
Blitz Ernst was caught by something as rare as a ‘dodging’ Saurus, forced off pitch an into the crowd.
Blocker Abdul was Badly hurt, Rocko had no time to make position and was also off-fielded.

Then the upcoming ‘Inmate Bob’ was killed after singlehanded taking on a Saurus.

More fatal blocks...

Untill: A skink ready and able to run for a tie, decided to give ‘da ball-thing’ to a Saurus, for him to score.
The Convicts made their last move led by Mongo, and on the virge of total ruin, ripped victory right out of jaws of disaster.
- Runge
Mar. 5th, 2003 - old news
Convicts Slugs even, but got Bullied!

After an insteresting match against the slimy Snails, which ended 2-2, due to another high performance by Mongo, the next match seemed like a walk in the park, and sure in the bag.
So, Mongo and all the best players decided to take a day off, while the rest of the team took the field in overeager selfconfidence.
As this style was bound to go wrong, the Convicts lost 2-1 although it easily could have been reversed, with a matter of a little reversed luck.
Finally a riot broke out, probably caused by the absense of the fans favorite players, and killed allmost all of second half.

The coach had no comment on the situation in the tabels, although he was heard grumbling something about returning to last seasons tactics.

Also read this weeks special treat: ‘Morgul swallows a whole camel’
- Runge
Tournaments played:
season VIII, season IX, season X
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